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Graham Perrin

Annotated link for a valid bookmark of a Nabble 2 permalink results in error 404 not found - 23 views

Without re-opening this topic: part of it reminds me that for some types of URL, an installed version of Diigo in Firefox may produce a bookmark that's separate from the bookmark previously produce...

resolved Nabble WebKit Safari bug

Graham Perrin

Loss of highlights and other annotations from Diigo group topics: URLs are volatile, no... - 28 views

Suggestion Use URLs that are: a) permanent and b) as short as possible. Example For this topic: * should be the default * http://grou...

URL inconsistency permalink orientation dogfood link hyperlink gpd4

My Monaro

Permalink - 78 views

Okay, thanks sandy_diigo for the reply and information.


Graham Perrin

Nabble 2 embedded content incompatible with Diigo bookmarking - 118 views

As the subject of redirection and anchoring has cropped up in another context, I'm updating my earlier example. We have for example two different messages within a single thread: * http://n...

resolved wontfix suggestion gate Unicode 0023 number sign hash

Graham Perrin

permalink to each bookmark - 59 views

= Solutions = == Diigo through the web (TTW) == 1. My Bookmarks 2. focus on the required bookmark 3. Share menu 4. Get Annotated Link… == Diigo for Firefox == 1. Diigo menu 2. This URL ...

feature suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

permalinks for lists are wrong - 11 views

1. In any of your lists, click Permalink Bug At the tail of the Permalink is a character " - that is not required

bug list permalink URL gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 21 Jul 10 no follow-up yet
Laurent ♪

Delete Permalink for private list - 11 views

Hi, is it possible to delete list permalink for private list because if it's a private list nobody needs access to the list ? and i think it's not very secure for private list Thanks


started by Laurent ♪ on 16 Jul 12 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo: the Ultimate Bookmarks Solution - The 2.0 Life - 2 views

  • Diigo: the Ultimate Bookmarks Solution
  • September 28, 2009
  • by David Pierce
  • ...32 more annotations...
  • a huge fan of Instapaper
  • for all my bookmarking and reading
  • the application I use most often
  • one of the 21 iPhone apps that make everything awesome
  • manage information
  • it’s losing the battle for my usership to Diigo
  • fantastic bookmarking service
  • an iPhone app from Diigo
  • wasn’t as good as Instapaper – until now
  • a new release that  might just blow all other information-managers
  • out of the water
  • that was all already available from Diigo – and I eventually left
  • why I’m switching back:
  • follow someone on Diigo
  • always been better
  • the usefulness of Twitter, without the inane
  • tap into a whole network of bookmarks
  • download bookmarks and read them offline
  • Diigo lets you archive an entire web page, and make it searchable
  • quick snapshots of how a site looked and felt, both in HTML and image format
  • easier to save, tag, and find bookmarks
  • Simpler interface
  • caseyallen 1 week ago
  • I won't use any service unless I can capture or retrieve in under two clicks
  • I spotted potential in them months and months ago
  • Diigo does that
  • reap the seeds
  • serve me quite nicely for years to come
  • Well done Diigo team
  • 6 days ago
  • it rocks
  • XHi there! Thanks for coming by. We're in the middle of a contest for a computer bundle worth well over $1,000. Want to join in the fun? Check out the details here. Best of luck!Powered by WP Greet Box
Soul Book

Diigo API - Seeking advice on how to reach out to developer community - 361 views

Some other topics that discuss groups API:

api developer suggestion 4.0 application programming interface

Graham Perrin

Actions menu broken within sticky note: Add Sticky Note option is missing - 8 views

The same bug in sticky notes at the following URLs:

bug UI GUI Actions menu sticky note Diigolet 3.1b541 gpd4

Maggie Tsai

Diigo WebSlides Previews at Office 2.0 - 0 views

  • Diigo WebSlides Previews at Office 2.0 September 6, 2007 — 09:39 AM PDT — by Kristen Nicole — Share This Diigo, the online research tool for business solutions, is previewing a new browser-based player at the Office 2.0 Conference today. This patent-pending player from Diigo, called WebSlides, lets you create a slide show with web pages. From a collection of bookmarks, you can indicate which web pages you’d like to include for your slide show, or just insert which websites you’d like to add. Use drag’n'drop technology to arrange and rearrange the order of your slides. You can leave “sticky notes” and highlights to indicate notes and further discussion around a particular area of a web page. This is useful for teams, as other team members can add to the sticky notes as well. There’s also the option of adding a voice over so your slide show can be narrated. Slide shows can be public or private, and shared with a select few. For viewers, the link to each web page displays at the bottom of the slide show, along with other viewing options for screen size, the list of slides in the show for easy navigation, and more. What this tool bar lacks is the option for viewers to grab the embed code, though creators have the option of sharing and embedding these slide shows.
  • I've personally had the opportunity to demo Diigo's new Webslide feature. I can personally attest that it's very easy-to-use and takes collaboration on the internet to a whole new level. Webslides allows users to showcase important data and information in a "real-time" session that does away with the traditional need to develop screen-shots pasted into a PPT presentation. Users can essentially turn any portion of internet into a PowerPoint show with a few easy clicks! Nice work Diigo!
Graham Perrin

Diigo Meta: maybe state and link to the groups to which a bookmark is copied (shared) - 46 views

= Example = should link to both and

review 20091020 meta aggregate groups GUI TTW suggestion copy share gpd4

Graham Perrin

Threaded Annotation - 474 views

Maggie wrote, at comment #2: > … the whole purpose of in-situ "social annotation" > > Just "add comment" to follow on a sticky note conversation. Please > give that a try and let us know ...

discussion feature forum


How can I share a private list with a specific person? - 36 views

Go to your private list and copy the permalink. All recipients can access your private list in this way.


Sharing via tags - 13 views

Currently we do not support sharing via tags. The workaround is to build up a list &look out for the permalink and share the link to the designated group. What do you think of supporting the list i...

tag sharing bookmarks

Graham Perrin

Paperless Reading on Your Mac - AppleMatters - 6 views

  • When I recently stumbled upon I found the perfect solution for bookmarking and annotating web pages instead of saving them as PDFs or wasting paper and ink by printing them. and work similarly whereby you can annotate, tag, and share bookmarks with other members of the site. The site provides a downloadable toolbar for Firefox, Flock and Internet Explorer web browsers for online browsing and interaction. For other browsers, including Safari, it provides a bookmarklet similar to the toolbar but not quite as feature rich.
  • I want my desktop printer to be nearly as archaic as film-based cameras.
  • Oct 13, 2009
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Paperless Reading
  • by Bakari Chavanu
  • Recently, I’ve also discovered a great site called
  • so accustomed now to using the highlighter in Preview and Diigo
  • I want that same feature in Mail
    • Graham Perrin
      As uses WebKit, so something like this may be possible. However: the simple act of 'filing' a message — moving it from one mailbox to another — could be enough to break the reference point upon which a highlight might rely. I wonder how Qu-s handles references to messages that move.
    • Bakari Chavanu
      So are you saying this could be developed as a plug-in for Mail? I wonder what would it fake for Apple to actually incorporate this feature?
    • Graham Perrin
      I'll discuss more openly at
    Bakari Chavanu wishes for a highlighter pen to work in Mail in Mac OS X. I like that idea.
Graham Perrin

Prism - 4 views

    Cross reference and If you can't use Safari in Mac OS X to clip what you want from a Diigo page, then you might use Prism to create a standalone application from that page.
Darkling Sun

Diigo Toolbar | Diigo - 11 views

shared by Darkling Sun on 22 Oct 09 - Cached
  • System requirements
    • Julian Knight
      The Firefox version (v4.1.0.5) has a broken link! the url has "-new" in the file name but this does not resolve to anything! Taking the "-new" out resolves to an xpi file as expected but this will not install into Firefox 3.5 as it says that the plugin does not have a secure updater. Bad, bad stuff.
    • Darkling Sun
      I could use a tree-structrued sidebar here...
Graham Perrin

Plugin Checker Launched | Mozilla Web Development - 3 views

  • October 13, 2009
  • Plugin Checker to help people find and update their plugins
  • Crashes are the number one concern for Firefox users
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • 30% of all Firefox crashes
  • security vulnerabilities
  • simple
  • query a central database that contains plugin information
  • inform users
  • What will happen next?
  • diagrammed in detail
  • for some plug-ins
  • Silverlight
  • system restart is required
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