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Dr. Sorin Adam Matei

Improvise - 0 views

    Exploratory visualization based on multiple coordinated views is a rapidly growing area of information visualization. Ideally, users would be able to explore their data by switching freely between building and browsing in a flexible, integrated, interactive graphical environment that requires little or no programming skill to use. However, the possibilities for displaying data across multiple views depends on the flexibility of coordination, the expressiveness of graphical encoding, and the ability of users to comprehend the structure of their visualizations as they work. As a result, exploration has been limited in practice to a small fraction of useful visualizations. Improvise is a fully-implemented Java software architecture and user interface that enables users to build and browse highly-coordinated visualizations interactively. By coupling a shared-object coordination model with a declarative visual query language, users gain precise control over how navigation and selection affects the appearance of data across multiple views, using a potentially infinite number of variations on well-known coordination patterns such as synchronized scrolling, overview+detail, brushing, drill-down, and semantic zoom. Improvise has been used to build numerous visualizations for exploring information including election results, particle trajectories, network loads, music collections, the chemical elements, and even the dynamic coordination structure of its own visualizations in situ. This last technique-integrated metavisualization-is unique to Improvise.

Web application Development Company India - iStudio Technologies - 3 views

As the best web application development company in India, we at iStudio Technologies provides the most valuable and splendid service in web app development. Holding more than a decade of experience...

technology app

started by istudiosmo on 06 Oct 18 no follow-up yet
Nicks Mor

Graphical User Interface Designing Services - 0 views

    GUI Design Consultant - We are expert in Graphical User Interface (GUI) designing and development services like website, game, product, application, etc. Contact us now to get affordable GUI designing services as per your need.
Graham Perrin

New Twine interface lets users visualize shared bookmarks | VentureBeat - 0 views

  • a “visualization” option
  • scroll through one headline at a time
  • at a speed that’s much faster than scrolling up-and-down the page
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • reminded me of Cooliris, which lets you scroll through a 3D wall
  • Some have compared the interface to Cover Flow
  • Twine’s visualization is
  • showing only one article at a time
  • emphasizing text (specifically titles and headlines)

Online Project Management - Comindwork - 208 views

Nigeria is a major country of smartphone brands. The market is large and there are so many people with Android and iOS phones. The prices of smartphones have been listed on reputable websites.

2.0 collaboraiton free management online project web wiki

yc c

Mozilla Labs » Raindrop » Blog Archive » Introducing Raindrop - 7 views

    Raindrop is an effort that starts by trying to understand today's web of conversations, and aims to design an interface that helps people get a handle on their digital world. At the same time, it creates a programming interface (API) that helps designers and developers extend our work and create new systems on top of that data. We aren't trying to invent new protocols or build new messaging systems, rather focusing on building a product that lets users get a handle on the systems we already use.
Donna Baumbach - 2 views

    kids launch page...middlespot plus "With a mashtab you can collect webpages, images, music, videos, web widgets, files, documents, code, and more in one central spot. You can add, annotate, cluster, layer, pan, resize, tweet, embed and share the content you've collected. "The real uniqueness to middlespot is the flexibility of the interface. middlespot's user interface is based on a borderless work surface that you can populate with anything you like. You'll recognize similarities in navigating this work surface just like you magnify, pan, and improve resolution when using programs like google maps."
Frederik Van Zande

Home page - JavaScript Bubbling Library (YUI-CMS) - YUI (Yahoo! User Interface) Extension for Event-Driven Applications - 0 views

    The Javascript Bubbling Library (YUI-CMS) is a set of plugins, behaviors and widgets, for building event-driven web applications using the bubble-up technique. The Bubbling Library also includes several plugins that can be used to extend the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library to manage dynamic areas which are closely related with the event-driven philosophy. All components in the Bubbling Library have been released as open source under a BSD license and are free for all uses.
Frederik Van Zande

Craftymind » GUIMark Detailed Analysis - 0 views

    Performance of the User Interface of websites in browsers (multiple results)

Windows 8 Home Premium - 0 views

    Tresbizz provide the Windows 8 Home Premium which has the most remarkable change compared to the previous versions is the user interface, with the start screen which contains of tiles that represent applications.
    Tresbizz provide the Windows 8 Home Premium which has the most remarkable change compared to the previous versions is the user interface, with the start screen which contains of tiles that represent applications.
Hendy Irawan

ZK Direct RIA - 0 views

    "Direct RIA is a technology designed to increase developer's productivity by integrating frontends and backends of applications transparently to deliver a rich and engaging user experience. Direct RIA is a robust and comprehensive rich internet application engine which morphs any client (web browser, mobile device) into an efficient and engaging environment. Direct RIA maximizes developer productivity by allowing direct access to user interfaces, databases and web services. Direct RIA minimizes development time and cost by transparent and automatic synchronization between client and server."
Hendy Irawan

BlueGriffon, The next-generation Web Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox - 0 views

    BlueGriffon is a new WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web. Powered by Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox 4, it's a modern and robust solution to edit Web pages in conformance to the latest Web Standards. It's free to download (current stable version is 1.0) and is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. BlueGriffon is available in English, French, Czech, German , Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. BlueGriffon is an intuitive application that provides Web authors (beginners or more advanced) with a simple User Interface allowing to create attractive Web sites without requiring extensive technical knowledge about Web Standards. Because Gecko lives inside BlueGriffon, the document you edit will look exactly the same in Firefox 4. Advanced users can always use the Source View to hard-code their page. BlueGriffon is tri-licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1, the GNU General Public License Version 2 and the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1.
GIF Converter

File and Image Conversion - 0 views

    There is a lot of buzz around the online market regarding transforming one format of file into another without any difficulty as well as people around the world want to use such a platform that could save time as well as money, that is most people are in search of a free conversion tool. To make this purpose boundless number of users throughout the world search for the internet to find such a tool. People usually wants to convert their Word file into PDF format file or they want to change the extension of JPG Image into BMP or ICO into GIF. Similarly some people also want to change their TEXT file into PDF or Word. For all these needs and requirements a software or tool is required and i found is one the best of them as it is free and easy to use, because of its user-friendly interface.
Graham Perrin

New release: Faviki makes semantic tagging (almost) as easy as classic « Faviki Blog - 0 views

  • Faviki makes semantic tagging (almost) as easy as classic
  • July 2, 2009
  • custom names for tags
  • ...30 more annotations...
  • better control over tagging
  • OpenID
  • Save API
  • defining new tags
  • several new features
  • mainly to facilitate the use of common tags
  • overcome Wikipedia’s limitations as a controlled vocabulary for semantic tags
  • common, “semantic” tags are unique, well-defined concepts
  • Is it possible to make semantic tags as flexible as classic ones? Can humans accept and love the format intended for machines?
  • Enhanced tagging interface
  • added in free form, resembling classic tagging
  • possible to use custom names for tags
  • If Faviki doesn’t understand a tag provided by a user, it will ask her to disambiguate it. It will then remember her choice
  • Faviki “learns” about user’s name of the tag
    • Graham Perrin
  • custom names for tags can also be modified explicitly on the Tag page.
  • Defining new tags
  • added the same way as Wikipedia tags. The difference is that, this time, Google search is not restricted to Wikipedia’s domain
  • only a few of the top results are allowed to be selected
  • users collaboratively create new tags
  • Users collaboratively decide the best URLs for a concept
    • Graham Perrin
      Title, URL, a little text and a thumbnail, with sources. Compare the two. Answer yes or no. Perfect!
  • Save/Edit API
  • a simple API that provides a way to save and edit bookmarks from other applications.
    • Graham Perrin
      Hurrah! I'd love to have this work with Diigo API for bookmarks…
  • OpenID support
  • uses RPX
  • Other features/improvements
  • Smarter autocomplete list
  • Converting tags
  • Spam control
  • Export/backup bookmarks
  • Tag description tooltip
    @ Diigo Let's make best use of the Faviki Save/Edit API.
    The bookmarklet for Faviki is compelling.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Diigo Blog » Highlight, Annotate, Archive, Search, Share ~ Diigo ~ the best online research tool just gets even better: Diigo V4 is live now! - 4 views

    "Diigo V4 launches today! Needlessly to say, we are excited that V4 finally gets to say hello to the world!\n\nIn our passion to make Diigo the best in its class, we've added features, completely revamped the user interfaces, made existing features even easier to use, and come up with what we think you'll find is an even more incredible platform than before. "
Manish Kumar

Sage CRM helps PCS Technology open doors to increased sales success - 1 views

    Sage CRM was selected by PCS Technology primarily because of certain key features which included a robust workflow engine, powerful sales force automation module and an intuitive interface. Also Sage CRM has been configured as per the unique business processes followed by the frontline team which has ensured quick user adoption.
Hendy Irawan

open source framework, web application software development | Flex - Adobe - 0 views

    "Build engaging, cross-platform rich Internet applications Flex is a highly productive, free, open source framework for building expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems by leveraging the Adobe® Flash® Player and Adobe AIR® runtimes. While Flex applications can be built using only the free Flex SDK, Adobe Flash Builder™ (formerly Adobe Flex® Builder™) software can accelerate development through features like intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of the user interface layout."
Hendy Irawan

OpenLaszlo | the premier open-source platform for rich internet applications - 0 views

    OpenLaszlo is an open source platform for creating zero-install web applications with the user interface capabilities of desktop client software.
Hendy Irawan

CKFinder - Ajax File Manager - 0 views

    Intuitive user interface High quality thumbnails Fast and secure Compatible with all major browsers and OSs Easy integration
Hendy Irawan

jQuery Mobile | jQuery Mobile - 0 views

    "jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets A unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design. "
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