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Beth Ritter-Guth

C laudia Ceraso - Presentation Handouts wiki / Blogging Blogging - 6 views

    Very useful and informative resource.
Pooja Runija

Why some apps get rejected on Apple App Store? - 0 views

    Apple is well known for its unique and effective technology insight. With over 1.21 million apps Apple ended the year 2014, and with each of those apps, developers knew well about how Apple is stickler for rules.
carl Baker

Boost Business With Lead Generation And Proofreading And Editing Services In The UK - 0 views

    Websites and online ads are two incredibly effective ways of generating leads and making sales online. This is only true, however, when the website is well maintained and conforms to the latest Google rules for SEO and rankings.
Campbell Joef

4 Ecommerce Website Design Trends To Rule In 2015 - 0 views

    Provides a meaningful guide to those ecommerce owners who are planning to offer something new to their online customers in the New Year.
Adnan Ahmad

The Don'ts of Job Hunting - 0 views

    Seeking a job, we all know is no easy task. What with the intense competition and spare few job opportunities on the grid, getting your job hunting game polished is a must. However, many of us, even the well experienced seekers find it hard to avoid certain basic mistakes which do no more than lower your chances of actually scoring that particular job. To ensure the same fate does not await your future, here are some worthy ground rules you should follow, to navigate these dangerous waters to make your dream job, a more at


    Salwar kameez is ruling the fashion circuit for decades. The attire has evolved big time in terms of designs, colours, patterns and the overall styling. Now, the designers are experimenting a lot to put offer an all new avatar to the age-old outfit
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