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Graham Perrin

Diigo toolbar button/menu inconsistencies - three different behaviours for a single UI ... - 106 views

I have paid little attention to UI of installed versions of Diigo but I'm sure that 4.x add-ons for Firefox are greatly improved :) Tag: resolved

resolved Firefox toolbar GUI inconsistency

Graham Perrin

Wish: Awesomebar -like behavior of Diigo Toolbar - 99 views

KGyST1 KGyST wrote: > I don't want to order anything by frequency, but by *Frecency*. OK, now I see and get it (To be honest, I read 'KGyST1 KGyST' and th...

wi suggestion

Ellen H.

diigo drop-down menu in main firefox toolbar - 94 views

Hopefully instead of just making it optional, you can add the drop down to the toolbar itself. :) Whichever way you do, it won't matter to users who use the context menu only.

Soul Book

Diigo Search Bar Opens New Tab - 162 views

I agree with you that the left click for same tab opening/middle click for new tab would be great - or making it custom a new option would be fine as well. To be honest, I couldn't deal with it a...

Maggie Tsai

editing highlighted text - 50 views

jmresearch wrote: > I can already copy with Firefox w/o formatting. What I actually wanted was for my highlights to not be styled when I go to the "expanded" view in My Bookmarks. In the end, I d...

edit highlight

Maggie Tsai

last exit for the lost » Blog Archive » Diigo: the Web 2.0 Swiss Army Knife - 0 views

  • Diigo: the Web 2.0 Swiss Army Knife July 24th, 2006 Just as PC World predicted, the bookmarking / social annotation powerhouse known as Diigo announced their public launch today. While others have been quick to launch a legion of bookmarking sites that are all nearly identical to one another, Diigo’s developers have taken the time necessary to produce the most substantive collection of annotation, blogging, and research tools available under one roof. Those who think that Diigo is “just another” bookmarking site are in for a big surprise when they start to explore the real capabilities of this little beast. When I first mentioned Diigo back in February, I stated that my favorite feature was the ability to bookmark across multiple platforms (such as Binklist, Furl, RawSugar, etc.) but what I didn’t realize is that I hadn’t even scratched the surface. “What are these great features?” you’re asking. Let’s take a look at some of them. First of all, the key to unlocking the secret world of Diigo is the toolbar. This tiny piece of software allows the whole of the internet to become an interactive work station. While the toolbar contains the standard bookmarking and search features you would expect, it also allows you to use the real gem of this suite: the Content Selection Menu. The Content Selection Menu is an innocent-looking little drop down Menu that appears whenever you highlight some text (this feature can be turned on or off via the options Menu on the toolbar.) The Menu contains three categories of sub-Menus: Diigo, Search, and Copy.
  • The Diigo sub-menu allows you to highlight selected text or to blog the text with Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, LiveJournal, or Typepad. The highlight can be set to either public or private visibility. The private highlighting is particularly useful if you’re doing any sort of research that involves keeping track of bits of information from all over the web. The public highlighting is great for annotating web pages with “sticky notes” that other Diigo users can see when hovering over the highlighted text. One more important feature here is the ability to forward the web page without having to go through the trouble of composing an email to do it. So in one fell swoop you can bookmark, highlight, annotate, and forward without ever having to leave the web page. (One minor correction: the highlighting does not become publicly visible unless a public Sticky Note has been attached.) In the Search sub-menu you will find the ability to search your selected text across a potentially infinite number of search engines and online resources. The stock search menu comes loaded with about ten categories, each containing multiple resources. Whether you want to search a standard search engine such as Google or Yahoo, a blogging resource such as Technorati, menus, Shopping, Music, Bookmarking sites, they’re all there, and much more. In addition, the search menu is fully cusomizable. Don’t need a certain category? No problem, just delete it. Want to add you own category? That’s no problem either. You can add, remove, and rearrange ’til your heart’s content. The Copy menu is short and sweet. And I do mean sweet! As much as I love all of the other features Diigo has to offer, this is quite possibly the one “must have” feature that seals the deal for me. This sub-menu has only two offerings: Without format, and With format. Anyone who has needed to cut & paste text from a web site into a blog entry, email, or word processing document should know the frustration of having to unformat the text in order to make it usable in your document. I had gotten to the point of just keeping Notepad open in order to quickly (and I use that term very loosely) unformat text before pasting it into my documents. Now with a single click I can strip the text of its formatting, making it ready to insert into the document of my choice. Like I said…sweet! I could go on and on about the wonders of Diigo, but you really aren’t going to gain a full appreciation for it until you give it try yourself. If all of these features (and I didn’t even cover them all) seem a little overwhelming, don’t worry. There is an extensive help section to guide you through. Why wait for Web 2.0 to come to your favorite sites when you can carry this cutting-edge tool wherever you go? Posted by Reginald Freeman
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FF Toolbar: Highlight Button & Pop-up Menu Disappeared - 51 views

Joel, If you'd like a video of symptom #1 in Firefox, you can download one at The Diigo buttons were on my bookmark bar in the video, but I still can'...

bug firefox highlight pop-up toolbar


highlight the wrong text - 86 views

I'm getting the same problem. Nabolo's right--the bug happens with either the Diigolet or the Diigo toolbar. nabolo wrote: > Okay, I think I'm going to have the original difficulty regardless of...

bug highlight

Alberto Adrián Schiano

Customize Search Menu - 84 views

joel wrote: > Chanio: > We will take a break after the new version is released :). You are so considerable. Thanks! > I can access the with NoScript ext...

config menu on-line problem search toolbar

Graham Perrin

middle click?? - 113 views

> I've never had any issues with the right click menu not appearing. The problem does seem to be random or transient (as I review this afternoon the stickies that I attached to this page on 10th N...

toolbar firefox extension usability interface GUI suggestion

Graham Perrin

Next phase Diigo - the future - 462 views

> To provoke thought, in no particular order: > * System Services (interapplication communication on Mac OS X) That one is spun off to Mac OS X: System Services: provider services in ...

wishlist suggestion review gpd4

Joel Liu

What happened to the Filtered Toolbar menu? - 140 views

Hi all, The quick access filter feature is already available, please try it.

filter toolbar

jdr santos

Problem after installing toolbar: right clik menu too large - 75 views

Please send us a screenshot. Meanwhile, you have two options -- use the toolbar buttons instead of the right-click menu to execute desired functions, or try diigolet.

menu problem right-click toolbar

Graham Perrin

Acceptance of a tag suggestion is misinterpreted - too soon - as a new topic ... - 534 views

Cross reference Post to Diigo: select tag from menu: return: fails to insert selection, tags are lost — symptoms are similar; a fix for one may fix the other.

Group Tags Dictionary forum topic TTW GUI bug gpd4

Rasheed Gadir

problem with BOTTOM dropdown menu Bookmarks page -Firefox2/3 - 55 views

Dear Maggie if you sent me an email I will email to you the screenshots Rasheed Rasheed G wrote: > Hi Maggie > > I am using windows XP, screen resolution 1280x960 at work and 1280x720 when using...

Graham Perrin

Drop-down menu of tags (suggestions?) does not disappear - 40 views

1. Groups > Diigo Community > Forum > New Topic 2. below the Subject: field, type in the Tags: field 3. from the Tags: field, whilst typing, a New drops down.† = Expected = ...

tag suggestions list menu bug resolved

started by Graham Perrin on 30 Oct 08 no follow-up yet

Toolbar has disappeared - 170 views

As I understand it, Firefox 3.04 is a new one. I am running an older version. Did this problem start when you upgraded to 3.04? You said you tried to "re-install" the Diigo toolbar. If you just we...

toolbar help resolved

Joel Liu

toolbar: open in new tab & private quickD - 19 views

soulgrind wrote: > Few easy ideas to improve the toolbar: > > 1 - It'd be good if the menu options opened in a menu tab. > In almost every other extension and toolbar, if i choose something li...

idea suggest toolbar

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