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Graham Perrin

Diigo server down? CANNOT save bookmarks these two days.... - 206 views

Harold Johanson wrote: > I realize that this issue has been going on for some time The issue was resolved for the reporter, using Windows XP. Again, please post details to a separate topic. Th...

"server down' bug save bookmark Firefox resolved

Matt Fahrner

Diigo development stagnant? - 104 views

Well, I find the Diigolet a little buggy - sometimes it will load, but I can't "bookmark". I'd like it to remember tags (ie: pick list) between bookmarks similar to Diigo. It would be nice if you...

Gerhard Hagerer

Import of Firefox bookmarks doesn't work - 208 views

Graham Perrin wrote: > Was it the Wine workaround that did the trick, and did you use version 3.5 of Firefox in the Wine environment? both times "yes". but i have to confess, that i didn't try f...

import bookmarks Ubuntu Firefox bug

Graham Perrin

Toolbar for Firefox 3.1B3 - 44 views and show it working for me. The topic focused on a different version of diigo, and has five voices, so thing...

Diigo toolbar Firefox 3.1b3 help resolved

Jim McClintock

ie7 will not open after diigo 3.0 toolbar has been installed - 129 views

Hey Joel, I'm on Windows Server 2003 SP2 (development server), but you can use XP as a proxy (at least in terms of supporting a browser extension, unless there's something really unusual about the ...

diigo ie7

Joel Liu

Suggestion to Diigo team regarding third-party cookies and using Diigolet with Diigo ... - 105 views

Noted. Our team discussed this and will address this shortly after we take care of top prioirty urgent tasks.

diigolet firefox 3 opera cookie help resolved

Graham Perrin

Feature request: Same page, different URL, highlights kept - 123 views

> gut feeling is that Diigo Meta may be useful Diigo Meta does lead to the 'community' library for a site but at (for example) I see neither th...

synonym suggestion complexity load URL annotation highlight review

Graham Perrin

Group tag dictionary not loading - 44 views

Hi Jeff > In general, is this forum where I should be reporting issues like this I just added two topics Bugs and Suggestions to the FAQ area of this forum. > or is there another place for bug ...

Group Tags Dictionary bug resolved thanks thank you

Graham Perrin

a persistent Diigolet, or something like it - 68 views

Attention shifting to See also

Diigolet WebKit Safari Opera suggestion help gpd4


highlight the wrong text - 86 views

I'm getting the same problem. Nabolo's right--the bug happens with either the Diigolet or the Diigo toolbar. nabolo wrote: > Okay, I think I'm going to have the original difficulty regardless of...

bug highlight

Graham Perrin

Toolbar requires sign in each time Firefox opens - 35 views

Thanks for the explanation. Good to know that it's not an issue with Diigo.

Firefox toolbar XP cookie resolved

Graham Perrin

firefox very slow after firefox install? known issue..?? - 104 views

Could you try FF3.0 RC1? It is faster and works well with diigo toolbar.

bug resolved worksforme firefox help performance problem

Graham Perrin

Toolbar Failing to Display Items to Left of Highlight - 60 views

> Once or twice in the past I found (and posted) some other workaround, > tagged the topic thoughtfully, but at the moment I > can't relocate the topic :( ah well never mind Found that other to...

Toolbar bugs Firefox help custom drag drop resolved

Graham Perrin

Times archive transferred to Furl and now? - 18 views

margaret guldner wrote: > I am also assuming that I have to download the browser, does this > stay accessed to the internet at all times? Your bookmarks etc. in Diigo are all stored on Diigo ser...

NYT Times Furl import tag list help resolved

cuttingedge -

SOS!!! My diigo plugin in diigo3 got a strange error! - 45 views

THANK YOU!!! That was killing me as well and I couldn't find an answer anywhere! You're very kind.

plugin errors resolved

Maggie Tsai

Strange tag named "no_tag" - 61 views

Problem should be already fixed - we'll release that fix along other new features shortly. Please don't be that cynical - the entire Diigo team is already working our butts off to provide you ...

bug tag

Graham Perrin

Way to list tags in digo sidebar? - 139 views

A number of topics bear the tag: help does include this topic. At a glance, the majority of topics tagged in this way do have at least one reply. ...

sidebar Firefox tag delicious find search help

Michael Stiso

suddenly can't access in Opera - 25 views

I did. Didn't hear anything back, though, so I thought I'd try the forum.

gateway error bug service resolved

Graham Perrin

Unable to use Diigo menu in Diigo menubar - 17 views

Kudo for the Diigo Team! Whomever made it work, it was worth the efforts ! Thank you very much, my Diigo Menu Lists & Groups are back again!! Firefox menu bug resolved duplicate Mac OS X

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