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Bring your lost love back after break up - 0 views

    There are lots of the people who are facing break up problems and want to bring their lost love back in their life. But they are unable to bring lost love cause of many reasons such like miscommunication, the involvement of third person and love partner don't want to come back in life. So if you are also one of them and facing break up problems and wants to bring your lost love back in your life after break up then take the help of love guru specialist astrologer . This mantra has the power to control and influence the person life, so this mantra will help you to change the mind of your love partner and get back your lost love in your life after break up.
Graham Perrin

unwrap line breaks in highlights - 16 views

Today's example(s):

highlight suggestion gpd4


line breaks entered in note are lost - 27 views

I have the same issue. If I look at the note in which I lost the line breaks in the Android app, I see the linebreaks replaces with escaped html tas <br>. In the web version the literal html ...

bug assigned dataloss note gpd4

Oliver S.

Does Diigo work with the official, released version of FireFox 3.0? - 332 views

It works great for me. I am also very impressed that Diigo has already incorporated the tags that can now be assigned to bookmarks in Firefox 3 into the Diigo toolbar bookmark import feature. After...

diigo firefox help resolved

Joel Liu

Uninstall of Diigo breaks Internet Explorer...Repeatedly - 86 views

I am so sorry:( The new IE toolbar is in testing process. Many issues related to Vista are solved in the new version. The new one will uninstall the old toolbar completely when you install it. We ...

browser uninstall

Graham Perrin

line breaks in comments are lost when posted - 8 views

Sorry, it's not fixed. The two comments added by me today have lost their line breaks, visible in views such as

bug meta view wrap line break white space gpd4

Alberto Adrián Schiano

Customize Search Menu - 84 views

joel wrote: > Chanio: > We will take a break after the new version is released :). You are so considerable. Thanks! > I can access the with NoScript ext...

config menu on-line problem search toolbar

Jeff Andersen

NFL Pitches Broadcast, Other Changes to Please Fans - Athletic Business - 0 views

    Every NFL fan has seen an exciting game disrupted in a familiar way: a commercial break, then a kickoff, then ... another commercial break. Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't like it, either. "It drives me crazy," Goodell told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. "We call those 'double-ups.' They actually occurred 27% of the time (on kickoffs last season). And that's still too high for us."

Digital Hearing Aid - 0 views

    Digital hearing aid is a hearing device that receives sound and digitizes it (breaks sound waves up into very small, discrete units) prior to amplification. And it built-in intelligence that allows them to discern between soft, but desirable sounds and louder, but unwanted noise. Such devices can amplify the former while neutralizing the latter for better performance in a variety of environments. They can divide into two categories, one is the programmable hearing aid and another one is the non-programmable hearing aid. For digital hearing aid, "Channels" and "Bands" which are also some of the most misunderstood by users. A band is what is used to control volume in different frequencies and channels break up the frequency range into individual channels. In short, more bands and channels provide you with a more granular sound quality. We can see 2 Channels, 4 Channels, 6 Channels, 8 Channels and even 32 Channels digital hearing aid sound amplifier on the market, more channels will more accurate.
Filefisher com

Google fined a record €2.4 billion by the EU for manipulating search results - The Verge - 0 views

    Google has been hit with a record-breaking €2.42 billion ($2.7 billion) fine by the European Union for breaking antitrust law. The decision follows a seven-year investigation into the US company's...

Splendid Dog boarding to unleash your furry pals! - Gossip Ki Galliyan - 0 views

    Your furry pals need a break just as you all do. They too desire to break free, have fun and live their life. All the dog lovers out there have all the reason to rejoice as we elucidate you on some of the dog boarding options available around you. You can pack your pup's bags and send them on a vacation!
Graham Perrin

line breaks in notes missing from presentation in Diigo About - 2 views

Presentation of note at is good. Presentation of note at

resolved wontfix note bug

Nathan Rein

Bookmark URLs exported to Delicious and Ma.gnolia break at ampersand character - 46 views

I just discovered that when I use the "save elsewhere" feature on a bookmark with an ampersand in the URL, the exported URL breaks at the ampersand character. The ampersand and everything following...

bookmarking delicious export ma.gnolia save-elsewhere

started by Nathan Rein on 24 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

hyperlinks often missing or broken: need support for angle bracket < > enclosures - 72 views

When I paste to a sticky note the hyperlink breaks. When I paste the same URL in angle brackets, the whole thing disappears. ...

priority RFC 2396 URI URL forum bug 4.1 hyperlink HTML eating one's own dog food dogfood gpd4

Joel Liu

Expand no. of the character input in tagging & support Chinese text searching - 73 views

>in my bookmark collection, it not only excludes all my Chinese tags due to "Tag number", but also cut >half of one tag "safety" to "saf". It could because a break-down of the whole tagging system....

performance locale tag index import count limit resolved spam (electronic)


Agentie de turism online | Sanatate pentru prieteni - 0 views

    Agentie de turism online unde se gasesc bilete de avion, hoteluri, city-break-uri, inchiriere masini si asigurari de calatorie
Techno Shakti

Purpose of Sections Within Diigo List? - 192 views

Drag handles within a list are easier to work with in Diigo 4.0 beta than in Diigo 3 beta but there's no option to select multiple items then drag. Honestly I don't know whether it's possible with ...

help list


note formatting - must line breaks and everything be "squashed" together for me? - 34 views

My first example (on your #1 post) is shown without rich format text editing. Line spacing there seems to be preserved just fine. My Bookmarks area - will get that fixed.

format formatting line breaks notes

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