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Enabling Students with Disabilities with Computing Interaction and Empowerment though E... - 0 views

  • or many centuries, education has been focused on the learning of course content, but the learning styles of the students have been ignored .
  • While most of the academic approaches have been centered on the mastery of course content knowledge, not all learners learn in the same way.
  • As a result, different teaching techniques, strategies, and tools may be needed to help all students acquire, understand, and apply learning gained from the course content.
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  • visual learners were able to benefit from applications in PowerPoint and Flash Multi-Media technology.
  • students with disabilities are finding technology to be more enabling than disabling at times.
  • us, more students with disabilities are enrolling in online courses. O
  • Auditory learners could benefit from online classrooms with auditory lectures, Podcasts for students, as well as live chats
    - need to teach students use of technology for future - work place - needs of different type of learners - online classes offer varying opportunities (accommodate different learning styles and strategies) - increase in students with disabilities enrolling in online courses - less barriers for students with disabilities
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