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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Marsh Feldman

Marsh Feldman

Privacy/Psuedonyms - 88 views

Privacy name suggestion
started by Marsh Feldman on 20 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
  • Marsh Feldman

    When I first signed up for diigo, I was intending to use it only for my own research. I therefore used a pseudonym for my name. Let's suppose my real name is Barak, but I used GeorgeW as my name. I also use the GeorgeW pseudonym on other web sites. As time went on and I became more enamored of diigo, I eventually decided to use it for teaching. My students do web pages as part of my course, and I used diigo highlights and sticky notes to comment on their web pages. Since this is a form of grading, I wanted to keep things private. So I set up separate private groups for each team that created a web page. Once I had graded all the pages, I invited the members of each team to join the corresponding group. Only after the fact did I realize that they will now know I am GeorgeW. I don't so much mind this here, but there are other web sites (not pornography -- get you mind out of the gutter!) where GeorgeW expresses political opinions and other things that I would rather my students not associate with me. Even more importantly, I use the pseudonym on sites where I want to preserve my privacy. Now any student can blow my cover simply by publishing the pseudonym on their blog.

    What can I do, and how can I prevent this in the future?
Marsh Feldman

Web Page Persistence - 53 views

resolved cache persistence web-page
started by Marsh Feldman on 30 Aug 07 no follow-up yet
  • Marsh Feldman

    When one bookmarks, highlights, and comments on a web page with Diigo, does the persist in Diigo even if the owner of the original page deletes it or otherwise makes it inaccessible? This is very important when capturing newspaper articles since many papers make their current daily online available to the general public but limit access to back issues. If Diigo does not capture the page, having an option to do so, even if it's on the local hard drive, would be very useful.
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