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Mah Saito

Diigo, what Delicious could have been. - 0 views

  • Diigo goes beyond all of that.  You can comment on links, thus enabling conversation.  This is sorely missing from and it is weakly implemented in Mag.nolia.  You can schedule a link post to your blog or simply post a link directly.
  • Though most will likely give a collective groan to a new bookmarking site, if you aren’t using Diigo you might as well be living in a web 1.0 world.
  • Diigo does have a couple items I would like to see worked out.  First of all they didn’t get the memo that we have reached the mobile tipping point.  I would love to see an iPhone version of this so I can use it on the go.  Where is the API?  How can you have a service in today’s market place without an API.  Finally, trackbacks.  Let me carry the conversation back if I can.  So many social sites don’t implement this and it seems vital to enabling a conversation.
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  • I know all the A-listers have glazed eyes over friendfeed right now, but they are really missing out if they don’t try Diigo.
Mah Saito

Diigo's New Release « Experiencing E-Learning - 0 views

  • I admit that I don’t use all these features; I still end up mostly using Diigo as my personal research tool. Having the ability to highlight and annotate text makes it much more useful as part of my personal learning environment than delicious. Personally, I think Diigo just looks a lot nicer than the barebones interface for delicious, especially in this version.
Maggie Tsai

Family Matters » » The Diigo Movie Theatre - 0 views

  • I’ve found Diigo is so much more than a simple online bookmarking system. For me, it’s organization for the chaos that is my family research, a delightful cookbook of recipes I find all over the Web, my Christmas (birthday, anniversary, whatever) wishlist and now it’s my online movie theatre.
  • when I’m looking for a little entertainment or education, all I have to do is visit my own personal movie theatre at Diigo.

Mah Saito

teachNbabble » Diigo - 0 views

shared by Mah Saito on 23 Mar 08 - Cached
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  • Starting to like Diigo more and more.
Mah Saito

Emily Chang - eHub: Diigo V3 a Win with Non-Intrusive Social Networking - 0 views

  • In summary, Diigo’s new sidebar is well designed. It allows me to focus on my work while, at the same time, giving me access to Diigo’s knowledge community. Improvements to Diigo Groups has turned this aspect of the Diigo community into a powerful way to distribute and refine knowledge among a team. And Diigo’s “varying degrees of non-intrusiveness” approach to social networking has infused a level of maturity into the social networking world that has been sorely lacking up to this point. There’s a lot of hype around Diigo right now, and the bottom line is that it’s well-deserved.
Maggie Tsai

Theatre Ideas: Book Announcement - 0 views

  • As a sidenote, I have also created a Diigo research group for Theatre Tribes, so that people who are interested can contribute websites and articles that might be relevant to this topic that I can add to the website and to the book.
Maggie Tsai

Streamline It Part I: Diigo or Bust : Metanoia - 1 views

  • Here I was using Diigo, Delicious, Google Notebook, and Zotero for my researching, bookmarking, annotating, and sharing. While all strong tools in their own right, it is pretty clear looking at this list that this is what some would call OVER DOING IT!
  • best possible tool that streamlined social bookmarking, social researching, and social reading.
Maggie Tsai

PsychSplash Diigo Research Tool Matures - 0 views

  • I use Diigo to bookmark psychology websites I find as I surf the web. I have been using it for at least 18-months now and have found it to be an invaluable tool. Admittedly, I am a pretty low-key user. I use only the basic bookmarking function, and have the toolbar installed on my work and home computer so I can access my bookmarks in either setting. To my credit, I was brave enough to set up a PsychSplash Psychology Group on Diigo where I have been posting links to psychology sites for the last 12 months. You can access my public list here (with RSS feed here) and the PsychSplash Psychology group here (with RSS feed here).

    Just the other day, they launched version 3 which has really expanded the collaborative, community and social potential of the site.

  • If you spend a bit of time online and use the web for research or browse extensively, Diigo is worth a look in terms of managing what you find.
ken meece

Diigo 3.0: The all-powerful personal, social bookmarking service | Webware : Cool Web a... - 0 views

  • I recommend Diigo, especially with the plug-in. It's a complex tool but if you take a few minutes to learn what it can do and how it does it, it can make you a more productive, smarter Web user.
  • There's also a very nice new browser sidebar that shows you a lot of very useful and focused information, including your own latest bookmarks, those from your Diigo friends, and most cleverly, the Diigo users who have also saved information from the page you're visiting as well as the site itself.
  • lets you clip and save text from Web pages, or just page URLs themselves
    • ken meece
      how can selected text be saved apart from the whole page it is on?
Mah Saito

The Power of Educational Technology: One For Tuesday 3-25-2008 - 0 views

  • Diigo seems to be a mashup of many of the best features of, facebook, tumblr and twitter. You can save bookmarks, share them with friends and with groups, join groups, send each other links and messages and comment on your friends' walls.
Mah Saito

Diigoとはてなダイアリー&スター - mkawanoの日記 - 0 views

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