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Graham Perrin

Diigolet not loading - 50 views redirects to so I can't test helplet 4.0b14 with the first of those two URLs, but it loads OK with th...

diigolet bug resolved worksforme 548231 959443 960040 1023719

Graham Perrin

Read Later/Unread Bookmarks prob - 11 views

Evan2 B. wrote: > Encountered prob mentioned above a couple of times; OK for now That's good, thanks. Maybe a browser-side issue, in which case things like restarting (as you did) and clea...

toolbox Firefox 3.5.2 bug worksforme resolved

Vahid Masrour

diigo toolbar acting funny - 20 views

Thanks! Curiously, they did reappear on their own.

toolbar button help firefox diigo bug resolved worksforme

Graham Perrin

firefox very slow after diigo install? known issue..?? - 104 views

Could you try FF3.0 RC1? It is faster and works well with diigo toolbar.

bug resolved worksforme firefox help performance problem

Yoni Blumberg

Export Bookmarks in V4 - 114 views

Alright, glad to see it works fine now. Thanks.

bug resolved worksforme thanks diigo help export bookmarks thank you

Graham Perrin

Color of toolbar bookmark icon not changing - 10 views

Nevermind. I have realized that if a bookmark is marked private, it does not show as already bookmarked or turn red when I view it. The public ones work.

bug resolved worksforme diigo toolbar icon red pink color change button public private Mozilla Firefox

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