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Graham Perrin

group: filtered by tag: management view: revise tags: add: reload: not loading - 12 views

Maybe helping to identify a point at which the load stalls: The most recent source of partially loaded

bug performance management view pro edit display mode tag revise add append page reload gpd4

Graham Perrin

Using Visualizations - Google Visualization API - Google Code - 1 views

  • google.load('visualization', '1', {'packages':['piechart']})
    • Graham Perrin
      A test in relation to bug report Using Diigolet 3.1b506 I have selected the string google.load('visualization', '1', {'packages':['piechart']}) * string begins: google.load * string ends with a closing parenthesis mark )
  • <!--Load the AJAX API-->
    • Graham Perrin
      A test in relation to bug report Using Diigolet 3.1b506 I have selected the string <!--Load the AJAX API--> * string begins with an opening angle bracket * string begins with a closing angle bracket.
  • data.addColumn('string', 'Task'); data.addColumn('number', 'Hours per Day'); data.addRows(5); data.setValue(0, 0, 'Work'); data.setValue(0, 1, 11); data.setValue(1, 0, 'Eat'); data.setValue(1, 1, 2); data.setValue(2, 0, 'Commute'); data.setValue(2, 1, 2); data.setValue(3, 0, 'Watch TV'); data.setValue(3, 1, 2); data.setValue(4, 0, 'Sleep'); data.setValue(4, 1, 7);
    • Graham Perrin
      A test in relation to bug report Using Diigo in Firefox 3.0.5 on Mac OS X I have selected a block of lines, each of which begins with the word data
Graham Perrin

WebSlides in WebKit: during or after each slide, something does not load - 5 views for a highlighted view of WebKit Bug 12408: Documents loaded via "javascript:" URLs have empty URLs. Comments there include an Interesting comparison with Firefox, with ... gpd4

Graham Perrin

Safari stops responding (beach ball) whilst using Diigolet to highlight http://www.utec... - 9 views

Hang reports at I'm vaguely familiar with interpreting crash reports, hangs are more mysterious to me.

interop bug highlight Diigolet 4.0b14 beach ball Safari Mac OS X gpd4

Graham Perrin

group views not loading - 8 views

A short while ago, AFAIR whilst waiting for to load in OmniWeb:

bug load gpd4

Graham Perrin

meta: present page comments in collapsible/expandable sidebar whilst preview is awaited... - 8 views

Observations In Diigo Meta: whilst we wait for the preview to load, the white space is wasted. Criticism In Diito Meta: the small area below the preview is far too small for reasonable treatmen...

suggestion meta sidebar page comment preview load wait gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigo screen savers, Xgrid and BOINC: distributing the load - 78 views

Subject: distributed computing, Diigo services load/performance @ Diigo, a question: Could distributed computing, as outlined in this topic, have a positive effect on load/performance of...

screen saver distributed computing performance suggestion gpd4

Graham Perrin Quick Access Filter menus fails to load select item when Enter or Return is k... - 1 views

1. in either of the pre-defined menus, or in a custom filter menu 2. select an item 3. key Enter or Return 4. menu disappears Bug Selected item does not load. Environments * Diigo * Fi...

bug accessibility keyboard Firefox gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

problem loading - 1 views

With 100 items per page preferred, has been loading for over five minutes and only nine (9) of one hundred items are visible...

group performance load standard view middle display mode gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 05 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

WebSlides: options to loop/repeat, randomise - 93 views

Imagine: WebSlides, or something like it, as your screen saver…

WebSlides loop load performance suggestion gpd4

Vincent Tsao

group tag dictionary: limit? - 91 views

joel have explaination here, continue our discuss in that topic thread tag dictionary limit help gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigolet 4.0b5 not loading at - 0 views

Bugged: > Loading Diigolet…

bug Diigolet 4.0b5 gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 03 Jul 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigolet fails to load at a page - 7 views

At Diigolet 4.0b396 gets no further than > Loading Diigolet…

bug Diigolet 4.0b396 gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 07 Dec 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo WebSlides: presenting a feed - 37 views

> I imagine something like, a Diigo list that updates itself: > or > > * at the request of the author of the list If at the request of the author, on demand (not periodic, automated) th...

list brainstorm WebSlides performance load Atom RSS suggestion gpd4

Graham Perrin

error 400 (bad request) affecting - 14 views

    400 Bad Request nginx/0.7.61
  • ...2 more comments...
    This bug seems to recur in the following situation: 1. 2. in the lower part of Meta, scroll down to reveal the comment field 3. paste four lines    — I pasted the four that are also pasted to 4. Add Comment Symptoms * in the topmost bar of Diigo Meta:   Processing * after which I find error 400 in response to and some other Diigo URLs
    Symptoms recurred after the following sequence: 1.;tab=people&amp;uname=grahamperrin   — probably loaded OK and I probably did not attempt to reveal the preview pane 2. in the toolbar of Safari, manually edit the URL to;tab=comment&amp;uname=grahamperrin 3. key return 4. AFAIR when I revealed the preview pane, the highlights did not appear 5. in the uppermost bar of Diigo Meta, I command-clicked either the (blue?) title of the bookmarked page, or the (green?) URL of the bookmarked page 6. opened in a new tab to the side 7. command-3 for accelerated loading of Diigolet 4.0b14 8. clicked the Comment button to reveal the palette 9. clicked the first highlight 10. Diigolet found and scrolled to that highlight 11. in the earlier tab with;tab=comment&amp;uname=grahamperrin: command-r to reload, error 400. Postscript Edited this comment heavily to include greater detail.
Graham Perrin

slow script reports for meta views of some previewed content - 6 views

Slow script reports for

priority performance load meta preview frame slow script JavaScript 976433 972987 gpd4

Graham Perrin

for some annotated links: server is temporarily unavailable - 6 views

For all three of

bug priority server load performance unavailable annotated link gpd4

Graham Perrin

some groups appear empty - 46 views

@ Joel/Diigo Looking at this more closely, I wonder whether Nelle and I encountered two&nbsp;bugs (or two sets of symptoms) during our chat. Focusing on the event timed at 14:53:31 (UK) in the...

bug fixed verified resolved thanks help priority puzzle group gpd4 thank you

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