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Fuzbolero .

Exclusion of specific tags on users' main Exclusions listing (and main feed) - 27 views

joel wrote: > How about we provide an option "Set QuickD as private by default". When this option is checked, all QuickD bookmarks are private. Then these bookmarks will not be presented when othe...

bookmark exclusion feature quickd tag

Graham Perrin

Rapid results from My Bookmarks with the search field in Safari (Diigo search menu cust... - 33 views

1. UK is better for me, I wonder how to vary the US examples above. 2. A few of the products that allow you to customise search behaviour in your browser: Inquisitor http://www.inqu...

review search syntax help hint tip experiment gpd4

Graham Perrin

keep diigolet active - 103 views

See also (2010-07-07), 'Greasemetal - an Userscript Runtime for Google Chrome'

Diigolet suggestion Chrome extension help

Maggie Tsai

Web2Bite - WebSlides - Transforms Bookmarks Once Again - 0 views

  • We received a nice exclusive from Diigo the social bookmarking beta about their latest release WebSlides. This innovation is a browser based player that displays live Web pages with integrated annotation, sticky notes and highlights in an interactive slideshow. With this cool tool users can record and narrate tracks as well as add background music to make compelling shows - and somewhat more. WebSlides is being presented at the Office 2.0 Conference as I write this, so we wanted you to have a look at this simple, innovative and useful tool as well......
Hilary Reynolds

commonplaces » Blog Archive » social bookmarking & academic research - 0 views

  • I’ve been using Diigo and its less sophisticated cousin,,
  • Shortly afterward, I discovered Diigo. Not as many people use Diigo, but for those of you who blog or prefer prefer to read page annotations from other viewers it is an improvement over — plus it will import and update your bookmarks even if you use Diigo almost exclusively. For personal surfing and blogging purposes, Diigo is the best choice
    This particular service is an article aggregator for those interested
Mah Saito

Diigo releases new version, promising that social bookmarking ain't dead yet » VentureBeat - 0 views

  • Interestingly, Ren points out Delicious as the only competitor to his service that’s still innovating. However, it looks like traffic to Delicious is falling off, while StumbleUpon has spiked upward according to Alexa, Compete and Quantcast (click through for the charts). That may mean that the average user is actually interested in a less full-featured service. Around the corner is Delicious 2.0 (coverage on that from TechCrunch), so we’ll soon have a chance to see.
Joel Liu

geek.teacher » Blog Archive » One way I use Diigo - 1 views

  • A few months back, after checking out the options available, I switched over to using Diigo.  It offers more options, and has some nice grouping features.  Also, I primarily use it because it can send links to delicious every time I make a new bookmark, and would import from delicious when I started, but delicious doesn’t offer the same options.  This way I have a backup of my bookmarks, as well as access to tools that interact with delicious.  This way, too, if I’ ever someplace that blocks one but not the other, I won’t find myself lost in the middle of a lake without a paddle. Like most of the social networking tools, I more or less exclusively use it as a professional resource.  I do the personal posting thing in Twitter to some degree because everybody does, and it’s what makes the community a way of getting to know people, but I’m really there for interacting with other educators.  This blog primarily, but not always, deals with education.  Any nings I belong to are education-related, and of the major social networking sites, the only one I’m on is LinkedIn, a professional resource.  Diigo is the same for me.  It’s all about things tangentially related to education.

request: reset RSS on new comment - 22 views

> Meanwhile, please elaborate more on your usecase, so we can understand better your need. Thanks we read exclusively rss feeds, we never go to diigo groups page. we'like to chat on the page we ...

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