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Benx Shen

软件工程师不可不知的10个概念 - [Matrix - 与 Java 共舞] - 0 views

Benx Shen

Javascript Closures - 0 views

  • Closure A "closure" is an expression (typically a function) that can have free variables together with an environment that binds those variables (that "closes" the expression).
  • Example 2: Associating Functions with Object Instance Methods
Benx Shen

Continuations - WebWork - Confluence - 0 views

  • Continuations are a feature in WebWork, borrowed from the RIFE project, that allow for extremely simple state management and wizard-like functionality.
Benx Shen

WebWork2.2中的Continuation - 黑灵客栈 - BlogJava - 0 views

  • webwork.continuations.package=org.mstar.webwork.chain 这里的webwork.properties一定要配置,否则continuation不会起作用。
Benx Shen

Douglas Crockford's Wrrrld Wide Web - 0 views

Benx Shen

/* Position Is Everything */ - Modern browser bugs explained in detail! - 1 views

Benx Shen

Seasar - DI Container with AOP - - 0 views

  • Seasar2, the most popular open source framework in Japan, frees you from such annoyance and brings you comfortable DI Life.
Benx Shen

Fielding博士的REST论文中文版 - [Matrix - 与 Java 共舞] - 0 views

  • 摘要: Roy Thomas Fielding博士關於REST的論文絕負盛名,被稱為Web架構設計領域的"聖經"。日前,由ajaxcn.org社區、91yee 翻譯社區、Matrix社區聯合參與完成了對該論文的中文化工作,並且在完成翻譯校對工作後獲得了Fielding博士的官方許可,正式發佈在滿江紅開源網站的OpenDoc系列文檔中,大家可以從其網站下載。
  • Roy Thomas Fielding博士的論文:《Architectural Styles andthe Design of Network-based Software Architectures》絕負盛名,被稱為Web架構設計領域的"聖經"。        日前,由ajaxcn.org社區、91yee 翻譯社區、Matrix社區聯合參與完成了對該論文的中文化工作,並且在完成翻譯校對工作後獲得了Fielding博士的官方許可,正式發佈在滿江紅開源網站的OpenDoc系列文檔中,大家可以從這裡下載:        在此感謝為這篇論文中文版作出過貢獻的所有人員,偉大思想的共享範圍是無限的!
Benx Shen

用Diff和Patch工具維護源碼 - PHP俱樂部 - 0 views

  • diff以"行"為單位比較兩個文本文件(也可以是目錄比較),並將不同之處以某種格式輸出到標準輸出上;patch可以讀入這種輸出,並按照一定指令使源文件(目錄)按照目標文件(目錄)更新
Benx Shen

mod_rewrite Cookbook - FrontPage - 0 views

Benx Shen

Java object queries using JXPath - Java World - 0 views

  • Java object queries using JXPath Query complex Java object trees using the XPath expression language
Benx Shen

從分佈式系統的角度看REST-企業應用-Java -JavaEye做最棒的軟件開發交流社區 - 0 views

  • 從REST具備的內在特徵來說,它包括了這些特徵: 1、基於HTTP的資源 2、以HTTP協議去操作 3、數據和表象分離
Benx Shen

EasyMock 2.2 Readme - 0 views

  • EasyMock 2 is a library that provides an easy way to use Mock Objects for given interfaces.
  • EasyMock 2 Benefits Hand-writing classes for Mock Objects is not needed. Supports refactoring-safe Mock Objects: test code will not break at runtime when renaming methods or reordering method parameters Supports return values and exceptions. Supports checking the order of method calls, for one or more Mock Objects.
Benx Shen

{|| blog } » 什麼是REST跟RESTful? - 0 views

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