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Heather Dowd

Google Notebook import alpha - Need volunteers to help! - 218 views

Hi Maggie, I just had a thought...would it be possible to embed a diigo list in a wiki instead of just linking to it? I want to do that with a google notebook and I don't see that it is possible. ...

google notebook

Maggie Tsai

editing highlighted text - 50 views

jmresearch wrote: > I can already copy with Firefox w/o formatting. What I actually wanted was for my highlights to not be styled when I go to the "expanded" view in My Bookmarks. In the end, I d...

edit highlight

Maggie Tsai

The Dead Dog Cafe: Diigo: Better than and Google Notebook/Bookmarks - 0 views

  • Diigo is fantastic social bookmarking and proto-blogging tool, marrying the best of, the leading bookmarking site, and Google Notebook, a recently upgraded and highly flexible tool for interacting with and reviewing your websurfing experience. I didn't spend much time with Google Notebook once I discovered it by way of comparing with Google Bookmarks, but I played with it enough to notice a lot of excellent features that did not have, including the ability to automatically associate bookmarks with a current project, flexible blog-like layout for groups of bookmarks, and collaboration features. As I moved bookmarks into Google Notebook, I started to realize I would be missing out on some advantages of, such as strong interconnectivity through tagging and an exceedingly simple and crisp interface. Enter Diigo, which retains's advantages while sprucing it up with notetaking, tagging flexibility, and collaborative features that rival Google Notebook and then some. I compare these three approaches to bookmarking on four fronts: tagging, blogging, collaboration, and "other stuff".
  • Tagging: When I'm surfing, I almost never want to slow down to tag or detail the links I'm saving. I'm either just browsing, and I just want the page to be saved in some repository of "cool" somewhere I might be able to check it out later, OR I want to save the page and others to come back to for some project I'm working on. Although its actual tagging features (labelling) are limited, Google Reader was cool because it would automatically save links to the notebook I was currently working on, which seemed easier than having to tag the page every time I save for Diigo isn't quite this easy, but it does provide the option of setting default tags so I can cruise through surfing without pause. It also allows you to change tags for multiple bookmarks at once, a feature that has been delayed in during the extended wait for version 2.0. Winner: Diigo
  • Blogging: Sometimes, I don't want to put a whole lot of thought into consolidating my links into one coherent group. In this regard, all three services provide suitable options for tossing together semi-coherent groups of links on independent webpages for others to see. Google Reader does a good job of making scraps from around the internet look palatable; see this example about ultralight backpacking gear, but it does not offer the same level of interconnectivity that or Diigo provide. A similar example from shows it's limitations: the links cannot be groups under one note or be put into any order other than alphabetical or chronological, and pictures and other non-bookmark material cannot be added. Diigo does not have any of these limitations: its lists can be ordered as you please and divided into sections, and they are built independently of the tags, so you can draw bookmarks from anywhere into the page, as you can see in this example. The option that makes Diigo stand out is its ability to transcend the status of "proto-blog" by easily exporting links to the blog of the user's choice. By simply selecting links and clicking "Send to Blog >>", a skeletal blog entry is started in Diigo which can be fleshed out and published on the spot. Winner: Diigo
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  • Other Stuff: is so barebones that there's not much else it offers. Google Notebook's advantages are all outlined above but are held to some degree by Diigo, though Google does hold out the possibility of superior future integration with its other products. In contrast, Diigo's additional features abound. You can include a linkroll of Diigo bookmarks on your blog/website that includes your comments on webpages when people click on the links from your linkroll. Diigo also updates with all of the bookmarks added to Diigo, so you do not lose any of the benefits of the community. In addition, Diigo can automatically post to your blog based on the sites you've bookmarked and commented on. Winner: Diigo
Mah Saito

Some ideas for using Google Notebook - Submit Your Lessons | Google Groups - 1 views

  •    4. Notebook would be a great way to use web based text for comprehension tasks. I have thought that if a Diigo account was used alongside the work in Google Notebook it could be very powerful. Signpost and ask questions using the Diigo interface (perhaps a single class login) and then children respond using notebook. So for example in a poem you might ask some questions for each stanza. (If you have a Diigo account take a look at Charles Causley's "My Mother Saw a Dancing Bear" where I have added some examples.) The children then respond in a Poetry notebook or something equivalent.    5. Independent reading tasks or guided reading of online texts can be supported using Diigo sticky notes and the children's responses formed in notebook.
Graham Perrin

google notebook importer not working? - 44 views

> Opening comments #1 and #2 have disappeared from this topic I'll tag this topic: resolved

Google notebook Google Notebook import bug help performance resolved

Maggie Tsai

Annotate and clip the web with Diigo - Lifehacker - 1 views

  • I have only used 1 product in this genre: Google Notebook. In my experience it integrates tightly with Firefox, has a right click contextual menu option, ability to publicize or privatize multiple notebooks, etc.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Dave, compared with Diigo, google notebook lacks tagging - very useful for organizing, finding and sharing inf. It also lacks permanent highligths and sticky notes that Diigo offers. Even Diigo's search toolbar is a lot more powerfull than google toolbar -- it is completely cutomizable and you can literally access any number of your favorite search services with one-click.
  • I use Google Notebook, which is essentially the same thing. It has really helped me and changed the way I browse.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Chris, see the sticky note above
  • Sometimes bookmarking something you want to reference later doesn't quite do the trick since the page might change or you just can't remember what it was you found so interesting.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Diigo's cached page, permanent highlight and sticky notes, addres exactly your concern
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  • Diigo really reminds me of Clipmarks more than Google Notebook.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Clipmarks just clips. Diigo clips, highlight, sticky-note, and more
    • Maggie Tsai
      Also, a good way of looking at it: a scissor functions quite differently from a pen and a highlighter, right?!
  • "We may use personal information to provide the services youve requested, including services that display customized content and advertising." - Diigo's privacy policy.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Steve, As stated in our privacy policy, we do not collect user's browsing history. This sentence here is standard -- personal information here means things like your email address, browser version etc.
  • Opera has a notes option build in. you can simply browse to it (if it's a url) or email it with a click of a button.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Diigo really is a lot more powerful, seamlessly integrating Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-Note & Clippin
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Graham Perrin

Request: Folders/Sub-sections in "My Lists" - 166 views

In recent versions of Diigo you can add section headings to a list, but there is no nesting.

bookmarks categorisation mylists


importing Google notebooks? nothing happened - 26 views

Oh, so I wasn't the only one this was happening to? I guess that's some consolation. But now to work with what I've got here...

bug assigned google_notebooks importing import list Google Notebook performance

Robert T

tags and description repeatedly saved (Diigo reports success) but subsequently lost fro... - 45 views

Had similar problems when updating tags and renaming bookmarks. After getting the Success response to tag and bookmark title changes, bookmarks reverted to the old info. The updates were dropped... tag bug gpd4

Mah Saito

About | WHY NOT SAVE THE WORLD? - 0 views

  • Why I am switching to Diigo from Google notebooks The context:  Over the years bookmarking tools have evolved with ever increasing ease-of-use and power.  Yet many times the migration pathway to new technology presents a formidable barrier to adoption, despite the desire for greater functionality. In my case, I have accumulated an archive of hundreds of bookmarks.  Most of these have been organized in the traditional way (folders, sub-folders) and reside primarily in my browser.  Occasionally, I need to dip in and find a bookmark, but flipping through folders and sub-folders or trying to remember and appropriate search term is terribly inefficient. First, Google Notebooks came to my rescue:  Google Notebooks provided a more efficient means of organizing and tracking bookmarks thematically, despite its inability to upload and convert my existing bookmarks, the functionality was compelling.  I made the switch.  Their excellent search engine provides rapid results plus as an added bonus it is incredibly easy to highlight relevant text from within websites.  Enter Diigo:  So why switch?  Features, features and more features.  Diigo is as easy to use as Google Notebooks with many more features.   These are the features that attract me most. 1.  Bookmarking and highlighting multiple blocks of text. 2.  Easy-to-use sticky notes and tagging form for rapid bookmarking. 3.  A powerful tag filter for rapid searching at all grain sizes. 4.  A method within Diigo to publish to my blog in Edublogs.  (I’m doing that now!) As a classroom teacher , I am intrigued by: 1.  The possibility of creating a shared resource with other like-minded teachers. 2.  Marking up webpages and sharing sticky notes with my students. 3.  The possibility that student’s themselves can mark-up nd share their thoughts with others students.
  • About publishing to a blog Right now, I am writing within Diigo.  I have set  up Diigo to publish to my Edublogs account.  So as I surf the web and come across an interesting website, I can highlight the most relevant text then right-click to bookmark, tag and write a sticky note to comment.  In the same drop-down menu, I can "blog this," which I am doing now. Here’s the link to a description of a joint venture to produce collaborative video for wikimedia.  This will go into my Diigo bookmarks with the tags, Web 2.0, authoring, video production.
Wade Ren

Another use I found for Diigo - 57 views

btw, you can also save user name or other private notes as private page comment. another use I found for diigo is to track changing stats. for example, on this page


Joel Liu

Importing bookmarks from Google Notebbook - 80 views

You can export the google bookmarks to FF/IE bookmarks, then import them from your diigo toolbar.

google notebook

Heather Dowd

Google Notebook Import... - 91 views

Nope. I never did see any of mine.

Google Notebook importing bug

Maggie Tsai

Making the potion: Focusing on the research process | Not So Distant Future - 0 views

  • Making the potion: Focusing on the research process
  • I wrote about reflective learning, and really identified with Will Richardson’s and David Warlick’s comments about focusing on the learning and community
  • Sharing bookmarks–another route other than wikis is to have students set up accounts on or Furl or Google Notebook, because these tools not only allow students to bookmark their findings, but to share their bookmarks with other students.  Diigo not only allows students to bookmark their sites, but annotate them, clip them, and share them on a blog, email, or album.   Bookmarking a collection of sites that they can use later conveys the idea that the learning is ongoing, that they can “add to” what they have found later, in a way that a set of notecards or a bibliography doesn’t, because they seem more “final” and product oriented.   And these sites allow them to network and learn collaboratively from one another.
Maggie Tsai

» Missing tools ICT in my Classroom - 0 views

  • titles of notebooks could name specific tasks or children, to allow them to add the content in the correct place and for us to properly monitor and respond to what is happening. Imagine then a series of guided reading sessions during a week of literacy work, where children add the answers to Diigo set questions on a specific text - each child opens the notebook via the FF extension and navigates to the correct notebook (either by name or by task) adding their responses which are now labelled due to there location. Complete Notebooks could be archived into Google Docs so the list does not get too crowded over time.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Good idea.
  • In addition I have also signed up for a class Diigo account so that we can share annotations and signpost online text to children.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Love to learn more about how Diigo is being used in your classroom and have your active participation and feedback to make diigo even better for teachers / students. We have a whole array of exciting new innovations coming soon, so stay tuned!
Robin Powell

[Important] Furl transition update - 344 views

I am very disappointed that I did not learn of the Furl transition to Diigo until very late in March, between the 20th and 30th of March. I found out by doing some research here in the Diigo forum...

furl faq

Tom Tullio

Diigo warning me of redirection - 93 views

The error appears on my PC at home: - XP Home SP2 - Firefox - Diigo toolbar 1.0.2007081101 - no other Firefox extensions installed - ZoneAlarm 7.0.337.000 (I have tried it with the firewa...


Ian Spencer

So many little Diigo integration - 290 views

Forgot to mention pressing read it later button I get this in a new firefox tab resource://jid0-gf7vli9vjqdvcdibv0jxspkzyvo-rlf-data/RLF.html

Magnolia South

Diigo mobile alpha prototype available - plesae give it a test drive - 827 views

It's great for accessing previous bookmarks, but doesn't allow you to add new ones. That's imperative for me.

highlights mobile notebook

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