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Critical Literacy, Digital Literacies, and Common Core State Standards: A Workable Union? - 0 views

  • Citation of evidence” and“analysis” are malleable activities, and this mal-leability provides opportunities for educators tocurve them to include a stronger critical literacycomponent.
  • Analyze a complex set of ideas or sequenceof events and explain how specific individuals,ideas, or events interact and develop over thecourse of the text
  • (d)emonstrate command of technology, includ-ing the Internet, to produce, publish, and updatework in response to ongoing feedback, includingfresh arguments or new information
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  • Cite strong and thorough textual evidenceto support analysis of what the text saysexplicitly as well as inferences drawn fromthe text, including determining where the textleaves matters uncertain
  • Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness ofthe structure an author uses in his or herexposition or argument, including whether thestructure makes points clear, convincing, andengaging
  • Determine an author’s point of view or pur-pose in a text in which the rhetoric is partic-ularly effective, analyzing how style and con-tent contribute to the power, persuasiveness,or beauty of the text.
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