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John Evans

To Boost Higher-Order Thinking, Try Curation | Cult of Pedagogy - 2 views

    "Higher-level thinking has been a core value of educators for decades. We learned about it in college. We hear about it in PD. We're even evaluated on whether we're cultivating it in our classrooms: Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching, a widely used instrument to measure teacher effectiveness, describes a distinguished teacher as one whose "lesson activities require high-level student thinking" (Domain 3, Component 3c).

    All that aside, most teachers would say they want their students to be thinking on higher levels, that if our teaching kept students at the lowest level of Bloom's Taxonomy-simply recalling information-we wouldn't be doing a very good job as teachers.

    And yet, when it's time to plan the learning experiences that would have our students operating on higher levels, some of us come up short. We may not have a huge arsenal of ready-to-use, high-level tasks to give our students. Instead, we often default to having students identify and define terms, label things, or answer basic recall questions. It's what we know. And we have so much content to cover, many of us might feel that there really isn't time for the higher-level stuff anyway.

    If this sounds anything like you, I have a suggestion: Try a curation assignment."
John Evans

5 Teaching Practices I'm Kicking to the Curb | Cult of Pedagogy - 6 views

    "So many of us teach the way we were taught. We may not even realize we're doing it. And that means certain practices get passed down year after year without question, methods that are such a normal part of the way we do school, we perpetuate them without realizing there are better alternatives.

    Today I'm going to roll out five of these for your consideration: five teaching practices used every day that are not backed by research. In many cases, these practices are not only ineffective, they can be downright harmful."
Phil Taylor

Eric Mazur on new interactive teaching techniques | Harvard Magazine Mar-Apr 2012 - 3 views

  • This innovative style of learning grew into “peer instruction” or “interactive learning,” a pedagogical method that has spread far beyond physics and taken root on campuses nationally
Phil Taylor

iPads can't improve learning without good teaching Pt 1 - 4 views

  • Its about Teaching and Learning, not iPads
  • no thoughtful plan
  • there is no real shift in the learning and teaching model here from the pre-iPad model. Same work, different set of tools.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • The iPad can just be an engaging but expensive replacement for books and handouts. Or it can completely change the way we go about note taking
David Bevington

Daniel Pink's Think Tank: Flip-thinking - the new buzz word sweeping the US - Telegraph - 7 views

    "Think Tank: Flip-thinking - the new buzz word sweeping the US "
    Lecture first via online video, then set the work in class. Teacher in a better position to assist and enable learning than lecturing in class and setting homework
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