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custom board book printing - 0 views

    The board game is a team game that we play with other teamers. It could be played on the table. So there is a nickname for "table game". It has different parts made of different materials. Its board could be a piece of plastic sheet or printed cardboard or a wood chessboard. The most classic structure of a board game is lid&bottom board box + game board+ cards +rules +plastic pawn+dice+insert. About the paper parts, they are mostly printed in full color on one side or two sides. The game board is usually 4-folded that can be packed in a box. Plastic pawns or other plastic rolls are made of new PVC or resin material that the module fees are not high. Dice are mostly in 16mm size and cards usually have a hundred pieces that can be played with several people. The material of the insert could be paper or PVC. Custom other accessories are common and you should have rich purchasing experience with different material. Maybe wood, textile, PP or metal. So do a board game, clients should have complete conception and ideas and suppliers should have professional manufacturing experience.

business game board - 0 views

    Boost Your Business Success with High-Quality Custom Board Game Boards & Plates! Discover the Ultimate Manufacturer and Maker - Chenlong. Stand out in the Market with Unique and Engaging Board Games. Shop Now for Exquisite Designs & Exceptional Quality!

Getting Started with JM Bagde Board from Freescale - 0 views

    The Freescale JM Badge Board features a MCF51JM128 ColdFire V1 microcontroller (datasheet), a MPR083/4 proximity capacitive touch sensor, a MMA7260QT three‐axis accelerometer (datasheet), and a MC34673 Li‐Ion battery charger (datasheet).

board game manufacturer china - 0 views

    Looking for top-notch board game manufacturers? Look no further! Chenlong is your go-to custom board game supplier. With unbeatable expertise and quality, we're China's leading board game manufacturer. Get the best deals now!

DC Motor Servo control using FLEX with Scilab/Scicos - 0 views

    FLEX is born as a development board where to easily develop and test real-time applications for the Microchip microcontrollers (Datasheet 2.0). Scilab/Scicos is a code generator for the FLEX board. Let's see how to control a DC Motor Servo using FLEX

Reference Design: FAN5330/5333A/B Evaluation Board User Manual - 0 views

    The FAN53330 and FAN5333A/B Evaluation Boards (datasheet) are compact circuits including the FAN5330 SX or FAN5333A/B SX in a 5-Lead SOT23 package.

France : a Web 2.0 Job board dedicated to engineers - 7 views

employment job board engineers Web 2.0 ingénieur


custom board game card printing - 0 views

    Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Board Game Cards! Find Top Manufacturers for Stunning Designs & Unforgettable Game Nights. Discover the Perfect Deck Now | Chenlong

board game companies - 0 views

    Uncover Jaw-Dropping Board Game Prices! Find Endless Thrills with Various Board Game Types at Chenlong, the Leading Wholesale Manufacturing Company. Save Big on the Best Deals Today!

board & card game accessories - 0 views

    Take your tabletop gaming experience to the next level with top-notch accessories for board games! From custom sets to game-changing gadgets, Chenlong is your ultimate supplier. Discover the perfect additions for your gaming nights today!

personalized backgammon boards - 0 views

    Classic board games have gameboards, different packs of cards, rulers, dice and plastic accessories. Hundreds of cards and 4-fold gameboards and different materials of accessories all need customized that require professional experience.
admiration1 admiration1

laugh. survetementarmanipascher - 0 views

"Maybe they think they'll get invited to dinner if they're late.""Well, they most certainly won't be," said Uncle Vernon, and Harry heard him stand up and start pacing the living room. "They'll tak...


started by admiration1 admiration1 on 13 Dec 13 no follow-up yet
Hardik Sanghvi

Desktop Sharing, Video, Audio Conference, Integrated Chat - 0 views

    Free services of Audio & video conferences, calling , Integrated chat, desktop sharing and using White-Boarding Tools and main benefit is Low Bandwidth and Infrastructure Cost.
luxuriance1 luxuriance1

Occhiali Ray Ban Wayfarer Settant - 0 views

Certo non si può dire che i Paesi in discussione avessero i conti in ordine, né che avessero fatto riforme strutturali o godessero di economie pienamente inserite nel libero mercato. In bocca al lu...

Occhiali Ray Ban Wayfarer

started by luxuriance1 luxuriance1 on 26 Mar 14 no follow-up yet

Nokia 6 with 4GB RAM, Android Nougat announced: Price, Specifications, Features - Gadgets World - 0 views

    The first Android-powered smartphone to carry the Nokia name from HMD Global has been announced. The Nokia 6 features 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of on-board storage alongside microSD support, a 16 megapixel main camera, and a 3,000 mAh battery.
Pinhopes Job Site

Online hiring challenges | Ways to tackle jobs | Pinhopes - 0 views

    Today employers face multiple challenges with traditional online hiring portals such as:

    ü  Escalating cost of accessing candidates database which is largely unused

    ü  Time-consuming candidate search and review process

    ü  Hard to zero-in on the right resource

    ü  Limited branding options

    Needless to say, all the above factors slow hiring online which delays bringing candidates on-board. To help employers tackle these online recruitment problems, Pinhopes - a new-age online hiring destination, has introduced innovative profile filtering features, video based online hiring process, multiple branding avenues combined with cost-effective payment option. Here are the key differentiators which help employers hire 3x faster:

    Get relevant applications from interested candidates - Every time

    Unlike existing online recruitment portals Pinhopes doesn't deal in database business which means employers are not required to search for right candidates, in a database which is largely unused. Instead employers get relevant applications directly from active job seekers for a job opening, without putting much effort.

    No tedious candidate search process - Advanced built-in search bubbles best ta

OpenAVL - an AVL Open Source project (I) - 0 views

    OpenAVL is an AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)open source project.The OpenAVL is one of my on-going open source projects. This project is written in ANSI C. The prototype board is made up of a low cost GSM M2M module (MC39i) from Siemens/Cinterion, a GPS
Frederik Van Zande

GitHub: A Social Network for Programmers - ReadWriteWeb - 1 views

    Git is a decentralized version control system created by Linus Torvalds that is used by a number of open source projects, most notably perhaps the Linux kernel. GitHub is a new hosted Git repository service that's being called a "social network" for programmers and with good reason. It also already has some high profile projects of its own on board: Ruby on Rails, Capistrano, Merb, Prototype and Scriptaculous, among others. "[GitHub is] the way SourceForge should have been," gushed one beta tester.
yc c

GroupLoop: Web-based software to get your board, committee or group organized. - 0 views

    GroupLoop is designed for anyone who needs to get a group organized. Boards of directors, committees, and even small groups can benefit from its collaboration tools. GroupLoop provides a simple place for you to share and archive files, a central area for discussion, and a calendar to manage your meetings.
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