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Keri-Lee Beasley

Digital Citizenship Videos for Parents - 0 views

    A video series by Dave & Blake from My Life Online with genuinely great content and strategies for parents, encouraging conversation and relationship building. Video 1 - The 3 Habits every kid needs to be safe and responsible online. Video 2 - The 4 myths about screen time and how it affects your child. Video 3 - The 3 Crucial Conversations you need to have with your child about social media.
Nigel Coutts

In Postnormal Times our Students need to be Brave - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    If we are to cultivate the dispositions required in these times of postnormality and post-truth we need to establish cultures in our classrooms which will allow them to thrive. 
John Evans

Learning to Learn: How I went from dunce to life-long student - 1 views

    "I had just pressed the glowing submit button on my screen. After two and a half years, I finally finished my Masters in Computer Science. As the immediate thrill of being done with my coursework subsided, I had a moment of reflection. How had I gone from a high school student who routinely finished in the back of the class to graduating with a near 4.0 in my second graduate program? I went from a bottom of the barrel student to an elite performer with good study habits. Through this story, I would like to highlight the fundamentals that I find instrumental to improving your learning capabilities."
Keri-Lee Beasley

Why Feedback Rarely Does What It's Meant To - 1 views

    "We excel only when people who know us and care about us tell us what they experience and what they feel, and in particular when they see something within us that really works."
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