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Graham Perrin

Delicious toolbar is better than diigo toolbar - 163 views

Subject: trees and hierarchies Lamarck Jean wrote: > … tree estructured tag list. I have thousands of bookmarks and > hundreds of tags. It is literaly impossible to find concrete...

tags help suggstion delicious diigo toolbar


Diigo - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 - 0 views

shared by abeloren on 11 Jul 16 - No Cached
  • 或私藏,还可以
    • abeloren

Different Types Of Coffee Bean Roasts | Wikie Pedia - 0 views

    Roasts of coffee are generally identified by the colour they exhibit, that is, dark, medium and light. Although these terms are not quite accurate to describe the different roasts, they are convenient enough for consumers to understand easily what they are buying. One can expect to come across one or more of these options while purchasing coffee beans online.

How to #Ship a #Package at the ExtraShip - 1 views

    Shipping #Packages through the Unified States #Postal Administration may appear like a muddled procedure, however it is truly very simple.
Jeppe Egendal

Design thinking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

    • Jeppe Egendal
      this could connect to the ancient greek terms praxis, episteme and phronesis
Graham Perrin

Wish: Awesomebar -like behavior of Diigo Toolbar - 99 views

KGyST1 KGyST wrote: > I don't want to order anything by frequency, but by *Frecency*. OK, now I see and get it (To be honest, I read 'KGyST1 KGyST' and th...

wi suggestion


Kansas City Chiefs vs Miami Dolphins Live Stream 2014 NFL Football Online HD - 0 views

    Hellow NFL Football Loveres? Welcome to Watch Kansas City Chiefs vs Miami Dolphins Live Stream NFL 2014 NFL Football Online HD Streaming TV. So don't miss this big match just You can easily Watch Kansas City Chiefs vs Miami Dolphins Live Stream Windows, PC, Laptop, iPhone, Macintosh, MacOSX, Android, Linux, iPAD, Any Device and any where in the World.
Lamarck Jean

Has the "about" link been removed? - 20 views

Perhaps people who created diigo would add the "about" link in Meta page? "About" link provides information that is not visible in Meta page.

about help diigo suggestion meta

Jessica Wilton

The Don'ts of Choosing Wedding Flowers | Wikie Pedia - 0 views

    Flowers are one of the most important considerations of any wedding plan. Selecting the right type of wedding flowers can be tough, because they have a tremendous impact on the feel and appearance ...
Graham Perrin

only 100 highlights/annotations showing up on page containing over 200 - 72 views

Afterthought: the public meta view of a page is designed to not reveal private notes. It may be easier for you to gauge completeness from the annotated link that you previously gained and shared: ...

annotations highlight bug 958359 959095 959848 959920 960067 960888 priority

ali zaidi

how can one select tags from a menu on diigo - 32 views

thanks a lot graham for your feedback . really appreciate it. i just logged in today just to see that mytags has imported all my tags and showing an expandable list also. i think initially when i ...

resolved tags selection tag menu Delicious import help

Jessica Wilton

Floral Blooms For Winter Weddings | Wikie Pedia - 0 views

    Has your wedding been scheduled during one of the cold wintry months? If you are worrying about what flowers you should choose, you would be delighted to know that there are a large number of bloom...

Sitio - 0 views

    Un sitio web es una colección de páginas de internet relacionadas y comunes a un dominio de Internet o subdominio en la World Wide Web en Internet Una página web es un documento HTML/ XHTML que es accesible generalmente mediante el protocolo HTTP de Internet.
Graham Perrin

toolbar "filters" a bug and a suggestion - 16 views

Wow, thanks for getting into details with this suggestion. I'm not sure what the "manage" function refers to... if it is a place where one can create new filters as well as edit existing, then...

toolbar filters smart folders bug suggestion

Jessica Wilton

Launch X431 Automotive Diagnostic Scanners | Wikie Pedia - 0 views

    Developed solely by Launch Tech USA, the Launch X431 automotive diagnostic scanners represent the modern facade of technology and provide automotive diagnostics for independent workshops in simple ...
Graham Perrin

Toolbar 4.0.2 crashing IE8 on Windows 7 x64 - 40 views

See also (2009-12-03), 'Toolbar crashes on IE8 every other hyperlink click' (2010-05...

bug toolbar ie ie8 crash 4.0.2 Internet Explorer 8 64-bit crash (computing)

Jessica Wilton

How Should You Proceed With Your Auto Repair Lessons | Wikie Pedia - 0 views

    Many vehicle owners often try to perform DIY auto repairs in order to avoid the expenses. If you are planning on doing the same thing, you better get yourself acquainted with particular and relevant definitions, specifications, statistics and other critical information about auto troubleshooting. For being a mechanic of your own vehicle, you must have a good understanding of automotive systems like air conditioning, cooling mechanism, fuel injection, etc.
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