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Graham Perrin

moderation: content lost following approval - 49 views

Bug fixed now, and thanks a lot for helping us to define this bug.

bug resolved priority dataloss group moderate gpd4

Joel Liu

Message spam, what to do? - 41 views

> > I currently got message spam from a member which I think did also create his/her profile only for this >purpose. What shall / can I do about this? You might assign me a person responsible. ==...

spam spam (electronic) help

Graham Perrin domain in contexts such as list edition and personal personal - 27 views

Bug presents my personal personal. Steps to reproduce 1. visit the WebSlides URL 2. at the beginning or end of the show, click By Graham Perrin

bug WebSlides list inconsistency link profile gpd4

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

How do we deal with spammers? - 97 views

And I find yet another post of mine that was censored before it had a chance to get into the Internet Archive. Something else I don't have a copy of, having never heard of such behavior. I've run i...

spam (electronic)

Jeffery Canlon

Loans For Bad Credit: Best Cash Aid For Salaried Persons Despite Bad Credit Tag - 0 views

    Best Cash Aid For Salaried Persons Despite Bad Credit Tag Do you require immediate cash assistance? Have urgent monetary desires to cover up? Looking out for a hassle free financial offer?
Pinhopes Job Site

Simplify Your Job Search on | Pinhopes - 0 views

    With increasing use of new media in recruitment, you need more than a resume to showcase your personal brand and stand out from your competitors. Regular CVs alone are not enough to convince potential employers why you should be chosen for a job. Let your 1-min unique self-promoting video and LinkedIn personal do the personal branding for you and help you get noticed by employers.
Maggie Tsai

My Languages: Social Bookmarking: My favourite Diigo features - 1 views

  • With Diigo, you can Highlight the web and Add sticky notes too. You can also access and search your findings from any computers as well as create groups to pool resources for specific projects.Enticed by all the positive comments from my twitter network and despite being a fan of, I recently decided to give Diigo a try. Last year, I was already looking at Diigo as an alternative to but I am now convinced that and Diigo can really be the perfect partners.After downloading the Diigo toolbar, I transferred all my bookmarks to Diigo but decided to keep both to still be able to consult the bookmark recommendations from my network.I have now set up Diigo to save all bookmarks to too, which was very straight-forward. I discovered that the automatic saves were not possible from to Diigo but saving my bookmarks from Diigo to meant that I did not have alter the tags published on My Languages blog.
  • I like the fact the each Diigo user has a profile, which makes networking a lot easier and profile. There is also a facility to join groups with similar interests in order to share bookmarks and directly send messages to “friends”. Yours and your friends’ recent bookmarks are listed as well as a list of recent visitors to your profile. The bookmarks can be public, private, tagged and untagged and there is a facility to share them as well as comments about them with friends and different groups.Diigo groups are god to share resources and good practice. They are made up of people who choose to join others who have common interests
  • The tags can be sorted by my usage and by community usage and are also a way to connect with people with similar interests. Likewise, the reader community for your favourite sites can be checked out easily and this can also be a way to enlarge your circle of “friends”. You can also Subscribe to the most recent bookmarks by tags, sites, or users, which is a great way to keep track of the latest information on topics you are interested in.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Last but not least, I have noticed how well Diigo works with twitter and some people who request to be friends on Diigo first can end up being part of your twitter network as well.
Joel Liu

What's missing in v.3 … - 114 views

Thanks for all your input. You have good points. We are focusing on fixing bugs now. However we will consider all suggestions in the Diigo V3 improvement plan. For blinklist bookmarking, I exp...

Sandro Perotti

Diigo disappered from Firefox - 15 views

Sorry, but I can't send it directly. My e-mail service seems to have some limitation. I am re-sending it through YouSendIt. Please make sure that you download it before the 7 days expiration. I am...

yc c

How to moderate when it's possible that a person's first post is a simple mistake? - 55 views

I - at last - clean up some pilling requests I didn't want to ban. I approved them and then remove them. This means: 1 - approve + remember name 2 - remove membership 3 - search persons sub...

group moderate new member topic bookmark post help gpd4

Graham Perrin

hide public annotations from this page... not really working - 180 views

> Suggestion: seeing only one's own annotations > > Paolo Brocco wrote: > >> I want to see only my comments. > > +1 to that idea. See also Support of hiding unwanted comments an...

spam annotations suggestion hide filter wording public private spam (electronic)

Ségissement Marion

Groups, friends and languages - 12 views

I think the first progress would be to make possible to fine answers NOT in english. 'cause english result are the more easy to fine now.

contacts groups languages

yc c

Spam control - 35 views

Some requesting members asking to join only have few bookmarks, like 1 or 3.. so they can't be labeled as spammer... but I don't accept them, what use if it's so little? I'd just like to quo...

spam spam (electronic)

started by Maggie Tsai on 13 Jun 09 4 follow-ups, last by yc c on 16 Aug 09
yc c liked it

Explore your inner self with Insight discovery workshops - 0 views

Insight discovery refers to enlightening your inner self, finding your strengths and weakness, adaptability, change in behaviour according to different situations, under pressure reaction, social a...

Insight Discovery Workshops

started by viratrana on 16 Jul 16 no follow-up yet
yc c

ROUNDUP : Group Requests & Suggestions - 116 views

An idea about sticky notes: Remember selected group When many highlights+sticky notes are required, it can be annoying to select the group each time. Once a group is selected, it would be nice if ...

diigo suggestion request roundup group groups spam (electronic)


Explore your inner self with Insight discovery workshops - 1 views

Insight discovery refers to enlightening your inner self, finding your strengths and weakness, adaptability, change in behaviour according to different situations, under pressure reaction, social a...

Insight Discovery Workshops Hampshire

started by viratrana on 27 Jun 16 no follow-up yet

100% Paypal Money Hack With Live Proof - 0 views

    TRANSFORM YOUR BANK BALANCE WITH PAYPAL CASH MAKING MACHINE!!!!!! PAYPAL CASH MAKING MACHINE A MIRACLE FOR YOU! Stockton, United States, August 12,2019/ -- Think you've secured your PayPal account so that hackers can't hijack it and steal money from your financial institution account? Well, wager again, as there are approaches of getting into your account and PayPal doesn't appear to have the capability or policies to end them. Well recognized cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs says he discovered these flaws after his personal account used to be broken into twice on Christmas Eve, even after he managed to regain access to it. DON'T MISS: Possible iPhone 7 Plus leak may also disclose two of the phone's biggest new features Even though Krebs is regularly a goal of hackers who hate how he exposes their work, the truth that his PayPal account was hijacked indicates that no one is safe, no count number how Internet-savvy they are. And it appears that it's PayPal's safety to blame. One greater essential factor to notice is that hackers probable used statistics about Krebs that's publicly accessible to social engineer this hack, so probabilities are it won't appear to ordinary Joes and Janes, assuming their non-public data together with Social Security numbers and deposit cards aren't out in the open. But, again, it's PayPal's job now not to enable this type of breach. It looks that the hackers did no longer use malware or any superior virus packages to steal Krebs' PayPal account and password. They without a doubt referred to as in, provided the SSN and the 4 numbers of an historical credit card account, and acquired in. "On Christmas Eve morning, I received an e mail from PayPal pointing out that an email address had been added to my account," Krebs explained in a unique submit on the matter. "I straight away logged into my account from a pristine co
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Forcing new windows, disrespecting user preferences: the target="_blank" effect - 39 views

Having offsite links open in a new window in a page of website reviews - something that really is a good practice - means that the visitor can easily find his way back to the page and ...

UI GUI dislike target _blank new window suggestion gpd4

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