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Design Feeds - 0 views

    A collection of design related articles, resources, comments and inspiration. provides easy to use and up to date information on anything design. From design inspiration to CSS and coding techniques, refreshes every 10 minutes and grabs new articles from a growing resource of respected websites.
Jeff Johnson

Looking At Twitter As A News Source - Digital Life Blog - InformationWeek - 0 views

    If you are into online technology, you've certainly heard of Twitter by now. It seems many tech blogs can't get enough of how great Twitter is. The scene reminds me a bit of Facebook about 18 months ago. Apparently there's nothing Twitter can't do. In addition to people sharing that they just rode a horse; watched a video; cleaned their apartment; ate a hamburger or took a shower, now Twitter is being utilized as a key news source.
Vincent Tsao

Google considers opening its platform - Internet - iTnews Australia - 0 views

  • Google could be mulling a move which would allow outside developers to play around with the firm’s development stack, according to comments by Google exec, Dave Girouard at a Web 2.0 Summit panel in San Francisco.
  • "We want to open up the Google stack, the Google platform in many, many ways, and in the end if we do it right, you will have the same access to Google that our own developers do” said Girouard.
  • Girouard’s comments could be taken to mean that outside developers will soon be able to try their hands at building their own Google apps, or adding bits and pieces to existing Google apps.
Thieme Hennis

Silobreaker: Welcome - 0 views

    news aggregator. advanced technology.. interesting.
jdr santos

2.0 WEBMANIA - Notícias, Reviews, Previews, Mashups, Recursos e Dicas na Web 2.0 - 0 views

    blog from Portugal about Web 2.0 news
    2.0 Webmania é um blog Português destinado a cobrir todas as novidades e curiosidades da Internet. Além de fonte informativa, pretende ser uma fonte de inspiração para todos quantos desenvolvem projectos web em Portugal.
Facey Spacey - Where do you get all those cool crazy links from? - 0 views

    How do you keep up to date on what's going on on the Internet?
Alex Merced

Merced 2.0 - Social Tech News - 0 views

    This is a great way to read all your tech news in a community fashion!
    Social Tech News Site for voting up and down all your favorite tech and web news.

Meet the Ecocustom, a project for Shell's EcoMarathon | Wippz-Automotive News, Social C... - 0 views

    Meet the Ecocustom, a project for Shell's EcoMarathon

Mobile Content Home to the Television Set with TV-output Processor for Mobile Devices - 0 views

    NXP Semiconductors launched the NXP SAA8510 a mobile multimedia TV-out processor to enable TV-output on any mobile device having a standard LCD interface.

Two New Devices Ideal for Portable Electronics - 0 views

    Battery life is of the utmost importance in portable applications, where it is essential to reduce the amount of supply current the device draws during normal and standby operation.
Vahid Masrour

Accueil - Wikinews - 0 views

    proposition intéressante... des news en wiki... qui fournis les news?
    news in the form of a wiki (in French)
Social Media Power

Social Media Newsrooms: The Ultimate Web 2.0 Tool for Your Business | Social Media Power - 0 views

    A social media newsroom is one place to send the media, prospective clients, book reviewers, or anyone who wants to know all about you, your business, or your book. This is a great explanation of SMNRs with examples.
yc c

Sphere - 0 views

    search results can be viewed by date, relevance or a combination of both. Unlike Technorati, which determines a blog's relevance based on the total number of unique links into that blog, Sphere is taking an algorithmic approach.
    Blog Search Done Better

MacrosReader powered by MacrostandarD - 0 views

    MacrosReader is a Mashup Feeds Library. We Offer you Only the Best Feeds you can Read!
    Only the Best Feeds you can Read!
anonymous - 0 views

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