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Nigel Coutts

Teaching Dispositions for Learning - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    Increasingly we aim to teach dispositions but some care in the use of the term is required as it is easily oversimplified. While teaching for dispositions is encouraged it will have little effect if it means doing little other than engaging with the terminology. If we are to encourage the expansion of the desired dispositions, we must be sure to adequately unpack them and understand the implications in store for our culture of learning. 
John Evans

What to do if asked to hand over your phone, computer at the US border - Business Insider - 4 views

    "When you're entering the United States, whether at an airport or a border crossing, federal agents have broad authority to search citizens and visitors alike.

    And that can include flipping through your phone, computer, and any other electronic devices you have with you.

    As US Customs and Border Protection outlines in a tearsheet it provides to people at the border, federal agents can seize and search your phone, and even make a copy of it to have forensic experts analyze its contents off-site."
John Evans

Planning A Makerspace: Underestimated Details | krissy venosdale - 1 views

    "If kids are making, there will be a mess. This post it not about keeping tables shiny or keeping masking tape rolls symmetrically organized.  I'll write another post someday about how I like to organize my Sharpies in ROYGBIV fashion by shade (not even kidding). This is about the day to day. The real life of making."
John Evans

The Edvocate's List of 68 Must-Read K-12 Teaching & Learning Blogs - The Edvocate - 3 views

    "If you're a teacher, or teaching assistant there are plenty of great blogs out there to help you with everything from coming up with teaching plans, to implementing technology in the classroom. Where to start though? The internet is crowded with blogs. We decided to go through some of them for you, so that you can find the blog(s) covering the topics you're looking for and be sure it's quality content.

    Generally, there are four key qualities of a good teaching & learning blog:

    Activity (25%). Information should be updated regularly
    Originality (25%). It should add value with content that's different from all the other blogs out there
    Helpfulness (25%). A good teaching & Learning blog should teach you a new skill, direct you to a useful resource, or at least get you to think in a new way about something
    Authority (25%). The author/authors have the authority and credentials to blog about the topic of teaching & learning
    Each category was assigned an equal weight in our evaluation. They were averaged together to determine the final score in order to come up with our list of the top 68."
John Evans

Free Technology for Teachers: Tools for Creating, Hosting, and Printing Infographics - 4 views

    "About a week ago I was asked if I could write a post about tools for making infographics with students. A well constructed infographic can convey a lot of information in a compact, visually-pleasing manner. The process of creating a good infographic requires students to analyze and succinctly summarize data and facts that they've gathered through research. Here are some good tools that students can use to create infographics."
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