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Laurent J.V  Dubois

Group tagroll tool - 33 views

+1 All add-value tools for personnal Diigo will be an amazing add-value for each group. and Tagrool is perhaps the most interesting for a group community. Laurent, admin of the Sales Group http://...

cloud group tagroll

Maggie Tsai

Creating a tagroll from a list - 42 views

Darren, Interesting. Just curious how would one really use this - usecase? Note: a list comes with a webslides, which can be easily embeded as a widget. Give that a try.

list tag cloud tagroll

Graham Perrin

Tagrolls not working for me... - 16 views

Don't worry about deleting; leave this one open, in case your issue turns out to be different. Thanks Graham

tagrolls bug

Graham Perrin

Tools/Tagrolls Problems - 28 views

See also relating to cloud.

Tagrolls alphabetical blog count bugs bug

Graham Perrin

Tag Cloud - 321 views

@ K.L. Evans Is this working in Diigo 4.0 beta?

tag cloud help bug TagRolls blog

Maggie Tsai

6 Reasons Diigo is Better Than Delicious | Get A New Browser - 0 views

  • But honestly, even with their latest release - they have stopped innovating. I checked out Diigo on the recommendation of Mike Fruchter sometime ago via FriendFeed. Since signing up I hadn’t really used it. But, the latest update to delicious broke my Daily Digest series - which was the final straw. And since Diigo allows you to import from Delicious, there really is no switching costs for me. That being said I have been extremely happy with my Diigo experience. Here are six reasons Diigo is better than Delicious
    • Sean Brady
      Well put. I was so hopeful that Delicious would allow multi word tags. All of the other services seem to base bookmark imports/exports on the Delicious API. Even if those services use multiword tags, the API's don't.
  • 1. It’s more socialDiigo has an extra level of social networking that Delicious does not provide - at least not in a usable manner. You can connect with people that have similar interests based on what you tag. 2. AnnotationsThe annotations feature is very cool. When you bookmark something, you can highlight notable sections to refer to later. And any other Diigo users can see your highlights when they visit the page if they have the toolbar installed. 3. Superior UI and ExperienceAside from all the snazzy features, the core “bookmarks” interface is much better than that of delicious - offering many additional features and better organization. 4. MicrobloggingThe microblogging feature in delicious never got a chance. This is the “daily post” feature that basically posts a digest to your blog of all the bookmarks you have saved over X amount of time. Delicious always had it as an “experimental feature”, for 3 years. Diigo does it so much better, allowing you to post only specific tags to your blog as well as providing more customization features. 5. DiscoveryNow, this is something that delicious did fairly well but is pretty much a product of its large community. But Diigo does a great job at it too, allowing you discover what’s hot across the network but also within a group of friends. It also has a “watchlist” feature that allows you to keep tabs on certain tags in the network. And last, it shows you a river of bookmarks from your network - with a neat tag cloud to see what your community is tagging the most. 6. Better ToolboxYou can import, export. There are widgets, linkrolls, and cloud. They offer several ways to interact with the service - through context menu, toolbars, bookmarklets. There’s a Facebook app. You can “save elsewhere” too. So, if you still want to post stuff to delicious (let’s say you have a great community there), you can set that up. What this does is posts your new bookmarks to the other services whenever you post them to Diigo.
  • All in all Diigo wins hands down. So ditch delicious, sign up, and join me.
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