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John Evans

A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet: 39 Sites For Using iPads in the Classroom - 5 views

    "How Much Did Steve Jobs Change the World? You might be reading this on your iPhone, iPad or computer, but whether or not you have a Macintosh or a PC, Steve Jobs is responsible for so much of the technology we are using today. Did you know that Windows computers copied the drop-down window interface from Apple computers? Yes, all true. So today, when the power went out in the school and we couldn't get on the Internet, I noticed what an important part of my life technology has become. Talk about making a dent in the world. Jobs' legacy will live on in generations to come. Here are 39 sites for using one of Jobs' greatest innovations: THE iPAD."
Phil Taylor

The Use and Abuse of Technology in the Classroom - 4 views

  • Technology should not just allow us to do traditional in a different way; it should allow us to do things that we thought were not possible.
  • Technology should be for accessing what was inaccessible.
John Evans

Four Free Assessment Apps for 1:1 Classrooms | Edutopia - 5 views

    "One-to-one technology can transform a classroom. When implemented correctly, students are engaged and excited to learn, and teachers can assess their progress in real-time. The amount of technology resources available for educators can be overwhelming. "
John Evans

90+ iPad Apps | Tim Bedley Landing Page - 7 views


    All apps are free unless otherwise noted.
    Favorites are in bold.

    *My Students should download these"
John Evans

Why (And How) Teachers Should Start Using iTunes U - Edudemic - 1 views

    "With so many schools adopting the use of iPads I find it strange that we aren't hearing more about the incredible opportunities available in iTunes U. Well I suppose it isn't that strange given that schools in the early stages of transitioning to an iPad platform are extremely busy and learning one more thing can seem overwhelming."
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