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Graham Perrin

Bookmarks Export Error! - 27 views

Kepler L wrote: > The problem is caused by ISP. When I use proxy for downloading, the problem has gone. Thank you for the positive feedback and workaround. (Problems relating to ISPs are ra...

resolved export bug connection ISP China proxy workaround

Maggie Tsai

Google ID/account association with Diigo ID/account is forbidden - 107 views

> 8. launched Firefox > > 9. clicked the 'Diigo - Sign in' toolbar icon > > 10. took the Google option > > 11. attempted to associate Google OpenID with Diigo ID > >> ...

Google OpenID association bug gpd4

Graham Perrin

Problem with views and edition of list after using My bookmarks to add ten (10) bookmarks - 17 views

A few hours later, after logging out from then back in to the OS, my Safari view of the list is fine:

list bug Safari WebKit Firefox bookmark add edit view cache gpd4

Graham Perrin

Comment Wall: CAPTCHA failing repeatedly in multiple browsers - 42 views

At users' comment walls, the CAPTCHA _always_ fails :( @ Diigo This could explain the under-use of the walls. Can the CAPTCHA problems, at walls and elsewhere, be resolved? (I rarely use the w...

CAPTCHA comment wall bug gpd4

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