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Graham Perrin

[New] FF toolbar - 89 views

@ Cee Bee Please: 1) Is the platform of your Mac: PowerPC, or Intel? 2) Can you recall the numbered version of Diigo Toolbar that you used when you encountered issues with performance? ---- @...

ff toolbar updates bug change log

Graham Perrin

middle click?? - 113 views

> I've never had any issues with the right click menu not appearing. The problem does seem to be random or transient (as I review this afternoon the stickies that I attached to this page on 10th N...

toolbar firefox extension usability interface GUI suggestion

march j

error: openid-login lands on blank page - 66 views

Graham Perrin wrote: > Firefox 3.0.3 + Diigo + *.myOpenID - OK. yes you are right. thank you. mine does work again, too. thanks @diigo for fixing it. best regards, march.

openid login error firefox safari mac osx bug resolved

Djiezes Kraaijst

Firefox Beta 3.0.5b & Diigo - 223 views

I had the same problem with FF 3.0b5 on a linux system (ubuntu hardy heron). Accepting third party cookies solved this, but searching for a more secure solution I did the following: Instead of en...

beta firefox toolbar


Send to Blog - Wordpress not a choice - 186 views

You are my hero! The pointing triangle was the solution and I guess you're right that right-click isn't an option -- though diigo's site says it is. Thank you for taking the time to help me out! ...

blog send to wordpress

Graham Perrin

Missing icons in Diigo Toolbar for Firefox - 41 views

I'm using Diigo toolbar on 2 computers, one is perfectly working, on the second, I'm missing the first 2 icons, "diigo" and "bookmark". Settings are excatly the same on both computers, Firefox and ...

toolbar firefox trouble icon missing custom

ralf starkowski

Diigo Toolbar points to wrong url - 79 views

Hi, please check the value for extensions.diigotb.server in about:config. I think you have the value "cn" which is supposed to be "www". Changing the value to "www" should solve the wrong server pr...

diigo toolbar

Raman Adlakha

When using "Send" toolbar item, I cannot see all contacts as I type... - 18 views

This is the same problem I am facing too. I get the drop down for first three letters - a, b, c only. Tried and reproduced exactly the same problem on FireFox 3.5.2 on a XP laptop and Home V...

send contacts type

Matt Cox

Choosing to Save Cached Page on Firefox results in hidden display message - 3 views

Diigo Extension version Firefox browser version 45.0.2 Mac Firefox 10.11.3

bug Firefox toolbar

Graham Perrin

Request: Options for forwarding annotated page - 14 views

sken frith wrote: > … consistent with options …  First: 1. the options are not well worded 2. presentation of options is inconsistent, they are sometimes hidden. Re: point 1 there is past dis...

Firefox forward annotation request suggestion inconsistency

Graham Perrin

Diigolet | Bookmark | Title field is sometimes empty - maybe an issue with - ... - 142 views

Now using Diigolet 3.1b523, I can not reproduce the bug with e.g. I guess that the more recent versions of Diigolet include a fix. Than...

Safari Diigolet 3.1b506 Bookmark title bug resolved

Graham Perrin

Read Later/Unread Bookmarks prob - 11 views

Evan2 B. wrote: > Encountered prob mentioned above a couple of times; OK for now That's good, thanks. Maybe a browser-side issue, in which case things like restarting (as you did) and clea...

toolbox Firefox 3.5.2 bug worksforme resolved

Exploring Life

Edit Tags: Does not work - 44 views

Exploring Life wrote: > some tags I can change and there are others that will not If the affected tags arose from an import (from a service other than Diigo), then: *...


Graham Perrin

Renaming Tag Creates Duplicate Tag - Cannot Delete - 129 views seems OK now. Looking at the problem period 13th-15th February, I'd recommend waiting maybe a week for effective changes to tags that are stubborn. AFAIR...

tag bug resolved

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