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Joel Liu

Problem with Diigo Firefox Toolbar v.1.0.2007061301 - 77 views

Gabypa: We will look into it. Before we find out what happened, you can use Diigolet Thanks.

firefox toolbar

Graham Perrin

middle click?? - 113 views

> I've never had any issues with the right click menu not appearing. The problem does seem to be random or transient (as I review this afternoon the stickies that I attached to this page on 10th N...

toolbar firefox extension usability interface GUI suggestion


diigo toolbar blank in firefox - 41 views

did you ever resolve the problem of the blank Diigo toolbar? I have the same issue. alimba wrote: > Since upgrading to FF my Diigo toolbar has been blank (absolutely nothing appears on it)...

bug firefox toolbar

Sue Cifelli

Bookmark simultaneously elsewhere still not working - 38 views

Thanks Joel. Apparently you have to have the new toolbar installed to access that link as I got a 400 bad request response from it. The V3 toolbar doesn't work for me, as you may have read on the...

Graham Perrin

Bug | FF Toolbar |Toolbardata - 18 views

> reset toolbar data Is that a Firefox command, or a Diigo command?

toolbar bugs bug reset toolbar reset

Graham Perrin

on-screen (in-line) and Diigo Help (on-line) for the Read Later feature of Diigo Toolba... - 22 views

= Suggestions = 3. Help menu of Firefox should be the *primary* route to *comprehensive* help for add-ons including but not limited to Diigo Toolbar.

Firefox toolbar read later help suggestion gpd4


Customize search in not working - 32 views

got it, thanks mate. I'll try to experiment with it, will let you know if it works....

bug customizedsearch search

Graham Perrin

Mozilla: Firefox Support: Safe Mode - 3 views

  • Firefox Support / Knowledge Base /Safe Mode
  • troubleshoot issues in Firefox
  • reset some settings
  • ...18 more annotations...
  • disable add-ons
  • comparing Firefox behavior in normal mode to its behavior in Safe Mode
  • diagnose issues
  • Windows Linux Mac OS
  • How to start Firefox in Safe Mode
  • Safe Mode window
  • Exiting Safe Mode
  • Option key, as you start Firefox
    • Graham Perrin
      for users of Mac OS X
  • Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)
    • Graham Perrin
      Start menu option for users of Microsoft Windows
  • Disable all add-ons: If you select this box and then click Make Changes and Restart
  • extensions, themes, and plugins will be disabled (not uninstalled)
  • Reset toolbars and controls
  • Reset bookmarks to Firefox defaults
  • Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults
  • Restore default search engines
  • Based on information from Safe mode (mozillaZine KB)
  • solve a problem you had with Firefox
  • easy to understand
    Hint: if you don't want to apply safe mode options to your usual Firefox working environment, use Profile Manager to create a separate working environment.
Graham Perrin

Question about API logins - 73 views

I messed up my own example, which uses a multiple word tag. Third time lucky:

api login httpauth greasemonkey firefox http-auth help application programming interface

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