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John Evans - @joycevalenza NeverEndingSearch - 0 views

    " is a free, sweet, little tool that will allow you to easily present/broadcast your slideshows, pdfs, docs on desktop and mobile or projector screens at the same time.

    No registration required.

    Upload a presentation and get a short URL to share."
John Evans

Free Technology for Teachers: Teach Students About Architecture and Building With This ... - 0 views

    "The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage has some neat resources for teachers and students. One of the resources that I've recently downloaded is the Masters of the Building Arts Activity Guide."
John Evans

Beyond Worksheets, A True Expression of Student Learning | MindShift - 0 views

    "Perhaps the most important effect of the new economy of information is the need to make sense of information that is around us. "In order to do this, students need to literally create their learning and demonstrate not just what they know, but what they can do."
John Evans

A Great Student Rubric for Reviewing Apps ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning - 0 views

    "To help her students understand and be able to analyze the apps they come across online, Mutt Susan from Digital Divide and Conquer has created this wonderful rubric. The Student App Review Rubric, features five sections ( or criteria) that students can grade when assessing an app. Each of these criteria can be graded with a numerical number from 0 to 4 with 4 as the top grade.

    The five criteria included in this rubric are :

    Looks and sound
    Engagement and motivation
    User friendly directions and instructions
    Performance and ease of use
    Differentiation in learning."
John Evans

5 Apps To Help Students Organize What They Learn - 0 views

    "Most students need all the help they can get when it comes to planning big projects. Here's a list of apps that can help them stay organized when they're working on group presentations, research papers or other big tasks that might take a little extra energy to keep everything together."
John Evans

Simple Truth: Hashtags Can Save You Time. | The Tempered Radical - 0 views

    "If there was ONE thing that I'd want every practicing educator to know about learning in social spaces it would be that no matter what field you are working in, there are TONS of folks who are sharing resources that you can use in your work immediately.

    The trick is tracking down those resources quickly and easily. Just because people are SHARING resources doesn't automatically mean that you are going to FIND those resources. Thankfully, practitioners using social spaces for learning are also adding hashtags -short identifiers that start with the # symbol - to the end of their messagges."
John Evans

ds106 Assignment Bank - @joycevalenza NeverEndingSearch - 0 views

    "For years, I've been a fan of Alan Levine's (@cogdog) 50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story and his groundbreaking, open kick-butt DS106 (digital storytelling) course.

    I recently rediscovered the DS106 Assignment Bank and I see it as a truly inspiring resource for inspiring K12 creativity."
John Evans

Venspired | I'm Not Going to Convince You That You Need a PLN - 1 views

    "I won't convince you that you need a PLN. You have to decide that for yourself."
John Evans

4 Web Tools to Create Presentations without Installing Any Software ~ Educational Techn... - 2 views




    4 Web Tools to Create Presentations without Installing Any Software

    April 21, 2014
    There are a slew of useful web tools that teachers and students can use to create awesome presentations and slideshows without having to install any piece of software. I am sharing with you below my four favourite tools that I have been recommending to teachers and students:
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