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    Accessibility tutorials

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    Teacher that practices innovative ideas using technology.
Patrick Black

Special Education Teacher Describes Fun Classroom Technology Learning Environment to Te... - 0 views

  • video interview with Education Specialist Rebecca Byers.

    Video Interview:

  • “The technology enables teachers, parents and specialists to work together to provide consistent instruction. Student data reports guide us to develop more effective IEPs (Individual Education Plans). Consistent instruction and progress data are two primary benefits of computer aided instruction to help all children learn.”
  • TeachTown®: Basics incorporates the latest artificial intelligence and best practices in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Discrete Trial Performance to prescribe individual lessons based on learning styles and student progress.
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  • I also think this program would work well for English Language Learners.
  • TeachTown®: Basics was designed by a team of autism researchers led by Dr. Christina Whalen, PhD, BCBA-D, Chief Science Officer, who co-founded the company while working at the University of Washington Autism Center. The intervention curriculum addresses early childhood learning standards, and uses prescriptive and adaptive intelligence to deliver direct instruction. At appropriate intervals, children are motivated with games and rewards. Teachers can view progress reports online and receive a monthly email report to track accountability. The program contains over 800 On Computer Lessons and Off Computer Activities, and delivers thousands of concepts in six essential learning domains: Mathematics, Language Development, Language Arts, Adaptive Skills, Cognitive Skills, and Social and Emotion Skills.
Patrick Black

iOS 5 with Voice Recognition Soon? | PadGadget - 0 views

  • We expect Apple to feature iOS 5 during the event one way or another. Perhaps, the latest rumor about Apple partnering with voice recognition company Nuance could be one of the big announcements in front of developers.
  • “This matters because as we first reported in March, Siri technology is expected to be a big part of iOS 5. By extension, that means that Nuance technology will be a big part of iOS 5. Well, unless Apple ditches them and goes with another option — but again, Nuance is considered the best. The other big player here getting praise is Google. But well… Yeah.”

Engineering Universal Access for Learning - 0 views

  • “Universal design usually means creating buildings that are physically accessible to everyone, with hallways wide enough for wheelchairs,” he says. “But, in promoting ‘universal design for learning,’ we have to simultaneously confront the technological, social and psychological barriers to equal education.”
  • “Rather than see one person as being blind and another as having dyslexia, we’ve found that it’s most useful to think of both of them as having difficulty processing visual information.
  • some of the most critical issues in educational access remain social rather than technological. As he says, “there is still a stigma that makes some students unwilling to disclose their learning disability.”
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  • Bowie State is collaborating with researchers at the University of Illinois to combine image processing, facial recognition and natural speech to interpret and describe graphic images.
Patrick Black

SpeEdChange: A 'Universal' VoiceThread? Not quite. And, Google and Prezi - 0 views

  • VoiceThread has failed to work with any kind of screen reader, leaving those with sight issues, and reading issues, disconnected... from totally to partially
  • VoiceThread Universal lets full-scale screen readers, software like JAWS and ORCA, read the text comments left on a VoiceThread and allow navigation. The navigation allows you to add comments as well, and that's great. But as the developers point out, the current system won't help you with, "creating and adding content to VoiceThreads," won't allow searches, doesn't allow phone integration, though they say all these things are being "worked on."
  • A bigger issue for me is that neither VoiceThread nor VoiceThread Universal works with the kind of "light" screen readers used by those with dyslexia.
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  • So, is it OK for us to use these tools in schools? I am conflicted. I tend to think "yes" assuming that we always - automatically - provide alternative access capability which is, essentially, equal. After all, we still use those inaccessible books in our rooms, we still let teachers write, in handwriting no less, on the "board." But I'm bothered by it because use may tend to remove the pressure on these organizations to move toward accessibility. These companies want access to our students, should we offer that if they don't really want access to all of our kids?
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