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Hendy Irawan

The Forms Working Group - 0 views

    The Forms working group is chartered by the W3C to develop the next generation of forms technology for the world wide web. The mission is to address the patterns of intricacy, dynamism, multi-modality, and device independence that have become prevalent in Web Forms Applications around the world. The technical reports of this working group have the root name XForms due to the use of XML to express the vocabulary of the forms technology developed by the working group. The Forms Working Group is comprised of W3C members and invited experts. The Working Group meets weekly by phone. Face to face meetings occur roughly every 3 months and are hosted by member organizations. We are especially interested in people with a rich experience in developing Web forms and supporting tools.
Jeff Johnson

Looking At Twitter As A News Source - Digital Life Blog - InformationWeek - 0 views

    If you are into online technology, you've certainly heard of Twitter by now. It seems many tech blogs can't get enough of how great Twitter is. The scene reminds me a bit of Facebook about 18 months ago. Apparently there's nothing Twitter can't do. In addition to people sharing that they just rode a horse; watched a video; cleaned their apartment; ate a hamburger or took a shower, now Twitter is being utilized as a key news source.
Enid Baines

Economists Propose 'Consumer Reports' for Ed. Tech. - Marketplace K-12 - Education Week - 0 views

    out that K-12 education accounts for 0.2 percent of the research and development expenditures in the U.S., a fraction of what is spent in the pharmaceutical industry, which is also highly regulated. A low-cost, rigorous, and rapid way to conduct randomized trials in schools would help education innovate at a rate similar to that of the general technology industry, where products are put in front of users early and often and companies are in a constant state of change, the paper argues. Though that's what could make the public nature of the results a hard selling point to entrepreneurs.

The 7 Best Jobs for Facebook Addicts - US News and World Report - 0 views

    Pity the college kids who are readying themselves for the boredom of working in an office where online profile views are sharply limited or not allowed. Don't they know that there are jobs that demand this stuff? More and more employers are scouting for social networking skills and trying to fill positions that require daily Facebook diligence. And it's not all Silicon Valley-the Securities and Exchange Commission just started Twittering.

Website Designing Promote You or Company "24 X 7". Anyone Can't Do Like That - 0 views

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jogger pants

Cách xác nhận địa điểm trên Google Map - 0 views

    Sau khi đưa địa điểm lên Google Map bằng Google Map Maker việc các bạn cần làm khẩn cấp là xác minh địa điểm ngay lập tức để tránh đối thủ report mất địa điểm, tốn công tổn sức.
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