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Rashed Khan

DU speed booster apk for Android - Give your android rocket speed - Androhub - 0 views

    DU speed booster apk for Android is an application program software which will optimize your Android phone and make more faster as you want. it is on of the famous app at google play store. It has some built-in features which will help you master your background tasks, memory space, apps, and battery power, as well as inspect apps' permissions and block SMS/Call, through easy interface and one touch controls. It is a total Android phone management solution that combines advanced functionality of an app task killer, speed and ram booster, storage analyzer, security guard and clean master as well as a battery saver. I think this app is really number one to manage the system of all smartphone.
Graham Perrin

would be helpful to see the domain ('more from ...') in Groups - 35 views

… domain ('more from ...') in Groups Diigo Meta in Diigo 4.0 beta leads to the site community for the bookmarked page, so for example

domain_name groups domain site community context meta suggestion

Graham Perrin

customized search function--export as a list? - 21 views

How about, create for yourself a Diigo list, keep your links in that list. A portable (online) collection of hyperlinks should be more useful than a plain text file. There's also the API http://...

customizedsearch export suggestion help api application programming interface

Graham Perrin

Diigo API - 504 views

> Other Filter Options (Unread…  Please enable e-mail notification for

diigo bug api application programming interface

hu xiaotao

The best way to rip spotify to mp3 easily - 1 views

In the guide we'll clearly show you the best way to rip audio from Spotify with the help of Spotify Ripper for Mac. Spotify is definitely a preferred digital music program that gives the consumer...

started by hu xiaotao on 03 May 13 no follow-up yet
hu xiaotao

The best way to Convert Metacafe to MP4 easily - 1 views


started by hu xiaotao on 02 Oct 13 no follow-up yet

Job For Fresher- Web Application Developer - 0 views

    Company- Salary Preferred- 60,000 $ To 90,000.​00 $ Yearly Job Location- New York City NJ 07306 Job Type- Full Time Experience Required- 0 To 2 Years Eligibility- Bachelor's degree Career Level- Entry Level Skill Required- Verbal Communication, web user interface design, software requirement, web programing, software development fundamentals, multimedia content development, software debugging, technical leadership, written communication.
Graham Perrin

Replicate "read it later" functionality from Firefox extension in Safari? - 130 views

> JavaScript that's offered at That paste has expired. Alternative paste: As before, it's experimental. Thin...

safari read later unread not read script JavaScript API help application programming interface

Jack Park

export start row not behaving as expected - 35 views

More information with a more controlled test. Reduced rows to 10 at a time. When it hits thinks it is retrieving row 498, row 490 is retrieved (again), and so on for 8 more rows. Here is w...

api help application programming interface

Ken Wei

Bookmark API question - 43 views

1 - only yours 2 - only yours 3 - only yours Jack Park wrote: > When I use the API to read list my bookmarks, I need to understand the following: > 1- will the bookmark include all users who have ...

API application programming interface

Pierre-Yves Gillier

API update? - 83 views

Hello all, any news about API update? As of now, it only support "plain" links.

api help application programming interface

started by Pierre-Yves Gillier on 21 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo API (alpha) now available - 105 views focused on API for tagging. Thanks.

api application programming interface

gabriele Domenichini

Post bookmark with http get - 30 views

Joel Liu wrote: > We will provide an API after V3 becomes perfect for most users. With a good API and a simplified mobile access your service will be perfect.

API application programming interface

Chris Lott

API request with multiple tags - 28 views

I'm having a bit of a problem with the API. Retrieval of a single tag works fine: but multiple tags, which the doc...

json api help application programming interface

Graham Perrin

Diigo API Documentation - 14 views

    • Graham Perrin
      500 Internal Server Error response
Graham Perrin

Shrutarshi Basu (basus) 's status on Sunday, 04-Oct-09 00:26:39 UTC - - 1 views

Graham Perrin

Wish: Awesomebar -like behavior of Diigo Toolbar - 99 views

KGyST1 KGyST wrote: > I don't want to order anything by frequency, but by *Frecency*. OK, now I see and get it (To be honest, I read 'KGyST1 KGyST' and th...

wi suggestion

hu xiaotao

Find out how to Convert Grooveshark to MP3 - 2 views

Though Grooveshark is meant to be used as an online music streaming program, if you love listening to the same albums over and over again, you may save a lot of bandwidth if you save those songs to...

started by hu xiaotao on 08 Nov 13 no follow-up yet
Phpfox mods

PhpFox Plugins||PhpFox Installation - 40 views

We ( have been developing ample of modules / mods for PHPFOX versions. It is very easy to use our modules in the PHPFOX versions. We have elite resources to develop the modules for p...

api customization installation phpfox plugin application programming interface

started by Phpfox mods on 17 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
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