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Hendy Irawan

googlecl - Command line tools for the Google Data APIs - Google Project Hosting - 0 views

    "GoogleCL brings Google services to the command line. We currently support the following Google services: Blogger $ google blogger post --title "foo" "command line posting" Calendar $ google calendar add "Lunch with Jim at noon tomorrow" Contacts $ google contacts list Bob name,email > the_bobs.csv Docs $ google docs edit "Shopping list" Finance $ google finance create-txn "Savings Portfolio" NASDAQ:GOOG Buy Picasa $ google picasa create "Cat Photos" ~/photos/cats/*.jpg Youtube $ google youtube post --category Education killer_robots.avi Check out the Manual and ExampleScripts for many more examples of what you can do, or the Install page for simple install instructions. "
awqi zar

Run Your Fantasy Premier League - EPL Fantasy Football Commissioner - 24 views

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Graham Perrin

Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS - 0 views

  • Google Chrome OS
  • Google Chrome Operating System
  • what operating systems should be
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • open source
  • we will open-source its code
  • initially
  • targeted at netbooks
  • working with the open source community
  • share our vision
  • Speed, simplicity and security
  • user interface is minimal
  • out of your way
  • It should just work
  • run on both x86 as well as ARM
  • a new windowing system
  • software architecture is simple
  • Linux kernel
    • Graham Perrin
      So I'll probably run Google Chrome OS in VirtualBox on Mac OS X.
    • Graham Perrin
      How much memory will be required? I wonder…
  • applications can be written using your favorite web technologies
  • these apps will run
  • on any standards-based browser
  • largest user base
  • designed to power computers ranging from small netbooks to full-size desktop systems
  • Google Chrome OS and Android overlap
    Simple architecture: * WebKit-based Google Chrome * a new windowing system * Linux kernel. Open source, large developer base, large user base. Smart!
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    Applications that are designed for Google Chrome OS should run equally well in any standards based browser. If I do need to run Google Chrome OS on Mac OS X, I'll probably do so in VirtualBox.
    Thinking about laptops that are gathering dust … the OS will run on x86 or ARM. I wonder about other requirements: * memory * display resolution * etc..
    A new project, a natural extension of Google Chrome - the Google Chrome Operating System … to re-think what operating systems should be.

New LG Google Nexus with Android 4.2 Specs, Features, Release date - 0 views

    LG Google Nexus Specs,LG Google Nexus Features,LG Google Nexus Releasing Date,Android 4.2,New Google Nexus coming This November with Google Android 4.2,LG Optimus G Nexus
Dimple Patel

Google News' Ranking Factors and SEO Tips - 0 views

If you think, ethical search engine optimization for Google News is easy then think again. It is one of the hardest that one can experience. You don’t have to worry as Google News offers info...

search engine optimization Top Rankings Guaranteed

started by Dimple Patel on 23 Jun 11 no follow-up yet
Gary Edwards

Welcome to the next tech revolution: Liquid computing | InfoWorld - 7 views

  • In a nutshell, what Handoff -- and liquid computing in general -- portends is a world where both data and activities move around as needed. The device isn't the center of the universe, as it has been since the first computer.
  • The journey to liquid computing
  • everal years ago, Google showed us a different way: the cloud as the new center. With Google Docs (now called Drive), you created your documents on its browser-accessible servers and worked on them there, usually through a browser but also via native apps on iOS and Android. You didn't have to sync your data, because it was accessible from pretty much any device. Unfortunately, Google's Web-based apps don't work that well versus what you can do on a smartphone, tablet, or PC native app, so most of us still start with the device and use the cloud as mostly a convenient file share.
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  • Apple's iCloud Documents took the same idea but tied it to specific apps, moving us away from the notion of a common file pool to a common activity pool: text documents or spreadsheets or photos.
  • Apple's initial iCloud Documents approach was too tied to its apps, though, so it hasn't really expanded beyond Apple's own applications. (Apple is moving to correct that mistake in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.)
    "I was typing an email on my iPad, and I got distracted. Some time later, I set the iPad down on my desk, and an icon on my Mac appeared. I clicked it, and in seconds the Mail app was running with that partially entered email in front of me. That's the Handoff feature in action, part of the iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite updates that will ship this fall. It's a sign of a change in computing that Google and Microsoft are also pursuing, not just Apple. Liquid Computing Welcome to the next tech revolution: Liquid computing Liquid computing: The next wave of the mobile experience Apple Watch: The Internet of things' new frontier iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are both in beta, so I can't really talk about the details of Handoff yet. But I can say it works just as Apple showed off at its recent WWDC conference's public keynote. Handoff is the first big step into a future where the notion of a device will go through a radical transformation. [ Mobile and PC management: The tough but unstoppable union. | Subscribe to InfoWorld's Consumerization of IT newsletter today. ] At first blush, what Apple is doing is blurring the lines between mobile and desktop devices. That's true, but it's only part of the actual transformation under way. There's no real name for this transformation yet, so I'm calling it liquid computing until someone else comes up with a better name. In a nutshell, what Handoff -- and liquid computing in general -- portends is a world where both data and activities move around as needed. The device isn't the center of the universe, as it has been since the first computer. Think back to the early PC era, when people first started getting PCs at home, not just at work. Remember the effort we all spent in making sure we copied our files to a disk for use at home? We had to bring our data with us or else use a network connection to a file share. That model has persisted to this day, which is why the biggest loss of corporate data remains the lost or stolen thumb drive or
Doug Breitbart

The AI Startup Google Should Probably Snatch Up Fast | Enterprise | WIRED - 0 views

    "The AI Startup Google Should Probably Snatch Up Fast" First, Google acquired a startup called DNNresearch, snapping up some of the world's foremost experts in a burgeoning field of artificial intelligence known as deep learning. Then it shelled out $400 million for a secretive deep learning startup called DeepMind. Much like Facebook, Microsoft, and others, Google sees deep learning as the future of AI on the web, a better way of handling everything from voice and image recognition to language translation. But there's one notable deep learning company that Google hasn't yet bought. It's called Clarifai, and it may remain as an independent operation. Clarifai, you see, wants to open up some of the deep learning secrets used by Google, Facebook, and other companies and share them with the rest of the world.
my mashable

Google Profiles Eases on People Search - 0 views

    People always used to search for names of the person on Google search, but the results can be varied and aren't always what you want. The might be not exact bcoz someone else with your name can also been shown on the result page. This makes people search more complicated over the years. Now using Google Profiles finding people on Google search becomes easier.
my mashable

With Google Latitude Now You Can Send a Video Message - 0 views

    Google Latitude is a location-aware mobile app developed by Google. Latitude allows a mobile phone user to allow certain other people on his or her Gmail contact list to track where he or she is. These people can track the user (or more accurately, his or her phone) on Google Maps via their own iGoogle accounts. The user can control the accuracy and details of what each of the other users can see - an exact location can be allowed, or it can be limited to identifying the city only.
Vincent Tsao

Google considers opening its platform - Internet - iTnews Australia - 0 views

  • Google could be mulling a move which would allow outside developers to play around with the firm’s development stack, according to comments by Google exec, Dave Girouard at a Web 2.0 Summit panel in San Francisco.
  • "We want to open up the Google stack, the Google platform in many, many ways, and in the end if we do it right, you will have the same access to Google that our own developers do” said Girouard.
  • Girouard’s comments could be taken to mean that outside developers will soon be able to try their hands at building their own Google apps, or adding bits and pieces to existing Google apps.
Frederik Van Zande

A List Apart: Articles: Take Control of Your Maps - 0 views

    We live in the era of Google Maps. What started off as an impressive refresh of Mapquest-style maps now fuels web mashups. With APIs official and unofficial, Google Maps is simple enough for front-end designers to embed and for back-end programmers to target. Along the way to becoming nearly ubiquitous, it has played a major role in the "democratization of mapping." For the practical developer who wants to add geospatial information to a site or application, the Google Maps API has been an easy call. But, perhaps no longer. As websites mature and the demand for geographic applications grow, the old mashup arrangement is starting to chafe. Mapping components are more and more vital, and so we demand greater control, expressiveness, and functionality from them. Fortunately, as in many aspects of internet technology, an ecology of open source online mapping tools has emerged alongside the market leader. It is now possible to replicate Google Maps' functionality with open source software and produce high-quality mapping applications tailored to our design goals. The question becomes, then, how?
Kilron Keit

Pay Per Click Advertising Company | Google Pay Per Click Advertising: Start Now Right A... - 0 views

The achievement of more than a few pay per click advertising companies campaign depends on technique it is considered. Assortment of keywords, advertisement copy, location, and conversion managemen...

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started by Kilron Keit on 31 Dec 15 no follow-up yet
Willis Wee

2 More Google Wave Videos To Ease Your Excitement - 0 views

    The post with 5 videos to ease your Google Wave excitement was not enough to contain our enthusiasm. Thankfully, Google has uploaded two fresh videos about its widely awaited product, Google Wave.
my mashable

Google Gadgets : "What's Popular" Find Popular Items Over Internet - 0 views

    iGoogle gadgets interact with the user and utilize the Google Gadgets API. Some gadgets developed for Google Desktop can also be used within iGoogle. The Google Gadgets API is public and allows anyone to develop a gadget for any need. iGoogle recently added a new gadget named " What's Popular". It seems to be similar to Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon. where you can vote the web pages and add content you find interesti
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