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Graham Perrin

Gmail Version 2 - Diigo - 240 views

Related problem: No visible URLs in my library, so I can't differentiate between multiple bookmarks for the same page.

gmail2 hash tag suggestion

Tom Tullio

Diigo warning me of redirection - 93 views

The error appears on my PC at home: - XP Home SP2 - Firefox - Diigo toolbar 1.0.2007081101 - no other Firefox extensions installed - ZoneAlarm 7.0.337.000 (I have tried it with the firewa...


Graham Perrin

Mozilla: Firefox Support: Managing profiles - 3 views

  • Firefox Support / Knowledge Base /Managing profiles
  • Profile Manager
  • Windows Linux Mac OS
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • troubleshooting a specific problem with Firefox,
  • multiple profiles
  • ask at startup
  • /Applications/ -ProfileManager
  • firefox.exe -ProfileManager
  • ask at startup If you have multiple profiles
    • Graham Perrin
      [  ] Don't ask at startup - without a tick in the check box - is preferred. (If you check that particular box, you may find it less easy to use your default profile.)
  • Firefox prompts you for the profile to use each time you start Firefox
  • solve a problem you had with Firefox
  • easy to understand
    Switching between profiles is easy. When you start Firefox, it presents a list. Simply double-click the required profile.
SocialStream !

Online indicator (the Green Dot) on My Profile not working - 36 views

u can use instead of :)

bug online indicator green dot offline


Can't save - 35 views

Brilliant. Toolbar disabled and Digolet working perfectly! Many thanks for your help Graham.

save list help Firefox Mozilla Firefox bug bookmark drop down menu missing dialogue

Tyme 2.0

How to edit profile? (Not so obvious) - 116 views

Yes , a big blue button .. it's back !

help bug profile edit

My Monaro

Filter not showing - 104 views

I have found that if I run Firefox in Compatibility Mode of Windows XP, the filter is visible in the Diigo toolbar.

Joel Liu

Diigo toolbar in Firefox 3 sprays exceptions - 76 views

Hi Rick, After we installed these plugins, we still can't reproduce the problem. To speed up the debug process, could you send the profile to us? To send your profile 1) Clear your private data ...

bugs exceptions bug


How to send your FF profile to help us debugging - 98 views

Hi Joel! Thanks for the suggestions! I'm working on it! joel wrote: > Hi Tim, > > In this case, you can zip-up entire folder except all bookmarks files ( from bookmarks-1.html to bookmarks-202...

debugging firefox profile tip

Graham Perrin

Toolbar Bookmark this trims URL - 111 views

I too have this problem. What the hell? I mean, isn't it essential to be able to bookmark the URL untrimmed?

adding bugs firefox toolbar bug solidus

Vahid Masrour

Bookmarks won't save/upload - 159 views

Tried disabling everything... didn't work. But somethin weird did happen while testing: one bookmark made it through... don't know why. I've kept every protection off since, but i can't upload any ...

bookmark problem save

Maggie Tsai

Changes made in profile not saved - 39 views

Noted. I think there is a reason why we don't support capital letter - part of our syntax / tag design. But maybe we should be able to allow the real name to be capitalized - will check

bug profile suggestion

Fenman .

name of a group contributor ('Fenman ;' a.k.a. 'fenman') leads to no contributions and ... - 8 views

Hello. There is something weird going on here. Firstly I do exist! Secondly, I hope I haven't been banned - I've given no conscious reason. Thirdly, a post I made a few minutes ago about custo...

bug inconsistency group topic anonymous No-name profile

Ferdinand Bardamu

"Add a Bookmark" dialog bugs caused by FF profile - resolved by creating new profile - 60 views

Oops! I already deleted the problem profile - wanted to get the crap off my HD ASAP :-) Sorry! BTW, come to think of it, Diigo has not been 100% functional for quite a while. After the v 3.x u...

workaround resolved Diigo help suggestion bug tagging adding list personal tag cloud toolbar Windows XP Mozilla Firefox Firefox profile profile problem

Graham Perrin

Time for localization and other suggestions - 158 views

Thomas Laigle wrote: > I'd be pleased to help with french translation if needed :) (2010-03-25) requests Diigo in french.

features localization tag (metadata) Common Tag tag bundle translate locale suggestion

Graham Perrin

All bookmarks made after Aug 3 are gone - 26 views

Subject: meanings of spinners and other 'busy' signs in an already busy and multi-purpose dialogue > the spinning cursor (indicating "working") was taking a while to > find "suggested tag...


ICC World T20 New Zealand Team Profiles: New Zealand dangerous as ever - T20 World Cup 2016 Schedule, live Score, VIVO IPL 2016 Schedule - 0 views

    ICC World T20 New Zealand Team Profiles: New Zealand dangerous as ever ICC World T20 New Zealand Team Profiles, As of now fourth in ICC Rankings for T20 internationals, the Black Caps are being seen as one of the unsafe groups for the ICC World Twenty20 (WT20) in India with fortitude to beat any side …

LinkedIn support number will help you to create your Linkedin profile - 0 views

    There may be a flood of recurrents on your Linkedin profile. All this can be possible with the help of the LinkedIn Support number. If you are not technical then it is not entirely possible that you can create your profile in a manner. Therefore, you will need a LinkedIn Support number which will
Rockett Bobebuzz

Bobebuzz Steele WebTalk Profile Communicate Better - 0 views

    Bobebuzz Steele WebTalk Profile Communicate Better *I*M*NOT*A*CARDBOARD*CUTT-OUT*&*III*DO*NOT*FIT*IN*A*BOX* Official "START-UP" After More than 10 Years in the making!! "BUZZWATER IS DONE WENT BUST" THE ROCKETT 25/7 COMPANY INC. NEW AGE WAR MACHINE Creator PRO BUZZEZESOCIAL.NING.COM Social Media Network Always Free,Many Tools NO ONE Has, My Bobebuzz SPIN Never Seen On The NET!! NEW Prime Business / NEW Global Curve: BLASTING CTFO Hemp(NON THC) OIL Products E-COM MLM Global Meeting EVERY Need That Means U BLASTING CTFO Hemp(NON THC) Oil Products E-COM MLM Global Meeting EVERY Need That Means U
Graham Perrin

Incorrect use of uppercase in link from My Profile leads to loss of functionality - 11 views

> As Diigo bookmarking is case sensitive, it's preferable to create no trails with incorrect case. E.g. different readership for a...

case sensitive profile bug gpd4

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