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John Evans

Education Week Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook: Writing Re-Launched: Teachi... - 2 views

    "Writing Re-Launched: Teaching with Digital Tools"
Phil Taylor

Tiny Bursts of Learning | Betchablog - 2 views

  • In contrast to all this is the general sentiment among many teachers that "we need more PD!", or the always-amusing "How can they expect us to learn new things if all we get is a few PD days a year?"
  • That model is no longer sustainable and the days of PD as something that is done "to you" by "experts" a couple of times a year are over.
  • Learning needs to be ongoing. The world is changing. There are new tools that can help students learn, new ideas about learning, new brain research, new emerging technologies, new social structures, and so on
Dianne Rees

100 Free Tools to Make Your Teaching More Entertaining - 16 views

    Don't know how "entertaining" these are but they're at least useful :)
Dennis OConnor

Lesson Plan | Data Visualized: More on Teaching With Infographics - - 8 views

    The keyword is infographics.  This is a round up article from the New York Times.  It will lead you to a series of resources that provide a basic understanding of the field.  Follow the work of Hans Rosling if you want to see a master at work..
Phil Taylor

[PT] Pseudoteaching: MIT Physics | Action-Reaction - 0 views

  • MIT do after Lewin’s show-stopping lectures failed to change declining attendance and large failure rates? They created interactive learning spaces like TEAL, which stands for Technology Enhanced Active Learning.
Teach Hub

A Comical Education: Fun Reading Resources for the Classroom - 0 views

    I think that hobbies are a critical element of surviving as a teacher. My hobby is no exception. I have been a comic book collector and avid reader since I was old enough to enjoy my first Green Lantern issue many years ago
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