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Axelaris Hosting

How much disk space and traffic do I need for my website ? - 0 views

    Many hosting companies trick you into buying an expensive web hosting space that may exceed your needs, that's why calculating how much disk space and Traffic you need is very important. Disk space or hosting size refers to the amount of hard disk space the hosting company offers for your web pages. A monthly traffic is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. For digital devices, the traffic is usually expressed in bits or bytes. Traffic is the limit placed on the amount of data that can be transferred each month to and from your websites. Whenever someone downloads a file or view a picture that you host on your account that uses up Traffic. That costs your hosting provider money and they pass that cost on to you. The amount of hard drive space your files take up multiplied by the amount of people that access them each month equal your monthly traffic usage. First thing you have to do is to determine your total site file size. This is required because most providers will charge you extra or suspend your account if you go over your limit. If you use Windows Explorer or Linux it is easy to find out your hosting space. There is a control panel installed on your server where you can find all the information regarding disk space, monthly Traffic, IP Address and so on and so forth. Just reach your control panel and check the information you need. So, how much disk space and monthly traffic do you need to host your sites? That depends on a variety of factors; Do you plan to host a lot of big downloads? Maybe a bunch of videos, audio clips or pictures, or maybe you want to play your favorite game online (like Minecraft ). All of these can quickly consume your disk space and Monthly traffic. Some hosting companies like AXELARIS hosting, offer Unlimited Traffic for such big downloads which may spare you the trouble of internet i

Online Project Management - Comindwork - 207 views

Nigeria is a major country of smartphone brands. The market is large and there are so many people with Android and iOS phones. The prices of smartphones have been listed on reputable websites.

2.0 collaboraiton free management online project web wiki

clariene Austria

What is host server - 2 views

What is host server? A host server is probably the one that is assigned to hold up a network or more computers involving a series or single task. It manages data storage and allocation in some ways...

started by clariene Austria on 16 Jul 12 no follow-up yet
Base Smith

BaseSeek | Reliable Base for Online web hosting services. - 0 views

shared by Base Smith on 17 Apr 13 - No Cached
    BaseSeek is the world's largest domain name provider, Web hosting provider, like .IN , .CO , .BIZ , .MOBI Registration, E-commerce Solutions ,WordPress hosting, Online hosting and new SSL provider, focused on helping small businesses grow larger. BaseSeek provides dozens of cloud based services and is the World's Largest hosting Provider.
Zulkarnain K.

Kadoo - you decide who sees what - 0 views

    Kadoo is a new, better way to share online. Now, you can decide who sees what with greater sharing & privacy. You get 10 free gigabytes of storage to share your photos, videos, files and more with only your friends.
Zulkarnain K.

tunesBag - Your music anywhere & anytime - 0 views

    tunesBag is an online audio library where you can upload your own music. The product enables you to listen to your tracks and playlists from any computer connected to the internet. tunesBag can only be used to manage music you already have. You can share your library with friends according to the law in Austria (Privatkopie).
Robin Dale

How to install PhpMyChat Script Manually? - 1 views

    PhpMyChat is a PHP based script, it is very easy-to-install and can create a multi-room chat system using a database as the content storage. Lets go through the steps, in order to install the PhpMyChat in very few steps:
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