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Tom Hemingway

Bookmark edit box problems - 86 views

Joel, About my item #2 When I have my bookmarks list open, each bookmark has the "Preview/Share/Delete/Edit/Comment" options at the bottom of the bookmark record. If I chose to share or Edit, th...

box edit edit tags editing

Graham Perrin

Sticky notes can not be edited - 235 views

An earlier topic: (2007-05-22) Editing existing notes

edit notes suggestion performance

Maggie Tsai

editing highlighted text - 50 views

jmresearch wrote: > I can already copy with Firefox w/o formatting. What I actually wanted was for my highlights to not be styled when I go to the "expanded" view in My Bookmarks. In the end, I d...

edit highlight

Leon Kehoe

Editing URL - 227 views

Stop making excuses Graham and give the users what they want.

edit url


Editing tags - 43 views

Hi, First of all, many thanks for your really quick reaction & care for many of topics. As above: - the export tag-mappas was not only my problem as i'd seen in the forum list. It's ok, i under...

discussion edit feature tag performance

Graham Perrin

Simpy import botched - 74 views

> >600 tags to edit by hand, but at least I can do it. Sort of. Tip: don't rush to do them all at once. edit a tag only when required. I'll be less painful.

simpy import bug tags-related tag resolved

Ankit Desai

When will be possible to edit a link ?? - 172 views

I too am not using Diigo simply because of the lack of Edit Link functionality. I agree with Chris' idea of how to deal with Saved Highlights and Sticky Notes. I think it makes a lot of sense. Chr...

edit links 553935 548173

Ségissement Marion

can't edit tags to group it - 30 views

Oh, do you still fail to group tags?

edit tags

Robin Powell

[Important] Furl transition update - 344 views

I am very disappointed that I did not learn of the Furl transition to Diigo until very late in March, between the 20th and 30th of March. I found out by doing some research here in the Diigo forum...

furl faq

Graham Perrin

Next phase Diigo - the future - 462 views

> To provoke thought, in no particular order: > * System Services (interapplication communication on Mac OS X) That one is spun off to Mac OS X: System Services: provider services in ...

wishlist suggestion review gpd4

Sean Brady

Twitter Favorites - 39 views

1) On editing the tags I just type edit ones and it will use that going forward? I don't see the tag I set up listed on that edit page. 2) Yes, however providing a link back to the source tweet woul...

diigo twitter

Tyme 2.0

How to edit profile? (Not so obvious) - 118 views

Yes , a big blue button .. it's back !

help bug profile edit

Graham Perrin

Adding tags to group bookmarks, topics, messages and conversations; and editing subject... - 33 views

> Consideration: new group support for tag queries that include the > NOT operator… More specifically: a search that's crafted by the member who added the bookmark may be broken (results not as e...

review group bookmark topic message subject tag reply suggestion gpd4


Impossible to delete a tag - 192 views

i imported my delicious bookmarks to diigo then i tried to delete those unwanted tags, but they didn't disappear. the other day i create several new bookmarks and tags, the old delicious tags that ...

delete tag help


[News] How to transfer your Furl links - 276 views

Thanks someone1000. That link just goes to the page mentioned earlier, which is dead. I guess I didn't transfer any of the links/bookmarks from Furl to Diigo in time, and now I don't even know...

diigo furl news faq

Graham Perrin

First Impressions & some issues - 108 views

> difference between searching My Library and searching one of my Groups True. Diigo Groups were a relatively late addition to the Diigo feature set. Whilst Diigo 4.0 beta brought great improvem...

Help delicious groups tags curation search replace bug suggestion

Maggie Tsai

New Profile issues - 40 views

Locative, Hey, you're super fast. Our guys were just tweaking some stuff this morning and you found it already :-) Yes, your feedback is good - making some changes now. Thanks

discussion profile


Sticky note text disappears after a short pause. - 32 views

To close the loop, this new version of the tool bar has resolved the issue on both Mac and PC in firefox. hightechdad wrote: > Thanks Maggie. > > The "preview" release of the new toolbar DID cor...

sticky note


Hyperlink & Picture insert do not work in Rich Text editing mode of Sticky - 30 views

Thanks for quick solving of the problem!! maggie_diigo wrote: > Thanks for reporting. The new FF toolbar should fix this problem. Please verify. Thanks

bug hyperlinks picture sticky note

Graham Perrin

case-sensitive tags - any chance of it happening? - 381 views

> tag case will be preserved while displaying, but ignored for search Seems to work well for the majority of use cases. Thanks :)

discussion tag case CamelCase case-sensitive help suggestion

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