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Tablets in K-12 Education - 2 views

    A guide on the benefits of using tablets in k-12 classrooms
Matt Lisle

Courier: First Details of Microsoft's Secret Tablet - Microsoft courier Tablet - Gizmodo - 0 views

    For the TIS technology library....
Jade Diaz

Slow Train to the Future - 2 views

    "Tablet computers do not yet pose a threat to displace laptops as the prevailing device among college students."

Wacom's Branding Statement - 1 views

    I'm sure we're all familiar with Wacom, but I'm not sure if everyone realizes how HUGE and IMPORTANT they are. I mention this because Wacom is not just a company that produces the little tablets we see on people's desks. They provide THE tools of choice for the movie industry, television industry, vehicle companies and huge business to business entities. The little Wacom tablet and stylus I have at home and on my desk at work are not the main streams of income for this company. I wanted to clarify this because their Branding Statement reflects the ideals of a huge, worldwide, trend-setting company that is the leader in ALL of their product categories. Here is a link to their PDF download of their Branding Statement (you may have to cut and paste the URL below):

Mercury Browser - 1 views

    This is a pretty neat browser for tablets. Lots of customization features and more intuitive than Safari. It's definitely worth a download. They have a free version and a "Pro" $0.99 version. I've used the free version. The pay version has a few extra features that are really not necessary to use a browser; they're really "bloatware" features.

Scrolling Left to Right - 2 views

    In this blog post by a Microsoft developer, there are examples of scrolling on a single webpage by moving left to right (vs. scrolling up and down). Also, some main navigational buttons and menus are now on the RIGHT side of the layout instead of the long-used left side of the layout location for these elements. I believe this is an example of the influence of touch screens on tablets, phones, and computers affecting the long held paradigm of left side menu navigation. The gesture navigation of touch screens is making another mark on design and layouts.
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