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Dr. Fridemar Pache

CommunityWiki: WikiNode - 0 views

    TwinPage Wikiannotation CommunityWiki READONLY linkcorrection
    Dear Diigos,
    I leave here a copy of my wiki contribution, before the annotated page was made READONLY.
    Before the page was made READONLY, it allowed me the quoted entry below.

    Now I wanted to correct the link below from

    MeatballWiki ( pointing erroniously to )
    MeatballWiki ( pointing now correctly to )

    Unfortunately this Wiki page switched from READ and WRITE to READONLY, so that the author couldn't correct his contribution.

    What a blessing, that there is this social annotation service Diigo. I wish, all the world would use it. It is a great help for democratic open and free expression and initiatives.
    The value of social annotation is indispensible.
    Quote of my wiki contribution:
    My suggestion is to try to establish links by userdefined TwinPages. These links are usually at the bottom of the page, but it might be a good alternative to have them at some other visible place, e.g at the top of RecentChanges, if the resp. wiki allows users to edit the top lines. If somebody objects against a link s/he may delete it with or without an argument. If there are enough supporters for establishing a TwinPage relation between the strategi
Graham Perrin

case-sensitive tags - any chance of it happening? - 381 views

> tag case will be preserved while displaying, but ignored for search Seems to work well for the majority of use cases. Thanks :)

discussion tag case CamelCase case-sensitive help suggestion

Michael Farina

new group I created isn't a share-to option when bookmarking - 82 views

I don't know what all the specs are, but I'm having the exact same problem. After creating a sticky, I am only given the option of sharing it to one of my three groups. I created all three groups...

groups sharing

ken meece

Five Ways to Mark Up the Web - 2 views

  • Jim Stroud April 10th, 2007 at 10:34 pm I use Diigo religiously! In my professional life, I train recruiters on how to use the internet to find hidden talent as well as conduct extensive online research on behalf of my employer. I tell EVERYONE that Diigo is THE product to use (bar none) and encourage any and all to try it for themselves. I diigo! Do you diigo?
  • Phil97 April 10th, 2007 at 11:16 pm I’ve spent a lot of time using Diigo. I’ve looked over the other services you mention, just in case there was something better out there. Day in and day out, I can work more quickly and easily. It’s so powerful I still haven’t scratched the surface. They seem to be making it better all the time, and they listen to their users. Diigo rocks the Web!
  • lela April 11th, 2007 at 6:57 am Diigo! I am a diigo user.and through my using,i find diigo is very easy.This litter tool has made my study very conveniently . I have introduced this tool to my classmates .Because this ,i want to be a diigo spreader.
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • The fundamental problems of annotation, regarding construction and usability - remain, even though the web infrastructure has opened up.
  • The memex concept of “trails” doesn’t seem to be captured by many of the current systems (except perhaps TrailFire and ShiftSpace? ) I think the wiki article on memex covers the differences:
  • We could be wrong about that, perhaps Diigo or some evolved form of Google Notebook will be the One True Meta-web the market selects. But we should at least stop to consider what it means to have our online culture be privately controlled (or pseudo-publicly controlled; ICANN, etc.).
  • Search has led us astray. A better solution may well come from the way we filter information in real life (where we can’t search cause its not free, there’s no google for the real world). We start locally with things we trust and bring in sources local to those. I trust the NYT and my friends, and find new things to trust from there. When I want to find out something, THAT’s the set I want to search.
  • brings to YOU information from YOUR socially proximate and trusted sources. Wherever you browse the web, it tells you what your personally selected Crowd of friends, bloggers etc have said.
  • does this for blogs. Tell Rovr what blogs you like and wherever you browse on the web, rovr tells you what they’ve said about the page you’re on.
  • Wade Ren April 11th, 2007 at 6:04 pm Re: Meer on Diigo - “90% of those features (except annotation) are rarely used by a regular web surfer. Indeed, web annotation itself is not for 90% of the users, and is likely to be adopted only by the minority of the web users who consume information diligently. After all, everyone knows that having a pen and a highlighter while you read is really helpful for digesting and retaining information — but how many actually do it? For the minority of the users that do make use of web annotation, our user feedback tells us Diigo’s other features are quite appreciated. In addition, the Diigo plug-in is completely customizable, allowing users to only keep the features they want
  • For this reason, we are positioning JumpKnowledge as more of a personal annotation tool and not a social annotation tool. This allows us to focus JKN and make it easy as possible to use for non-technical creators and readers.
  • This has enabled search engines to index their pages and generate a fair amount of organic traffic.
  • Wade Ren April 11th, 2007 at 11:54 am Nick, Thanks for covering the web annotation area and mentioning Diigo here. Since the Techcrunch review last August, we have been developing lots of new features and we hope we can give you a demo soon. As a sort of quick showcase of Diigo, click this link to see some annotations on this post — no plug-in is needed and you can be using any of the major browsers (firefox, ie, opera, safari) .
  • Stickis Subscribe to only the annotations you want Stickis is a web page annotation service that lets you subscribe to content “channels” from your friends and the community via a browser plugin.
    • eyal matsliah
      the same functionality is in diigo's display annotations by group
  • We’re looking forward to achieve a point where we not necessarily compete but can share resources and standards and work together to finally make this great potential for a metaweb to come true.
  • eyalnow April 18th, 2007 at 9:02 am I discovered Diigo two months ago, became an avid user and a self-proclaimed product evangelist, and recently started working for the company. Diigo for me is the knowledge-management solution I was looking for. What sets diigo apart is that it handles *Knowledge*, rather than mere links. It is the ONLY solution that lets me *permanently* highlight and annotate specific text on a webpage, which is then saved to my diigo profile. Diigo complements the mental process in which a sentence “jumps” at you, and you make a mental note about it. By highlighting the sections I deem important, I better understand and remember what I read. I believe there is scientific proof for this. As time goes by, I’m building a repository of all the important Knowledge I find on the net, which I can easily manage, tag, retrieve and aggregate. Regarding the ’social’ aspect: Diigo provides me immediate personal benefits, and I can then share this knowledge with others of my choosing, and follow what other individuals or groups are finding on the net. Not just the pages(links) they are browsing, but the actual sections that they deem important, and their reactions to it. I think that Diigo is not only for ‘researchers’. Most of us conduct some sort of research whenever we read a news article, shop for an appliance, view photos or videos, or read a blogpost. Although I appreciate the other services, and might occasionally use some of them, I find that Diigo already incorporates and combines MOST of their important features, in a way that is more robust and scalable. Diigo specifically addresses the issue that was mentioned in the introduction of this tech-crunch comparison - mark up the web and make annotations on webpages.
  • I diigo! Do you diigo?
    • ken meece
      "I diigo! Do you diigo?" i want a T-shirt that says this on the back, along with the DIIGO logo and on the front? the Firefox fox logo, of course
  • I diigo! Do you diigo?
    review of Diigo, Fleck, shiftspace , stickis , trailfire,
Maggie Tsai - Slideshows in a Flash - - 0 views

  • - Slideshows in a Flash   Want to find an easy way to create slideshows? Then look no further than WebSlides. WebSlides is a Diigos innovation that helps you create useful slideshows. To create a slide show with WebSlides you simple bookmark the links of choice and put them in order by dragging and dropping. Once you have decided on the order of the links you can add audio, either music or narration. The next step is to simply press play and watch your slideshow. Your slideshow will have a unique URL that you can email to friends or post on your webpage or profile page. There is also a highlighting and commenting feature which allows you and others to comment on your slideshow. Click on the Diigo icon to add sticky notes, then others can comment on your notes. If you prefer to keep your notes private, you have that option and you will be the only one to see your comments. Create an interesting slideshow to share with friends.
  • Why it might be a killer     WebSlides is very easy to use, choosing the order of your bookmarked links by dragging and dropping is great because everyone, no matter how technologically challenged, can handle that. Since your slideshow has a unique URL address it is also easy for you to share you slide show with others. WebSlides can be used by people of al ages and professions, from teenagers trying to spice up their profile page to artists displaying their portfolio.
Graham Perrin

SQLite, Berkeley DB (BDB), ZODB, BLOB, file system, local caching, WebArchive - 59 views

Subject: WebArchive format is updated to reflect the growing range of applications, including Safari 4 for Windows, that support the format. http://www.wu...

suggestion architecture cache WebArchive upload snapshot gpd4


Stickman Soccer 2016 Apk v1.3.1 Mod (Unlocked) - 0 views


started by bendul on 09 Jul 16 no follow-up yet

Hotel Godwin Deluxe Guest Reviews : Best Budget Hotels in Delhi - YouTube - 0 views

    Godwin Group of Hotels is recogonized in Delhi's best Deluxe Hotel in Budget class categories.For us,customer service is paramount.Along with an ambience of comfort and luxury that make syou feel on the top of the world at reasonable prices.we offer everything a discrening guest could wish for with impeccable and personalized service to all guests. Hotel Godwin Deluxe & Hotel Grand Godwin both are designer boutique hotel in delhi centrally and conveniently located in the posh up-market classity at Ara Kahsan road,Paharganj.0.3 KM from Cannaught Place and New Delhi Railway station is at walking distance. Hotel offers free pick-up,free Internet/ WiFI Accessibility and lavish Buffet breakfast.from the artwork displayed in the public areas and rooms of the hotel to be very stylised uniforms worn by the staff.rooms of both the hotels which are spacious,contemporary in style and design and present a perfect blend of luxury and modernity.the rooms in the hotel are divided in various categories- Standard room,Executive and Suite room.All rooms are provided with a Tea/Coffee maker,Mini Bar,wiffi Access and Ironing facilities.
Alex Parker

Jamaran / Mowj Class Multi-Purpose Guided Missile Frigate - Naval Technology - 1 views

    Jamaran is the first indigenously built Mowj Class multi-purpose guided missile frigate of the Imperial Iranian Navy. Currently being built by the Marine Industries Group of Defense Industries Organization (DIO), the vessels are Classly referred to as destroyers. The keel for the first vessel, Jamaran, was laid down in 2006.
Graham Perrin

Snapshots: the WebArchive option (for users of Safari and other browsers, and more) - 93 views

Re (2010-09-18), Uploads to Diigo caches from for Firefox: PNG versions are missing Whilst PNG snapshots are unavailable &mdas...

WebArchive format class snapshot archive cache local remote upload PNG HTML suggestion gpd4

Maggie Tsai

Alan November Comes to Town « Ed Tech Ideas ~ Diigo Social Bookmarking - 9 views

  • Diigo is a fantastic tool. One I’ve used for quite some time now to keep my bookmarks organized and available no matter where I am.  During the workshop, Alan said something to the effect of, “In the library, Dewey did all the tagging. Today, we have to teach kids how to do this.”
  • Ed Tech Ideas: I teach 3 different grade levels, and my different classes are always researching for one project or another. Students are always finding great sites, but at best, they bookmark it to their class computer, never to be seen by others. Now with our Diigo groups (I created one for each grade level), kids learn how to tag, organize, and share their finds with everyone else in the group. Everyone benefits from group knowledge, and the students learn an important skill that will stay with them and grow throughout their academic lives.
    VENHA FAZER PARTE DA GLOBALSHARE Não deixe de participar da GLOBALSHARE, aki você voce sera dono de varias ações da empresa, o prazo de cadastro vai ate o dia 20/02/2014 quando fecha o envio das ações para os cadastrados. As vantagens da utilização de GLOBALLSHARE : ► Inscrição gratuita ► Pode ser usado para interagir com pessoas de todo o mundo que gostam de usar o Facebook eo Twitter , e podem anunciar na globalshare ► Valor / GLOBALLSHARE preço das ações pode ser aumentado ao longo do tempo ou para manter o controle do número de pessoas que usam a mídia social . Ações ► / share de GLOBALLSHARE negociáveis ​​para todos os usuários do Social Media. ► O número de amigos em GLOBALLSHARE pode afetar o preço das ações / ação que temos. ► Existem milhares de aplicações interessantes que são tendenciosos que usamos / explorar Informações do gerente da empresa que o estoque que você tem que ser um preço de US $ 10 a US $ 37 por ação ( Rp.100.000 - Rp.400.000 ) Imagine se você tem 100 ações, então a nossa renda é de R $ 37 x 100 partes = 3,700 dólar ( R $ 40.000.000 , -) Após esse esforço lançou acionistas Globallshare receberão seus dividendos a cada mês a partir de 70% dos lucros globais da proporção de ações detidas , de forma que cada acionista receberá uma renda mensal constante.
Maggie Tsai

Ed-Tech Insider: Diigo: Social Bookmarking and More... - 0 views

  • Diigo: Social Bookmarking and More... By Tim Lauer on January 6, 2006. Discuss it below Diigo is a new social annotation/bookmarking tool. In one respect it is similar to It even takes advantage of the API so that items that you tag or bookmark with Diigo, are also tagged to your account. Where it is quite different from, is that you can also more fully annotate your bookmarked pages, and bookmarks can also be saved locally. You can highlight and tag specific images and paragraphs from web pages, and also add sticky notes. These sticky notes can be public or private. For example if I tag and add a sticky note to a page, I can also see other sticky notes left by others or I can send a notification to a colleague so that she can read my annotation and respond. I can also use Diigo to save my selections and annotations and review them later. I can also forward them on via email. The Diigo toolbar puts all of these tools at your disposal. The Flash Tutorial gives a very good overview. The more I play with Diigo the more it looks like an interesting alternative/compliment to Technorati Tags: del.icio.u
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