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Hans Wobbe

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  • annotations.
    • Hans Wobbe
      Effective use of annotations makes it possible to add some preliminary thoughts, without disturbing the current flow of the page.  So...
      Subsequent refactoring effort is reduced....
    • Dr. Fridemar Pache
      Hans, I completely agree. I am astonished, that the other wiki peers can't see this advantage.
  • Land, Capital, Wages and Profit
    • Hans Wobbe
      JosephSchumpeter suggested that the rewards of...
      Land (ownership) are RentCapital ... InterestLabour ...WagesTechnically, Land and Capital are Assets (a type of Wealth) that can be owned, unlike Wages.  Profit is generally an "entitlement" that, once received, becomes part of an entities Capital.

    • Dr. Fridemar Pache
      However Labour is owned by the worker. He or she gives it as service to be paid for as Wage.
  • claims:
    • Hans Wobbe
      "claims" is a good "open-minded" term as opposed to others.
      Schumpeter has defined this in ways that I am very comfortable with."Profit is the left-overs" (100% of which are the entitlement of those that took 100% of the 'enterpreneurial' risks)
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • I assume, that Hans is reminding all peers
    • Hans Wobbe
      My primary intention was simply to gain the productivity advanatages of using a WikiHive.
  • better advised to relocate these discussions to an oddmuse WikiHive
    • Hans Wobbe
      Fridemar seems opposed to the idea....
  • may serve as a public documentation
    • Hans Wobbe
      On the other hand, it may not. Consider the case of someone working off-line and only posting a more final version of the resulting text.
    • Dr. Fridemar Pache
      Edit confilicts of this type increase, the more there is offline work. So joint editing in Wiki minimizes this.
  • WIP notes
    • Hans Wobbe
      Consider using a CW: HyperText page to flesh out this idea since then I will at least be able to integrate the development effort into the appropriate SubWikis.
      * It may be possible to integrate this effectively into the CommunityWikiBusiness pages.  At the very least, CwB is a good staging area for OBM, should folk be uncomfortable in the Cw: environment.
  • I MIGHT participate
    • Hans Wobbe
      070606 - participating, all be it with quite a few reservations. But "in an open manner". (this IS a PUBLIC bookmark, after all).
  • Methodology
    • Hans Wobbe
      Should the 'methodology' ("terms of engagement") include the ability to prepare a more comprehensive "off-line" position that is submitted for consideration and "review" once adequately developed?
  • tagged
    • Hans Wobbe
      Consider the use of an RSS feed of a Sticky as a design for the TransClusion servcie that I suggested in my response to Fridemar's request for WysiWyg development.

      This would effectively place a very rich wrapper around the HyperText block, allowing existing capabilities of the Wrapper to be applied (at least 'around' it).

      Link this note to the other DiiGo Forum discussion (via a bliki in all liklihood), although perhaps just via ProtoPage where another layer of control is possible, as well as layout and format.
  • ProtoPage
    • Hans Wobbe
      A 'coarser' (less fine) alternative is to simply work at the Tag level, relying on Diigo's RSSFeed strength to send items to the next processor (e.g. ProtoPage)
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