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John Evans

How to make a coin sorting machine with cardboard | The Kid Should See This - 4 views

    "With some thick cardboard, a cutting knife, some hot glue, a ruler, and probably a bit of trial and error, you can create your own DIY coin sorting machine. The key to the sorting "mechanism" is to cut the right size holes in the correct order-smallest to largest. Watch this how-to video from The Q."
John Evans

Pinball Machine Mayhem Part 1 | - 1 views

    "I will be sharing about our Pinball Machine Mayhem that is happening in our Technology and Innovation class. We started with a brainstorming session on the process this week.
    We began with the Project Idea phase: This is where we explained that they would be making pinball machines. How they made them or what they used is completely up to them during this process.

    Next we moved into the Prototype Design students during this phase was given a blank piece of paper about the size of the actual pinball machines that they will make. The goal here was for them to start to apply the different pieces of their pinball machines to this document. What was incredible about this whole process was before we released the students to go work we asked them what subjects do they think will be covered throughout this process. Right away hands went up and students started sharing.

    Math - Area, Perimeter, Height, Length, Pythagorean Theorem to find the slope of their machine.
    ELA - Research, Creating a story for their pinball machine
    Social Studies - History of the pinball machine, Research on different pinball machines
    Science - Volume, Friction, Gravity,
    Art - Theme of their board, Creative look of their pinball machine.
    Tech Ed - Lights, sensors, buzzers
    Makerspace - Students talked about using little bits, robotic kits, makey makey board, along with legos and Knex's"
John Evans - 2 views

    A Marble Machine is a creative ball-run contraption, made from familiar
    materials, designed to send a rolling marble through tubes and funnels,
    across tracks and bumpers, and into a catch at the end.
John Evans

How to Restore a Mac from a Time Machine Backup - 0 views

    "While Macs have a great reputation for being stable and rarely experiencing major issues, the reality is that sometimes things can go wrong. Typically this happens when either a hard drive fails or an OS X system update goes completely awry, but if you have set up Time Machine backups on the Mac like all users should, then you will discover that restoring an entire systems hard drive from that Time Machine backup is really quite easy."
John Evans

Let your kids invent and build with The Everything Machine - 2 views

    "From the creators of Simple Machines and The Robot Factory, comes a fun way for your kids to build awesome stuff in The Everything Machine by Tinybop. If your children are interested in machines, mechanics, programming, or even circuitry at an early age, then encourage them with this fun new tool."
John Evans

The Green Screen Time Machine in Elementary School - Digital Learning at Grant Wood AEA - 0 views

    "The students had been researching Ellis Island in Social Studies and were finding out how it became a famous gateway for millions of immigrants entering the United States. They wanted to represent that information visually, so they took all that they learned in class and turned it into a news report. The script took some time to write but with Google Docs they could all collaborate on the same document at home or at school in order to get the job done.

    When the script was finished, they were ready to record their video. I set up the green screen, put the iPad on a tripod, and gave the students some basics on what they would need to know in order to make a successful green screen movie on the iPad. They were up and running in no time and filmed their own video whenever they weren't all on screen at the same time! We used the Teleprompter Pro Lite app to scroll their script in front of them, just like the professionals do. "
John Evans

Goldieblox and the Movie Machine App | Engage Their Minds - Great Minds DON'T Think Alike! - 0 views

    "Our Maker Club has transitioned from making cardboard games to making movies, and one of the apps the students explored last week was Goldieblox and the Movie Machine.  They quickly figured out what they needed to do to create their own short animations, and they were too busy having fun to ask for help from me.  The club is still testing out different options for movie creation, so we haven't worked our way up to making final products, but I think this app will definitely be a contender for most popular movie-making tool (along with the Lego Movie Maker app)."
Steve Ransom

NCTE Position Statement on Machine Scoring - 0 views

  • Conclusions that computers can score as well as humans are the result of humans being trained to score like the computers (for example, being told not to make judgments on the accuracy of information). 
  • Computer scoring systems can be "gamed" because they are poor at working with human language, further weakening the validity of their assessments and separating students not on the basis of writing ability but on whether they know and can use machine-tricking strategies.
    Important and well written
John Evans

iPad Creative - iPad Creative Blog - Video Time Machine: 10,000 hand selected... - 5 views

    "Video Time Machine is an extremely slick little app that serves up videos from any year from 1860 to 2011. Honestly, if you're interested in popular culture throughout the decades Video Time Machine will keep you entertained for many hours. With over 10,000 videos to find and enjoy, and with support for Airplay and social media sharing, Video Time Machine is a real gem."
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