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hu xiaotao

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac Coupon Code - 1 views

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac can instantly identify online video files from the web pages you have actually opened with Safari. It is a completely free of cost YouTube video downloader for Mac, an...

started by hu xiaotao on 19 Nov 13 no follow-up yet
hu xiaotao

The best way to Convert Metacafe to MP4 easily - 1 views


started by hu xiaotao on 02 Oct 13 no follow-up yet
Lee Potts

Version Severe Install Problem - 143 views

Just for the heck of it I tried to upgrade using the FF Ad-ons list and it worked fine. Seems like there's only a problem when updating through the automatic system that runs when FF is started up.... installation

Graham Perrin

Diigo V4 is live now! - 134 views

It's so easy to take for granted in Diigo 4.0 beta the things that were missing from past versions! I completely forgot: in the past Diigo 3 beta, you could not search a group from its home pag...

Diigo V4 spam (electronic)

Robin Powell

[Important] Furl transition update - 344 views

I am very disappointed that I did not learn of the Furl transition to Diigo until very late in March, between the 20th and 30th of March. I found out by doing some research here in the Diigo forum...

furl faq

Graham Perrin

middle click?? - 113 views

> I've never had any issues with the right click menu not appearing. The problem does seem to be random or transient (as I review this afternoon the stickies that I attached to this page on 10th N...

toolbar firefox extension usability interface GUI suggestion

InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez

Suggestion: Download/Export Lists - 80 views

Hi Graham, Thanks for your response. I've looked for DOWNLOAD LISTS, EXPORT LISTS and SAVE LISTS on the Search Group Topics cage and found nothing relevant (or maybe I've just missed it). I'll tr...

Diigo Downloads Export Lists Features Suggestions suggestion

Rashed Khan

Free Apps: New Tango messenger apk (v3.5.78069) free download for android - Androhub - 0 views

    Hello everyone, It is time to say good bye to Skype. Yes, it is the time. Today I have brought to you a new messenger which is new Tango messenger apk capable to connect in all kind of network like 2G, 3G, 4G etc. Tango is a supper faster messenger you have never seen any messenger like this before. I am very much astonished about its speed. Those who use (smartphone / android phones), I will suggest you to use Tango. You may also get astonished seeing its working process. Because, It does not need any SignUp or confirmation for Creating Account, etc. Just type Your Name, Mobile Number and mail ID then click on Submit. You are Done!!!. And to call any friends just search them with there mobile number, once you connect them with your account it will automatic save the contact in your list. The greatest facility of it I like most is Its speed, I like this most than Skype and also suggest my friends too. I think you will also like this. Here now I am going to tell you about Its feature.

[123MovieSs.HD]&* Watch! Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) Full Movie Online - 1 views

Movie free Mission: Impossible - Fallout: Mission: Impossible - Fallout Detected Mission: Impossible - Fallout: HD Language: English Released year : 2018 [WATCH FULL HD]!Watch [Mission: Impossib...

brainstorm bug inconsistency resolved suggestion group tag dictionary

started by rashelpk on 25 Jul 18 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo Feature Request: (Post Which New Features u want to see in Diigo) - 111 views

> thumbnail screen-shot Please enable e-mail notification for (2008-03-28), New feature: medium-size thumbnail with readable info for each b...

Diigo feature request feature requests feature features suggestion thumbnail

Mark Sierra

diigo changes the speed of my recording - 16 views

Well, looks like I may have to wait until some things are worked out. The sound file is fine, but when I go to collapse the bottom nav bar the sound stops. It didn't do that before. The reason I wa...


Graham Perrin

Threaded Annotation - 474 views

Maggie wrote, at comment #2: > … the whole purpose of in-situ "social annotation" > > Just "add comment" to follow on a sticky note conversation. Please > give that a try and let us know ...

discussion feature forum


Power Note requests for bookmarks: more lists, tags, notes on bookmarks - 35 views

How about letting us see more then just the last 20 bookmarks? And combining all of the separate apps into one app that has the name "Diigo" on it? All of these separate apps gives Diigo an identit...

powernote suggestion feature

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