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Graham Perrin

Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS - 0 views

  • Google Chrome OS
  • Google Chrome Operating System
  • what operating systems should be
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • open source
  • we will open-source its code
  • initially
  • targeted at netbooks
  • working with the open source community
  • share our vision
  • Speed, simplicity and security
  • user interface is minimal
  • out of your way
  • It should just work
  • run on both x86 as well as ARM
  • a new windowing system
  • software architecture is simple
  • Linux kernel
    • Graham Perrin
      So I'll probably run Google Chrome OS in VirtualBox on Mac OS X.
    • Graham Perrin
      How much memory will be required? I wonder…
  • applications can be written using your favorite web technologies
  • these apps will run
  • on any standards-based browser
  • largest user base
  • designed to power computers ranging from small netbooks to full-size desktop systems
  • Google Chrome OS and Android overlap
    Simple architecture: * WebKit-based Google Chrome * a new windowing system * Linux kernel. Open source, large developer base, large user base. Smart!
  • ...1 more comment...
    Applications that are designed for Google Chrome OS should run equally well in any standards based browser. If I do need to run Google Chrome OS on Mac OS X, I'll probably do so in VirtualBox.
    Thinking about laptops that are gathering dust … the OS will run on x86 or ARM. I wonder about other requirements: * memory * display resolution * etc..
    A new project, a natural extension of Google Chrome - the Google Chrome Operating System … to re-think what operating systems should be.
godzhesas k

How To Access Password Protected Feeds in Google Reader - 3 views

    Learn how to access password protected feeds in Google Reader. Secure RSS feeds can be viewed in google reader using FreeMyFeed service.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Inside Google+ | Privacy, Pseudonyms, Publicity | YouTube - 9 views

    Google+: Bradley Horowitz talks with Tim O'Reilly

Bookmarking services that are complementary to Diigo - 94 views

Diigo complement suggestion

Ritwick H

CENTPAGE - Your all-in-one customizable homepage. - 0 views

    A good news that i have always wanted to share with everyone for some time now. Recently i have launched our mega website - is your all-in-one internet homepage where you get all the websites you visit in just a single page and the best thing is that you get a "unified search" where you can search Google,yahoo or bing across different categories all from a single page. Once you signup you can modify the websites/icons upon your preference. Now as it is in "beta" phase of development (as i prefer to call it ;-) ) there would be future updates for bug fixes, new features etc. And it is optimized for widescreen displays preferably with a resolution of 1366*768 (4:3 is broken for now). Now, I would greatly appreciate if you kindly register and test for bugs or give your valuable feedback or advises regarding anything that might make it better. All suggestions are welcome. And i would also like hackers to try breaking the security if i may have missed something. Lemme know if you like it. Thanks.
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