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Graham Perrin

Private/Public Unread Publics for Research - 401 views

Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple groups Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple lists Natetronn Jackson wrote: > … bookmark to any of the groups or lists that ...

bookmark research private public group unread suggestion boolean

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Alphabetizing bookmarks - 406 views

I'm looking through my records for the letter I sent, although, to be honest, at 12:45 am my time, I'm not sure of just how motivated I want to be, so I'll give you the reader's digest version of i...

bookmark alphabet order sort review 20090929

Graham Perrin

Option for Private as Default for Annotations needed - 165 views

Highlights only have a private setting. That means to me that the only person who should be able to see them is me, regardless of if the bookmark is bookmark. But what is worse, it bookmarks that infor...

privacy suggestion

Graham Perrin

Cached pages with annotations? - 106 views

> a website called Sharedcopy which has a similar function, you can > see an example of how it works here: > > Ho...

annotation annotations cache suggestion snapshot meta group personal public

Graham Perrin

Annotated links sometimes fail to appear (a viewer's response to me: "never working") - 20 views

Subject: anonymous views of comments: comparison The anonymous (comment) view of does comment the comments (as intended). The anonymous view of the relate...

marketing publicity perception Diigolet annotated link bug gpd4

yc c

Hint: viewing tabs in Diigo Meta in Diigo 4.0 beta - 19 views

If you share with someone the meta URL of a bookmarked page, and if you wish to ensure that tabs are visible (to switch from bookmark bookmarks to history, and vice versa) you can use the following...

meta tabs bookmark history public comment switch view hide show reveal scroll page down up workaround hack help hint

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