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Build-a-Lot Game Series - Manage your empire! - 2 views

    Managing the empire turns out to be quite entertaining and Build-a-Lot Games prove this fact!!!

    In Build-a-Lot Game Series with a few clicks of the mouse you'll be constructing, buying, repairing and selling buildings of all the posssible types. In this games you'll visit a lot of cities and take part in its development and of course your efforts will be rewarded.

    In all the games of Build-a-Lot Series you'll find something new, something that distinguishes one game from another. It's up to you to choose whether you want to travel to Europe in Build-a-Lot 3, or just manage power in Build-a-Lot 4, or travel a couple of centuries back in Build-a-Lot 5.

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Holly 2: Magic Land game review from Awem studio - 0 views

    Having convinced herself that her adventure on Christmas Eve was just a dream, Holly has returned to the task of caring for her family. But when her young daughter disappears, an elf materializes before Holly and tells her she must revisit the land of magic to retrieve her child. As you search for Holly's daughter, you'll look for more than 3,500 items, solve a variety of seek-and-find challenges and play several thrilling mini-games. Along the way, you'll meet a cast of enchanting characters and enjoy dozens of charming hand drawn scenes!
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