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John Evans

12 Principles Of Collaboration In Learning - 7 views

    "Recently on westXdesign-via scoopit-we found an interesting graphic about naming 12 principles of collaboration.

    Collaboration is among the most-often promoted fluencies of 21st century learning (along with creativity and communication). However, there are very few frameworks or models that exist to support the development of better collaboration forms. As it is, in many K-12 learning environments, collaboration is limited to teacher-created grouping, or more scattered project-based learning groups that converge on a single project and thus a single goal.

    The following principles of collaboration (seemingly created for businesses but clearly applicable to learning) push that idea a bit further-with some important emphases on the individual, including:"
Phil Taylor

ISTE | Product DetailGlobal Collaboration: Learning with the World - 5 views

  • By participating in global, collaborative projects using ICT, students explore many social and cultural issues. In this free webinar from HP Canada and ISTE, you will learn about the process students use in global collaborations to explore, respond to, and actively advocate for an issue.
Sheri Oberman

» Social Learning doesn't mean what you think it does! Learning in the Social... - 3 views

    Think of the mathemagician's role as "Encourage and Engage" supplanting the old "Command and Control." The affordances of multiple inexpensive or free social, communications, and information technologies, most of which are available through cyber-space networks, creates a changed world for workplace training, for community building, and for personal learner.
Phil Taylor

Online Learning is so last year… | 21st Century Collaborative - 9 views

  • Here are the kinds of things I believe need to be happening as learners come together in online communities of practice.
Colin Harris

Project-Based Learning for the Online Classroom - DE Oracle @ UMUC - 8 views

    Project-based Learning for the Online Classroom
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