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Robin Powell

[Important] Furl transition update - 344 views

I am very disappointed that I did not learn of the Furl transition to Diigo until very late in March, between the 20th and 30th of March. I found out by doing some research here in the Diigo forum...

furl faq


How many characters are allowed in the tag list? - 42 views

Hi Maggie! You are absolutely right. I was redundant. It really unneccessarily increases the space. I will be attentive to this in the future! Thanks for drawing to my attention! maggie_diigo ...

feature tag

Ole C  Brudvik

Increase size of the Tags field in forum? - 30 views

No strong need. Cheers Ole maggie_diigo wrote: > Hi Ole, > > Sounds like a very interesting research. After publishing it, please share with all of us. Love to learn more. > > Q: do you real...

forum tag

Maggie Tsai

I really want to love diigo, but... - 17 views

Hi dstanford, Thanks for your input. Please see comment below. > > I hate that the tags get cut off after a certain number of characters. It's particularly frustrating when your tr...

bug features tagging

Graham Perrin

Private/Public Bookmarking - 198 views

> we get the system default for annotations set to "private" > and have to recheck it manually, each time > when we want to make a public annotation. Nowadays, it's the opposite. Not good for p...

group privacy tag suggestion

Graham Perrin

Private/Public Unread Bookmarks for Research - 401 views

Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple groups Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple lists Natetronn Jackson wrote: > … bookmark to any of the groups or lists that ...

bookmark research private public group unread suggestion boolean

Graham Perrin

Acceptance of a tag suggestion is misinterpreted - too soon - as a new topic ... - 534 views

Cross reference Post to Diigo: select tag from menu: return: fails to insert selection, tags are lost — symptoms are similar; a fix for one may fix the other.

Group Tags Dictionary forum topic TTW GUI bug gpd4


multi-word tags - how to tag properly? - 353 views

maggie_diigo wrote: > > ---- > this has to do with not having enough space for tag display (in "My Tags" right column, for example). We don't yet have a good solution yet without doing major ...

multi-word tags tag

Graham Perrin

Time for localization and other suggestions - 158 views

Thomas Laigle wrote: > I'd be pleased to help with french translation if needed :) (2010-03-25) requests Diigo in french.

features localization tag (metadata) Common Tag tag bundle translate locale suggestion

Graham Perrin

sgst: sort by visited, integrated search results, etc.. - 58 views

Sorting bookmarks >>> 2 - Sort links by frequency of use. >>> This would be really handy.. so your most commonly used sites >>> were always at the top of the list. I've set up a "@daily" tag >>> ...

discussion feature suggestion

Suzannah Claire

RSS Bug Report of Tags - 42 views

Thanks again Maggie! Let me know how it goes on this one too. maggie_diigo wrote: > Thanks! Looking into it now.

bugs rss tags bug

Graham Perrin

Diigo Feature Request: (Post Which New Features u want to see in Diigo) - 113 views

> thumbnail screen-shot Please enable e-mail notification for (2008-03-28), New feature: medium-size thumbnail with readable info for each b...

Diigo feature request feature requests feature features suggestion thumbnail

Pistos Christou

Diigolet tag dropdown -- please make it optional - 125 views

Wade Ren wrote: > wonder if the slowness is browser-dependent. which kind of browsers are you using? As I've said, I tested on both Opera (9.5) and Firefox (2.0).

diigolet down drop dropdown tag

Graham Perrin

Suggesstion feature: adding bookmark with tag - UX - 30 views

Ah OK, now I see the FAYT (find as you type) for the Tags field, I can't recall whether it was present in the previous version of Diigo online. Post to Diigo dialogue aside: do you use more o...

UX bookmarking tags UI GUI suggestion bookmark tag

Graham Perrin

Next phase Diigo - the future - 462 views

> To provoke thought, in no particular order: > * System Services (interapplication communication on Mac OS X) That one is spun off to Mac OS X: System Services: provider services in ...

wishlist suggestion review gpd4

Graham Perrin

First Impressions & some issues - 108 views

> difference between searching My Library and searching one of my Groups True. Diigo Groups were a relatively late addition to the Diigo feature set. Whilst Diigo 4.0 beta brought great improvem...

Help delicious groups tags curation search replace bug suggestion

kennedy usa

Auto-Complete Feature in Typing Tags Works Only Once? - 63 views

Thanks, GP! Yup, Daedalus is there in both list and cloud, wicked big letters, too, as it is by far the most-used tag (50+). I never look at cloud format -- it doesn't work for me, sorry, I'm a t...

auto-complete help tag

Emanuele Quintarelli

Tag editing not stored - 37 views

absolutesubzero wrote: > I tried doing some tag editing. I choose some tags, edit them, click save but when I reload the tag cloud everything turn back as if nothing has changed. ====> Where do you...

bug editing tags

Graham Perrin

Cannot delete tag - 168 views

> Please enable e-mail notification for > (2010-03-24), > 'changes to tags seem to be queued, not effective immediately'. That topic is ine...

bug tags tag

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