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gino carpio

Say Hello to Google's New Look - 15 views

    Noticed a more vibrant looking, less shadowed Google Logo on your Google main search page?
gino carpio

Google May Day Update: The Death of Long Tail Search? - 14 views

    Started as a hot topic in Webmasterworld last May 2010, Google has now confirmed the changes in their search algorithm. clickTRUE shares what this means.
gino carpio

A Look into Google's Insights - 15 views

    Ever wondered what the world is searching for on the internet?Use Google Insights for Search, a tool that helps advertisers and marketers understand user behavior.
    I loved this one. It was indeed informative for me.
Willis Wee

STATS: How Women Search And Share Product Info Online - 2 views

    Ever wonder how women search and share product information online? Statistic charts from eMarketer and reports from PopSugar and Radar Research will tell you exactly how.
Graham Perrin

Technology Review: Extracting Meaning from Millions of Pages - 0 views

  • University of Washington software pulls facts from 500 million Web pages
  • analyzing basic relationships between words
  • "The significance of TextRunner is that it is scalable because it is unsupervised,"
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • June 10, 2009
  • "It can discover and learn millions of relations, not just one at a time. With TextRunner, there is no human in the loop: it just finds relations on its own."
  • enter, for example, "kills bacteria,"
  • insights that "chlorine kills bacteria" or "ultraviolet light kills bacteria" or "heat kills bacteria"
  • then visit the Web page
  • ways to preview the text
  • triples
  • prototype
  • the ability of software to achieve rudimentary understanding of text
  • unprecedented scale and scope
  • analogous to technology developed by Powerset
  • a tool that was limited
  • TextRunner technology handles
  • arbitrary text on any page, including blog posts, product catalogues, newspaper articles, and more
  • "this work reflects a growing trend toward the design of search tools that actively combine the pieces of information they find on the Web into a larger synthesis."
Michael Wuensch

spy :: visualizes the conversations on Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Blogs and more. - 0 views

    Spy can listen in on the social media conversations you're interested in. What do you want to listen for? .. Twitter, Friendfeed, ...
cysko cysko

keyboardr - 0 views

    a faster way to google with find as you type and better navigation
Peter Van der Straaten

Google Insights for Search - 1 views

  • Web Search Interest: bpmn
      More insight into Google searches worldwide.
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