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John Evans

- Free Education Apps - 8 views

    "After reading many articles and comments from teachers, I notice a common question is "Are there any good apps for free?" The answer is yes! In addition, many apps offer a "lite" version to try before purchasing. Many of the lite versions just have advertisements so it's well worth installing, if it is a good app. "
Phil Taylor

Stagnant Future, Stagnant Tests: Pointed Response to NY Times "Grading the Digital Scho... - 3 views

  • they are understanding a complex text and making sense of it within the context of their own lives.   No parent wants more, no teacher does, than for kids to be able to not just "read" Shakespeare but to understand why his work still speaks urgently to the present, why it is worth taking the time to read all that odd English from another time
  • We are not responsible as educators unless we are teaching not just with technology but through it, about it, because of it.   We need to make kids understand its power, its potential, its dangers, its use.  That isn't just an investment worth making but one that it would be irresponsible to avoid.
Phil Taylor

iPad in every TEACHER'S hand | Opening Doors and Turning On Lights - 15 views

  • . I use Evernote for all my notes for school, student council meetings and PD’s. I also use Google docs to help me with assessment as I wander the room too.
  • Downloading great content from iTunes U and having the ability watch or listen without internet is such an advantage with this device
Phil Taylor

More powerful pencils: 1:1 Laptop Programs and 21st century learning « 21k12 - 6 views

  • it is not because they had a 1-1 program in itself that made them so, but because they had a classroom culture of student inquiry, of research, collaboration, and on-line publishing, all of which were well supported by the laptops in students’ hands.
  •   “Laptop computers [would not be] technological tools; rather, [they would be] cognitive tools that are holistically integrated into the teaching and learning processes of their school.”
  • One of the best sections of this article speaks right to this, as it advocates schools to bring the students to the table:

    But it’s not just teachers who experts say must be involved in the 1-to-1 planning process—students should be, too.

John Evans

40 Amazing iPad Apps for the Learning Disabled | - 7 views

    "Check out this collection of iPad apps that can make a difference in the life of a learning disabled child."
John Evans

94 EdTech Resources You May Have Missed-Treasure Chest October 2, 2011 | Tech the Plunge - 0 views

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