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Russ Goerend

Formative assessment: The most important data you aren't using - 0 views

    • Brenda McKone
      Formative assessment needs to be used throughout a unit to check student progress.
    • Russ Goerend
      Definitely! I would argue that just as important as checking progress is adjusting instruction based on that progress.
    • Matt Townsley
      good point, Russ. It's a big shift from "assessment to report learning" from "assessment to improve learning." I see this difference as one that will be tough for the masses to understand due to the tradition of summative assessments.
  • In turn, it allows the educator to amend their instruction and content before they administer the summative assessment.
    • Russ Goerend
      This is also important!
    • K Wolf
      I think this is key with students of today. As we (educators) realize that students are learning differently today b/c of the way they use technology, I think we will see that using MORE formative assessments and giving students MORE immediate feedback will be even MORE effective than we think. Students receive immediate feedback all the time from their peers; I think it should be the same with their teachers.
    Formative assessments vs. summative...meaning of Homework. 21st century skills.
    Formative assessment.

TeachPaperless: What Makes a Great Teacher a Great Teacher in the 21st Century - 11 views

    • Brenda McKone
      Definitely need the students to dig deeper of their own accord.
    • Sheryl Dales
      When it comes to educational technology, the great teacher isn't the one who merely uses technology in education. The great teacher is the one who experiments and who teaches the spirits within students to experiment. It's sad to see many teachers still thinking they are using technology with their classes but are still not getting it into the students hands.
    • Deb Sykes
      When will the state catch up? It would be wonderful to concentrate on guiding students in self-inquiry through technology if our feet weren't mired in standardized testing.
    • Sara Rowe
      I think it is very hard for teachers to trust new technology and give it to the students to use. The students are most likely ready and willing to try the technology, now we just have to jump on board.
    • Jennifer Rawlins
      I think the districts need to provide more technology in the classroom in order for teachers to take advantage of the new technology to go paperless. I currently have two computers in my classroom and we do not have a computer lab.
    • Jennifer Rawlins
      I know my district is in need of providing technology to teachers and students so that we can use technology more. It makes it more difficult when you only have two computers in the classroom and no computer lab for students to experiment.
    • Tara Liston
      Sometimes its the fear of the teacher to let go- give the students the opportunities to try to use the technology! I still struggle with how do you go paperless at the early elementary level? Love to incorporate more technology and get it into my students hands!
    • Margaret Jodeit
      Teachers a educational coaches, gleefully running amok admist constantly changing technology, leading their students to think and act outside of the box. Whould be interesting.
    • Clint Balsar
      This article had a great point about the use of Web 2.0. It isn't just that we progress to a new level and use the newer technologies. Rather, we allow them to be used as a tool by students to encourage them to become more engaged learners.
    What great teachers do with technology to extend learning opportunities to students.
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    I love this article. I thought is was right on with what makes a great teacher great! I'm not sure where you found it but thanks for sharing!!!
    This is a great article and I am taking a class right now on PLN's to help push me in the right direction of doing more and having the students do more with technology.
    This is a good read. We do need to become 21st Century educators in this brave world of technology.
    I think the hardest part for me is where to begin and what the first step is.
    Articles like this make you think. Paperless? Is that the goal? I believe the goal is to help our students become better learners. Learners that can discover, adapt, create, communicate, lead and follow. Technology has a huge role in this. More than time to jump on board.
    At the company I work at - we are paperless in handling claims and I do have to say it is nice. The system we use - you can mark pages, highlight, attach sticky notes, and several other options. It is a great system and can fax and email right from your desk - so if the paperless in school can correlate - it could be a great addition. I do think that when it is in teaching - you can lose the benefit of face to face, etc as well as penmanship could become a lost art.
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