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Gary Bedenharn

Rubrics: Tools for Making Learning Goals and Evaluation Criteria Explicit for Both Teac... - 1 views

    Strategies for assessing projects of performance.
Gary Bedenharn

How to Score Science Notebooks: Rubrics for Assessing Elementary Science Journals | Sui... - 0 views

    Rubrics for assessing science notebooks
Diane Gusa

Rubrics - 1 views

  • A rubric is an authentic assessment tool used to measure students' work. It is a scoring guide that seeks to evaluate a student's performance based on the sum of a full range of criteria rather than a single numerical score.
  • It is a formative type of assessment because it becomes an ongoing part of the whole teaching and learning process.
  • use a range to rate performance.
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  • focus on measuring a stated objective
  • contain specific performance characteristics arranged in levels indicating the degree to which a standard has been met (Pickett and Dodge).
  • improve students' end products
  • provide the scaffolding necessary to improve the quality of their work and increase their knowledge.
  • help students become better judges of the quality of their own work.
  • allow assessment to be more objective and consistent.
  • force the teacher to clarify his/her criteria in specific terms.
  • provide students with more informative feedback about their strengths and areas in need of improvement.
Mike Fortune

Blooms Digital Taxonomy v2.12 - 4 views

    Wow, thanks Mike. This is exactly what I have been looking for - although I did not know it until now! Combining Bloom's taxonomy with technology seems almost too obvious. But until someone takes the trouble to painstakingly match the thinking skills with the technology skills, things will continue to remain in the air. Thanks for sharing this important idea.
    You're welcome Joy! Professor Pickett suggested I search it. I am also so glad to have found something like this, where new instructional technology forms can get the necessary reinforcement from a well regarded and widely used guide like Bloom's taxonomy. BTW I learn a great deal from your posts!
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