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Cherice Montgomery

webslides not working? - 39 views

Sorry, I just realized that "download widget" was a mischaracterization. The alternate text actually says "Get Widget" and it is located at the bottom of this page:


Graham Perrin

case-sensitive tags - any chance of it happening? - 381 views

> tag case will be preserved while displaying, but ignored for search Seems to work well for the majority of use cases. Thanks :)

discussion tag case CamelCase case-sensitive help suggestion

Graham Perrin

SQLite, Berkeley DB (BDB), ZODB, BLOB, file system, local caching, WebArchive - 59 views

Subject: WebArchive format is updated to reflect the growing range of applications, including Safari 4 for Windows, that support the format. http://www.wu...

suggestion architecture cache WebArchive upload snapshot gpd4

Dr. Fridemar Pache

DiiGo TrailFire Wiki Collaboration - 51 views

Dear Diigos, dear Maggie: I understand. Otherwise this forum might be swamped with announcements of new Diigo groups. In my case, I was the first one, not yet aware of these consequences, because...

collaboration diigo wiki spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

Next phase Diigo - the future - 462 views

> To provoke thought, in no particular order: > * System Services (interapplication communication on Mac OS X) That one is spun off to Mac OS X: System Services: provider services in ...

wishlist suggestion review gpd4

Graham Perrin

Localization and help pages translation - 71 views

Hint: to bring a topic to the foreground, to bubble it to the service: * click Like. If you have scrolled to the foot of the topic: * click To top * click Like.

language localization translation

Dr. Fridemar Pache

Bookmarks not saved by the system - 98 views

Dear Maggie, I think, it might help to reduce anxiousness on losing bookmarks and annotations, if not addressing them on specific groups. Instead of this making them general and leaving a posting...

admin group

Graham Perrin

Improving Diigo Help - 7 views

> help ON THE PAGES THEMSELVES +1 > a tips page This group is described as a place to share our … tips, tricks, and ideas etc.. There's a wealth of information but even with good search results,...

meta help

Maggie Tsai

Searching bookmarks tagged by other users, not by me. - 34 views

No rocket science here - Diigo will add advertising support, so that its basic service will always be free. We're considering a premium fee-based service where it's ad free but has lots more ...

feature search tag

Graham Perrin

Cached pages with annotations? - 106 views

> a website called Sharedcopy which has a similar function, you can > see an example of how it works here: > > Ho...

annotation annotations cache suggestion snapshot meta group personal public

Graham Perrin

Actions menu broken within sticky note: Add Sticky Note option is missing - 8 views

The same bug in sticky notes at the following URLs:

bug UI GUI Actions menu sticky note Diigolet 3.1b541 gpd4


Can't bookmarkřetislav_Pojar - 13 views

Having tested it on chrome, I find this webpage can be bookmarked by using post to diigo. It is already in my library.

bug post URL Wikipedia gpd4

Hilary Reynolds

Communication via profle - 16 views

Something which seems to work well on other sites is the ability to be able to leave comments on a user's profile page. Examples are and http://en...

communication idea social

started by Hilary Reynolds on 14 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Adding Suggested Tags - 56 views

Dataloss: caution Whilst Post to Diigo is good for gaining recommendations, it overwrites existing tags. Personally, I use the combination of Diigo Meta, Post to Diigo, Diigolet, my ...

feature tag suggestion suggestions suggest suggested recommended recommend recommendation recommendations Post to Diigo

Maggie Tsai

Do you have a "business ideas" channel? - 40 views

Hans, Excellent point . Our belief has always been that what's seen on many social bookmarking & social network services out there are barely scratching the surface of what can be done.... D...

general question


[News] How to transfer your Furl links - 276 views

Thanks someone1000. That link just goes to the page mentioned earlier, which is dead. I guess I didn't transfer any of the links/bookmarks from Furl to Diigo in time, and now I don't even know...

diigo furl news faq

Graham Perrin

overlapping highlight with stuck note missing from copy (share) to group - 5 views

> overlaps, which rings a bell. This may be a duplicate I was probably thinking of which is a different bug affecting overlapping highlights. ...

bug inconsistency highlight overlap sticky note public copy share group gpd4

Beth Worthy

Celebrating International Translation Day - 0 views

First celebrated in 1953,  International Translation Day has always been a day of praising and cheering translators and their work all across the globe. International Translation Day fall...

started by Beth Worthy on 30 Sep 15 no follow-up yet
Beth Worthy

Celebrating International Translation Day - 1 views


started by Beth Worthy on 30 Sep 15 no follow-up yet
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