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Diigo bookmark window doesn't close - 44 views

We have fixed this bug.Please upgrade your diigo toolbar to the latest version.

bookmark window Save

Graham Perrin

Diigo V4 is live now! - 134 views

It's so easy to take for granted in Diigo 4.0 beta the things that were missing from past versions! I completely forgot: in the past Diigo 3 beta, you could not search a group from its home pag...

Diigo V4 spam (electronic)

Maggie Tsai

web 2.0 blog » Beta Review - diigo social bookmarking and annotation service - 0 views

  • A few weeks back I managed to score an invite to a new social bookmarking/annontation site called diigo. I am quite excited by the potential of a service such as this and its really starting to realise some of the oppourtunity out there. Essentially diigo lets you bookmark pages, tag those bookmarks, add comments to those bookmarks, highlight content within pages, add comments to those pages that are viewable by all diigo users and utilise all the community features your used to like subscribing to your friends lists. Thats not a list of features that springs out of the page, many of these ideas have been attempted previously. Its more the deftness that diigo handles these ideas with that makes it stand out from the pack. Theres also the fact that its all bundled into one service.
  • the best way to sum up a service like diigo is that it overlays a Web 2.0 service on top of Web 1 sites. Things like tagging, annotation, social bookmarking and social commenting are very Web 2.0 in nature. diigo allows you to apply these ideas to normal Web 1 style sites.
  • Take, for example the BBC News site. Theres an awfull lot of content on there, some of which I would be interested in the thoughts of others on. Currently only certain, carefully chosen stories feature comments. diigo, however, allows you to comment on these stories, furthermore you can highlight actual pieces of text within the story and comment on them. And then others can view your comments and add their own. It is possible to have a linear conversation based around single web pages or even paragraphs of content. When you take the potential of the above and add in a competant social bookmarking service you can begin to see where diigo is heading as a service. The diigo team are aware that there are numerous other services out there, the one that is certainly a huge obstacle in terms of social bookmarking is, a service that I absolutely love. To make the transition a bit easier you can import your bookmarks into diigo from, you can also automatically add your diigo bookmarks to
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • One of the things I’ve seen other people rave about is the ability to have “private” objects on diigo. So an annotation, bookmark, comment etc can be hidden from other users, something that can only currently be done in with a hack. Personally I think this is neither here nor there, while its nice to have the option (when I first started using I did feel I was being forced into the whole social aspect of it rather than finding my own way) it does remove from some of the community aspects. Of course this is an obvious attempt to move diigo into local (browser) bookmark territory as opposed to what is usually used for, which tends to be more for points of interest. There are sites I have bookmarked, such as my bank, that I would never add to, I would be more tempted to add it as a private bookmark to diigo (although I haven’t).
  • The bookmarklet is in fact very advanced, you fire it up and a small toolbar appears at the top of your browser window. One option allows you to bookmark the page and there are links to your diigo bookmarks and subscriptions. Theres also a “highlight” option that only becomes active when you have some text highlighted. Generally the bookmarklet works well, you can hide it from your screen and call it back by moving your mouse to the left of the browser and it generally copes well.
  • To sum up, I liked the diigo service. Its attempt to augment basic webpages with advanced features is admirable. Currently theres a sense of community lacking which may be down to the fact that it is currently a closed closed, it may also be down to the lack of a “popular” page be it overall or by tag, both would be good. There are also a lot of features that are in the pipeline and alot of features that I didn’t get a chance to test out, features like “Blog This”
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Graham Perrin

Sandboxes for users of Diigo - 15 views

@ Diigo Might you provide a sandbox for users of Diigo? The effectiveness of a sandbox would be limited - a majority of discovered issues relate to content that is beyond the control of Diigo - b...

graffiti alpha beta closed open test issues sandbox suggestion gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

would be helpful to see the domain ('more from ...') in Groups - 35 views

… domain ('more from ...') in Groups Diigo Meta in Diigo 4.0 beta leads to the site community for the bookmarked page, so for example

domain_name groups domain site community context meta suggestion

Maggie Tsai

Diigo's WebSlides to turn saved pages into slide shows | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - 0 views

  • The bookmarking and reference service I use most is adding a show-and-tell slideshow feature. Diigo lets you mark up Web pages, then share and export your notes. Its new WebSlides, in closed closed testing, will enable you to create narrated presentations of Web pages that you've saved and annotated. Diigo is meant to be more practical than something like StumbleUpon, a fun way to discover new sites. Diigo Vice President Maggie Tsai touted Diigo WebSlides at the Office 2.0 conference today as an ideal tool for teachers. Her demo showed off handy-looking recording and playback controls for making presentations out of your saved pages and then sharing them with groups of other users. The slide shows also display text you've highlighted or notes you've taken on bookmarked sites. Unfortunately, you can't test WebSlides yet; only a closed wait list sign-up is available for now. I use Diigo instead of Delicious because it has more research-friendly features, and it can simultaneously save stuff to Delicious, Newsvine, and other services.
Maggie Tsai

[Discussion][News] Please nominate / vote for Diigo - "Webware 100" Award - 40 views

Thanks. Reminder: nomination deadline is May 7 - just a few days away. Your help is very much appreciated!

diigo testimonial


Critical Issues - 93 views

Joel, these are groups I was repeatedly invited to after my account was "back to normal", yet I can't see them.

Diigo Bug Critical Issue Feedback Customer Service Trust spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

Comments Requests Reccomendations - 85 views

The many subjects will be easier to follow, respond to, and to later find in this forum, if you create one topic per subject. Thanks.

comments discussion features feedback

Jim McClintock

ie7 will not open after diigo 3.0 toolbar has been installed - 129 views

Hey Joel, I'm on Windows Server 2003 SP2 (development server), but you can use XP as a proxy (at least in terms of supporting a browser extension, unless there's something really unusual about the ...

diigo ie7

Graham Perrin

Diigo forums: 'Search Group Topics' field should be raised as close as possible to othe... - 693 views

Layout of group UI is much improved in Diigo 4.0 beta. Thanks to Diigo team and testers! Tag: resolved

resolved search forum ttw gui suggestion

Graham Perrin

Request: Folders/Sub-sections in "My Lists" - 166 views

In recent versions of Diigo you can add section headings to a list, but there is no nesting.

bookmarks categorisation mylists

sahil48 AAA

New highlight colors - 166 views

Just to give a idea about how I use multiple colors: *yellow for simple highlighing *orange (which I would like rather than pink) for key information *green for definitions *blue for any procedure...

highlight toolbar performance colour shade depth suggestion FAQ

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

How to become more visible on Diigo? - 19 views

Mr. Rhay, My experience with Diigo is very limited, but having moderated and participated in groups elsewhere, I have found one thing to be true: activity attracts activity, and inactivity pre...

diigo socialbookmarking profile friend bookmark groups lists post

Pistos Christou

Diigolet tag dropdown -- please make it optional - 125 views

Wade Ren wrote: > wonder if the slowness is browser-dependent. which kind of browsers are you using? As I've said, I tested on both Opera (9.5) and Firefox (2.0).

diigolet down drop dropdown tag

Graham Perrin

Why not add "Calendar" function to diigo? - 47 views

Subject: calendars arithwsun arithwsun wrote: > I wished that contains almost all functions of "google calendars", Keyword, VTODO: when I last checked, Google Calendar and the Google Calendar Da...

calendar timeline to-do reminder alarm RSS e-mail suggestion

Graham Perrin

Search Group Bookmarks | search | no opportunity to change or refine search - 26 views

In Diigo 4.0 beta, a search of a group defaults to returning both bookmarks and topics in the results. Let's review this topic in due course. Tag: review

review search suggestion gpd4

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